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Another tip on travelling through Italy isn’t only a city but many towns in the region called Apulia. This geographic high heel on the boot of Italy is practically untouched by tourism as well as civilisation. Nowhere but here it’s proper to look for forgotten lonely beaches, where you can swim even naked. In this part of Italy, it seems that time has stopped. In small villages with typical lime houses, it’s possible to meet parade walking to a place of pilgrimage or a church to Sunday’s Mass. Whatever you need, you must arrange in the morning or evening, because siesta is really king of mantra of local hot days. Forget about resorts adjusted to tourists with nonstop opening hours without having problems to make yourself understood in English. Here rules Italian. In

case you are at least a little bit communicative and have sense for gestures, than you meet only Italians who are willing to explain you whatever. One of the most famous villages is Alberobello. This town is significant primarily for its mass of white plastered buildings with cupola roof. Believe or not, the building of those lovely houses called trulli were caused by the tax system. It determined a special tax for town buildings, therefore the houses were constructed in a special method without using mortar to be able to deconstruct their roofs in a hurry, whenever the royal tax collector came. To have such an uncertain roof over one’s head appealed not to local people, of course. The most courageous ones set out directly to the king who exempted this town from tax

duty in 1797. Since then, these strange houses were left there without need of mortar. The largest centre of the entire Apulia is Bari. The fact, that this town with 400 thousand citizens is after Naples the second largest in southern Italy, testifies how agriculturally is based the whole region situated to the south of Roma. In Bari, primarily the old town with buildings of the 12th century catches your eye. They are, or better to say are not, arranged in a snarl of tiny tortuous streets that end at the cliff rising above the local dark blue sea. This view is worth it to experience even despite the fact that Bari has the reputation of a hideout for south Italian crime and vice. A view of city’s night beauties is therefore only for the brave ones.

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