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Roma is undoubtedly the city of cities, which every Italian is proud of, but in case you ask someone in the north what they consider their real metropolis, they definitely will answer Milan. After all, very popular Lombard party Lega Nord campaigned long ago to separate the northern part of Italy and establish the capital city at Milan. The fact that it wouldn’t be anything new for Italians can be proved by a fleeting glance to history. Milan was the capital city of the western Roman Empire from 293, and even Napoleon declared the city to be the capital of the Italian Kingdom after being crowned Italian King. Milan was in the vanguard for unification of Italy, and it was nowhere but here that Benito Mussolini established the fascistic movement and made his march to Rome. He was caught as well as hung there, which is a proof the city was really fatal to him. Purely and simply, Milan determined history. Therefore it’s no wonder that this metropolis became the centre of industry and finance, and is numbered among the most developed regions of all Europe. The first thing that comes to one’s mind when describing Milan is the city of fashion. If the Pope is the most respectable person of Rome, than in Milan

it’s definitely football players and fashion designers. Absolutely forget about the famous Czech fashion fad in the form of socks in rubber sandals screaming: “I don’t care about fashion.” You don’t find success with such an attitude. And God forbid wearing socks in famous Italian moccasins. Due to this fashion fad people of the rest of Italy would at the best gesticulate and cry out “porko dio”, whereas in Milano you would be probably be expelled from the city in the kinder case, or beaten to death by a stylish low shoe in the worst case. On the other hand, visiting Milan during the legendary Milan Fashion Week, which takes place twice a year, you have something to observe without being on the carefully selected list of guests for magnificent fashion show. Milano’s citizens as well as guests consider this event fashion happening where a catwalk is literally every street. After telling names of fashion houses such as Valentino, Gucci, Versace, Prada, Armani and Dolce & Gabana, which are located here, it’s not necessary to add anything. Where there’s a supply, there must be a demand as well. And that’s the reason why one is loath to recommend a visit to Milan to any bridegroom who doesn’t own a golden

credit card, has her beloved better half with almost no circumspection. Even one of the most famous sights of Milan, the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuelle II, is a shopping mall, and the adjacent quarter, which is nicknamed the quadrangle of fashion, can be easily a fatal trap for a shopaholic with weak will, which is hidden almost in every woman. Therefore it would be better to visit traditional sights, such as magnificent Gothic dome or the church Santa Maria delle Gracie with cult fresco by Leonardo da Vinci. Unforgettable experience must be to visit local La Scala or the meeting of football gigant AC and Inter, of course.

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