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Seeking beauty in Italy is similar to looking for wood in a forest. It’s all around you. Italians just have a liking for style, which is really obvious in their country. Italian art, architecture, design, cars as well as fashion are synonyms for beauty. Therefore it would be easier to look for six venues that are unattractive, ugly or even disgusting. Nevertheless, we gave it a try and picked out cities that are little bit more special than the traditionally high Italian standard. In case someone still hesitates, how to organise a honeymoon where one does not indulge in lying on a beach, than to travel across Italy is the best idea that comes to mind. Nothing other than a sporty cabriolet of Italian brand can be taken into consideration as a means of transportation. In case such a car does not park in your garage probably due to strange quirk of fate, it’s the highest time to indicate discreetly to your wealthy uncle it would be the right wedding gift which would make your entry into common life easier. Then you need only to polish the horse rising up on the red bonnet, pull down the roof, give away noisy tins your bad minded friends tied to a pressure wing, and andiamo. No matter which way you choose because all ways lead to Roma and you can count on the navigation of love, of course.

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