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Rezidence Liběchov

„Vila byla koncipována jako letní sídlo a byla tak svědkem mnoha večírků.“ ”The residence was designed as a summer residence and so it witnessed many parties.“

If you set out from Prague to the north, right beyond Mělník you will come across picturesque landscape of the Czech central range. One of the most beautiful places and the gate into this area, at the same time, is the famous Kokořín valley named after the important mediaeval castle. In this part of the untouched nature there is on the outskirts of the city, which is the same name, the Residence Liběchov. Majestic residence rising above surrounding landscape will at first sight catch your attention for its noticeable architecture elements of Art Deco from 1930s. The residence was designed as a summer residence for important Prague factory owner Moučka, and so it witnessed many parties, where the most important celebrities of first republic cultu-

ral and political scene didn’t miss. After that came the sadder episode in the history of this amazing place. During the war the residence was occupied for the purposes of German Wehrmacht and after the coup in 1948 it couldn’t be missed by the wave of confiscations of the communistic regime. Restitution after the Fall of the Iron Curtain

started to write the better chapter in the fate of the residence, which culminated into the extensive reconstruction in 2006. The current owner Ms. Tunysová paid attention by the reconstruction to the preservation of the original architectonic concept including the preservation of the unique interior elements of that past time. podzim – autumn


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