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A little bit different topic than walking around luxurious promenades is a visit to the capital city of the entire region, Marseille. This harbor at the Rhone’s river mouth is a busy industrial centre and second most inhabited city in France, to which responds its composition. After a massive immigrant wave from the former French colonies, the city is contemporary Babylon, where you meet a cultural mix like nowhere else in Europe. Scenes like from Bronx are sometimes to observe at Marseille suburbs, but we shouldn’t forget that it was just those concrete places, where the most famous native of Marseille, Zinedine Zidane, grew up. Besides traditional sights such as Triumphal Arch or cathedral, one should visit fish marketplaces and the huge quay, which made famous Gene Hackman in cult movie The French Connection. Besides American resolute detective with small hat is Marseille home for literal character the Count of Monte Cristo. At Frioul archipelago, there is really a jail, where this hero might have been living. These islands are one of several natural places of interest of Provence. The biggest one Is definitely canyon of Verdon river, that seems to be from popular movies about Veneto because of its 7 m in depth and 6 m in width. Similarly as tribal chief of Apaches raced with Old Shatterhand on canoes, you can race here on paddle boats.

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Marriage Guide - wedding podzim 2013  

Svatební magazín pro svatbu, s výběrem svatebních šatů, snubních a zásnubních prstenů. Wedding magazine, bridal, bride, jewelry, chateau, .....

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