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But it’s not only sights what lures people from all around the world. At the azure seashore, an atmosphere of metropolis mixes beautifully with seaside resorts. After a walk around busy boulevard you can go on surf drawn by motorboat, or hire a yacht or sailing boat. It’s true it’s not fun you can save up from pocket money for, but one gets very soon the impression during the stay at the Riviera that wealth is kind of unspoken commonplace. Already a walk around landing stages in Bay of the Angels in Nice awakes almost an ecstasy in technology lovers. It is just here, where the famous Roman Abramovič’s 170 m long yacht anchors for the majority of year and its value is guessed to be 7 billion crowns. Sport cars of makes such as Ferrari, Lamborghini or Aston Martin parking almost at every corner can be considered a poor scooter in comparison to that huge opulent yacht. Next resort which cannot be omitted is Cannes, of course, where every year the greatest Hollywood stars walk around the red carpet, so if you come here in the right time, than you can not only meet a  good movie

but also George Clooney, Leonardo DiCaprio, or Angelina Jolie. After all, it was movie, what made nearby Saint-Tropez, what it is today. A touristic as well as sexual revolution was started by a movie with Brigitte Bardot called And God Created Woman, in which the iconic French diva twisted in such a immodest way for that time, that freethinkers literally flooded the Saint-Tropez seashore. Nudists and golden kids are, after all, major enemies of local gendarmes in a movie series made famous by Luis de Funés. At the top of the imagine scale of luxurious cities is definitely Monaco. This city isn’t officially a part of Provence, because it’s an  independent principality, but it’s literally just a stone’s throw from there. If you go on honeymoon in Provence, then a  car trip to Monaco will be a  gift for your husband, because to have an opportunity to drive around circuit of F1 is not possible to get anywhere else in the world. Let him to cut off a corner of chicane at the jetty and step on the gas when passing through a  tunnel being in cockpit of your family car.

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