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It’s obvious that history literally walked through Provence, which reflected on sights which you can find here. The thing you have to see is the city Arles with its arena, Ancient theatre, Roman spas as well as the cemetery with its surviving sarcophagus. Add to it the Archbishop Palace, church NotreDame-de-la-Major, the monastery Saint-Trophime and a  day is practically gone. The best  preserved Roman amphitheatre is located in nearby Orabnge. Only in this magical room one realizes fully how developed the civilisation before two thousand years was, to which contributes even the Triumphal Arch of the year 26. It’s unthinkable not to visit Avignon with its old and new Pope’s palace, the old town and famous bridge ending in the middle of the Rhone river. Typical white walls of Avignon buildings shine at the riverside like a diamond thanks to which you realize, why the famous song about the local bridge is so cheerful. One is enchanted by Celtic town Gordes nearby

in which is located the Cistercian monastery Sénanque is surrounded by violet lavender vas fields. Tarascon is the most preserved mediaeval castle in the entire France, whereas Antibes is the most ancient town surrounded by waves of the azure sea. When wild waves break on cliffs, over which the local fort rises, one isn’t surprised that even a ship of the Etruscan era was discovered among several different shipwrecks there in local waters. A symbol of entire Provence is definitely the Pont du Gard, a three-floored Antique aqueduct, which formerly brought water to the city Nimes, and today rises above the valley giving the impression it still works. The only place that can throw you off balance is maybe the only Alpine mediaeval fort Château-VilleVieille, where were kept in prison and tortured alleged witches on a mass scale. Thanks to this short list it must be clear that to visit Provence isn’t a task for few days, and I haven’t mentioned yet, that 18 Provence villages rank among the most wonderful French villages. podzim – autumn


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