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After all, it was right here in Provence, where then unknown artillery officer with a strange Corsican name excelled when conquering Toulon against Brits. Napoleon Bonaparte was promoted for extraordinary military skills in rank of brigade general to begin the sudden commencement of a star career that ended with crowning for emperor. And again, it was here, where Napoleon revived his fame, when he disembarked in Cannes after his banishment in Elba and through so called Napoleon Route arrived in Paris, where he became leader of France again for a short time. Napoleon didn’t return from the second banishment to the island Saint Helena maybe because he was too far from Provence. Nevertheless, during the second half of 19th century, there was happening something in the entire area, what is possible to be described as Provence renaissance. Local admired poet Fréderic Mistral, who actually gave the name of local typical seaside wind, contributed to a revival of Provence language. Marseille became a modern harbour and railway make shorter finish distances to unthinkable times.

THIS caused that high society of France and surrounding world started to travel to the seashore. Right this era gave rise to famous seaside Classicist and Art Nouveau promenades with dominating luxurious hotels and spas. Whereupon Provence was founded by most famous artists and projected it in their creation. It was primarily Cézanne, van Gogh, Renoire, Monet, Mtisse, etc. In 1887, the name azure seashore was used for the first time and then became usual. The era of prosperity in the 1920’s can be characterised that European high society spent it dancing at the Riviera. In 1929, the first casino v Palais de la Méditerranée was opened and among frequent guest were even F. S. Fitzgerald or Ernest Hemingway. A bigger influx of tourists ensured the implementation of an  obligatory two weeks of holiday. Who would say it that it was unions what contributed to development of Saint Tropez, Nice or Monaco. Establishing of Cannes International Film Festival in 1947 just enhanced the atmosphere of sumptuosity, luxury and fame that azure seashore can boast with up today. podzim – autumn


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