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The Temple Mount is the second most sacred place even for Muslims, which proves primarily the kind of mysterious building of the Dome of the Rock. This dome was allegedly built at the end of 7th century. The exterior was covered by golden mosaics which were replaced with typical blue Persian tiles by Turks. The cupola is made from gilded aluminium covered by verses of Koran, but people say that the cupola was originally from pure gold. Even the building’s architecture is very interesting because it refers rather to Byzantine Christian churches, and people say that this shape was assigned to the dome intentionally to lure Christians to convert to Islam. In the surrounding of the Dome of the Rock, there is located Al-Aksá Mosque, which means the most distant mosque. This magnificent building caters for up to 5 000 praying people, and

it might be built at the place, where Mohamed arrived on his winged horse. The most sacred place for Christians is in Jerusalem definitely the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Many people are worried by the fact that this church was built inside of the Old Town, even though Golgotha might have been behind the walls. Nevertheless, the fact is that the city’s borders have many times changed after Jesus died and therefore it’s possible that Jesus was crucified right at this place. But much cogent argument of unbelievers is that church is located on a plain that doesn’t remotely resemble anything, what can be called a mountain in Bible. Believers must rely on Helena, mother of Emperor Constantine, who discovered here three ancient crucifixes.

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