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Jerusalem has for a spiritual traveller an indisputable advantage that it is possible to find everything practically at one place in this city. As it was mentioned, Jerusalem was rather small city than metropolis in the 19th century and all the sights fit in the area of one quadrate kilometre in the Old Town enclosed by massive walls 4 kilometres long. The whole quarter is naturally part of the List of World Heritage UNESCO. Walls themselves are 12 m high and 2,5 m wide. It’s possible to walk through seven gates. The eight one is the Golden Gate, through which might have entered the “eternal city” a Messiah, that’s why it was bricked up by Muslims already in the 16th century. If Jews should live to see their Messiah, he must be probably very skilful having hard construction machinery. Among the greatest gates belong primarily Damascus, Jaffa and Lions’ Gates, and even the Tower of David is connected to walls, which is actually an antique citadel of 2nd century BC rebuilt many times during centuries which one should see. The biggest lure of Jerusalem is definitely the Temple Mount. This rock is according to Jewish religion allegedly the first place, where the Lord started the creation of the world and where was located sacred Jewish temple as well. Only the Western Wall, so called Wailing Wall, remained. Hardly anybody knows that this wall wasn’t actually part of the temple but only a remnant of temple’s walls Herod the Great let build, so in the end, words of Jesus were fulfilled that no stone of the temple will be left untouched. Nevertheless, Jews don’t worry about this fact and pray intensively in front of the wall daily and put their wishes on paper into walls’ joints believing that they come true. A space in front of the wall is separated on women and men part and to enter here you must have a headwear. If you can use a baseball cup of New York Yankees for this purpose, that’s a question. Anyway, there are available paper Kippahs for free that ensure your visit is really kosher. The space in front of the wall came into existence in 1967, after ruling Jerusalem by Israel, when the former Muslim buildings were razed to the ground. podzim – autumn


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