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Were you born in the Czech Republic (Czechoslovakia) but are marrying a foreigner? Are you thinking about where to take your vows? What are the pros and cons of a bi-national wedding? What should be the basis of your decision and how should you combine traditions and taste buds? What music should you choose to please all the guests? Each wedding raises many questions, which are usually easier to answer once it’s over. This is why in each issue, we will take a closer look at what could surprise us at weddings held in various places and with various nationalities. There will be a farm wedding, castle wedding, hotel wedding and even an America-Albanian wedding… all coming up in future issues of Marriage Guide.

A Scottish wedding on Moravian soil, a perfect hit Moravia, 3 October 2013 Ceremony: Chapel at the Valtice Chateau Reception: Úvaly wine cellar It may seem that the Czech Republic has precious little in common with Scotland’s stunning natural beauty. But the fact is that if anybody can compete with the “kilted” nation, it is the cellars and vineyards of Moravia. Let us take a closer look at the benefits and drawbacks of a wedding like this.

podzim – autumn


Marriage Guide - wedding podzim 2013  

Svatební magazín pro svatbu, s výběrem svatebních šatů, snubních a zásnubních prstenů. Wedding magazine, bridal, bride, jewelry, chateau, .....

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