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All the flowers were bought in the warehouse ( We had only meadow flowers and bride’s veil, no roses. The whole flower decoration, bouquets for bride, the female witness and both mothers, lapel flowers for groom and male witness cost 4600 CZK.

Cake! We wanted to avoid a huge four-tier cake of whipped cream that melts away in the heat, all guest would have bloating belly and no fun. Therefore we chose the way of mini desserts, where everyone could choose what they liked and not to stuff oneself with sweets. Because we have a weakness for the French cuisine we wanted a pyramid of macaronis. It was again my husband who found Mrs Dvořáková whose delicacies are irresistible (

Male guests were asked to wear green ties. All the wedding guests cooperated and some of them wore even a green shirt or trousers and some of the female guests used wonderful green accessories. Me and my fiance got carried away by green socks, bow tie, pumps and braces ( The pumps were bought at the Belgian brand Noë which make leather female footwear in all colour varieties ( I embroidered my husband’s white shirt buttons with green cotton ( And our bridesmaids were given refined emerald dresses sewed just for them. To have a real experience and not only a 10 minutes short ceremony with Mr. Mayor we asked the witnesses and two friends to give a speech at the mole shortly before getting married. Their speeches were personal, emotional as well as funny and we had really a good time during the ceremony. After saying “yes, I do”, all the nervousness was gone and we started enjoying our big day fully. Bubny Praha (Drums Prague, whooped the rock party up and the DJ Mikuláš night disco (www. Our witnesses prepared for us many surprises, such as projection of photos of our childhood, LipDup video from friends, marital quiz and many more. The whole day went like a fairytale thanks to our friend Martina who took charge of wedding coordinator. She supervised the schedule, fought the unexpected fires and did various things for us with a smile. We enjoyed our wedding up to the last moments not only because of the fact we gave the preparations so much energy, but also because of all the people who helped us and had a whale of a time with us in the mill. It was definitely the most beautiful day of our life. podzim – autumn


Marriage Guide - wedding podzim 2013  

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