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African wedding dress African brides want to astonish and therefore they choose modern European trends, which means they easily amaze with the combination of shiny white dress of elegant style and their chocolate skin. The second possibility is that a bride decides to emphasize her African roots through her wedding dress. In such case a bride wears wonderful and colourful textiles full of distinct ornaments and pretties herself up with a huge amount of beads or shiny golden jewellery. Instead of wearing a transparent veil over her head she decorates it with the traditional turban which is usually made of the same textile as the wedding dress. Cold colours completely disappear and colours such as gold, bronze, orange, pink, and all the warm tones dominate even in combinations we take as being un-traditional. Thanks to her dark hair the bride’s face emphasises beautifully the shape of her eyes, lips and the wedding make-up which can be stylized according to African roots, enriched with colourful features, white or black points, henna tattoo on hand or foot, etc. In case an African bride choose a veil or fresh flowers in hair instead of a turban, then she can enjoy amazing effective hairstyles of various little braids or dreadlocks. Some of the African tribes follow a tradition according to which a bride must be anointed with special aromatic oils.

African wedding table

Organisers of the wedding feast as well as local traditions determine the style of the wedding table. In the case of a folk wedding you relish yourself on chicken meat with onion baked in fruity juice, and even bananas baked in red-hot cinders cannot be omitted. A traditional African wedding located in the poorer parts of Africa offers goat meat and home-made spirit. Feasts held in more developed countries can be compared to our European standard: bouquet decoration of exotic flowers, colour harmonisation of the table and a menu containing several courses. podzim – autumn


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