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An African Wedding

Africa – a sprawling continent, where innumerable rituals and cultures centre around an African wedding,

but what inspires you?

White lace pattern on the bride’s chocolate skin or colourful ornaments of glossy textiles – Africa is a wonderful example where modern trends and traditional cultural roots mingle. Let yourself be inspired with an African wedding. A spontaneous wedding full of rhythms, music, colours, flowers, and hearty welcomes...exotic landscape, dramatic sky, getting married barefoot...this is exactly the romance of Africa. Some of the features are common for both African and European weddings, but others are completely different. See for yourselves... podzim – autumn


Marriage Guide - wedding podzim 2013  

Svatební magazín pro svatbu, s výběrem svatebních šatů, snubních a zásnubních prstenů. Wedding magazine, bridal, bride, jewelry, chateau, .....

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