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Design: Given the fact that it was an Asian wedding that took place in the historical centre of Prague, it was not easy to connect all the aspects to achieve as most harmonious effect as possible. When choosing a theme, we followed Asian traditions to which belongs even the Origami art. Afterwards, there was just one step left to connect it with modern trend of folded paper flowers. But it was actually not easy to fold them, because there is not any a pattern or manual. Therefore we had to apply all our art skills and keep trying various methods for hours.


The Asian culture is generally known for its different sense for colours and their combinations. The bride required to have pink and violet as part of the wedding decoration. Considering the assignment, these two colours would not be enough bold. Therefore it was necessary to add other colours to the palette. After thorough consideration, we decided to use fig colour that gives the warm impression and although the colour itself is very bold, it adds and connects the combination.

podzim – autumn


Marriage Guide - wedding podzim 2013  

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