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Little known strategies to stop divorce from ruining your life You would find plenty of articles, guides, and courses on how to stop divorce even before it happens and how to make your marriage work. But marriages are the most complex relationships and the trickiest to handle. Although a lot has been said and written on how to stop divorce, here we present the little known strategies which no one told you about, but their effectiveness is unbeatable. So how many of you have been told that time is the biggest healer and any wound can heal if you give it some time? Yet, it is not uncommon to see couples filing for divorce after decades of living together. So what happened to the “time heals everything� adage in this case? All these years the couple spent together were not enough to heal their problems; in fact, the problems only got worsened to the point that it becomes impossible to stop divorce from ending their years of union. This only shows that it is important to tackle the problem and confront it as soon as possible. Procrastination is the biggest damage that you can cause to the relationship. Face the situation head on in the beginning, and chances are that it will never surface again. Another common misconception is that you need to keep mum when your partner is in the blasting mode. Well, researches show that when one partner keeps quiet during all the arguments, it only worsens the problem, as the other partner starts believing that he has no say in the relationship. He starts getting the feeling of being left out and feels he has compromised a lot for the sake of the relationship. This pent up frustration leads to hazardous outcomes, which are not apparent in the beginning, but are quite fatal, if not handled well. In the attempt to stop divorce, it is important to make the other partner feel wanted in a relationship. He must be given a chance to voice his thoughts, instead of always being on the receiving end. The relationship should not acquire a single dimension, but be balanced out with both partners having equal say in the matters of home and heart. Looking at today’s scenario, one thing is for sure- that to stop divorce among couples, there is no perfect solution and there is no perfect truth.

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