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sources of good marital advice Whenever there is a problem in the marriage, people start looking for sources of good marital advice. The sources are many and it all depends on what type of advice you need and how far you are ready to go to get that advice. The first source rests right at your home as you can seek out your parents for advice, assuming that they themselves are having a good, long relationship in marriage. They would be able to guide you with their experience and maturity and since they are mostly likely to be the ones who understand you the best, it really is useful to seek advice from them. You can also choose to seek marital advice from among your friends and relatives whom you are comfortable with. You just need to ensure that they have good intentions at heart and would give you the right advice without any preconceived notions about you or your partner. This is very important as anyone with hidden motives is only likely to make it worse. Then there are several books out there, free and paid, which give very good marital advice and also help you to understand what is wrong with your relationship and what you can do to make it better. Some of the books and programs, like Save the Marriage, are available online and can be easily accessed and they provide very good guidance as well. Nowadays, with the growth of the internet, people tend to seek marital advice on the internet and somehow are more willing to trust an unknown person over the internet than their own family. Though this may sound like a dangerous trend, this form of marital advice does turn out to be good and useful sometimes but it purely depends on who is giving it. At the end of the day, though there are several sources of marital advice, the actual implementation of any of this advice depends on only you and your partner. Both of them need to join together in pulling the marriage in the same direction so that you can get it back on the rails and up to speed as soon as possible.

sources of good marital advice Save Your Marriage,sources of good marital advice I already have an autoresponder sequence in place. I orde...

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