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SIGNS THAT YOU NEED MARRIAGE COUNSELING Every marriage is unique and every marriage has its good times and bad. The problems in your marriage can be similar to other marriages but never the same. So, how do you recognize the signs that your marriage is in trouble and it’s time to go for marriage counseling? That’s not too hard. A little bit of adjustment problem is natural but if it turns into ego problem then you should know that things are not as well as should be. That is the biggest problem and most other marital problems are a result of ego alone. If constant fighting, character assassination and name calling are that only way you communicate then your marriage is going through a rough patch. If the two of you find it difficult to solve problems and conflicts by yourself then you should consider going for marriage counseling. If you and your spouse do not trust each other and cannot talk about it without getting into a massive fight then marriage counseling is your best bet to resolve the issue. If you are dissatisfied and unhappy with your marriage and do not know how to improve things then you should seek counseling. If you find your spouse tiresome and feel relieved to be away from him/her then something is very wrong with your marriage. If you have no intimacy whatsoever and your attachment to your spouse is very low then both of you should look for professional help. If you and/or your spouse are considering separation or divorce then it will be better to go for marriage counseling before going to a lawyer, you may yet save your marriage. When you and your spouse spend time together you should be happy, and not angry and frustrated. If you can’t stand to be with each other and every attempt at communication ends with hurling accusations and constant complains then how can you live with each other? If all you think about the whole day is the problems in your home then there is no way you can have peace of mind and you are not likely to be able to concentrate on your work either. One very serious repercussion of marital discord is infidelity. It is true that sometimes the problems start from unfaithfulness but more often than not, it is the other way round. Lack of intimacy among the couple may force any one or both of them to seek love in others. This will be a fatal blow to any relationship. Marriage counseling can help avoiding such situations or rectifying the damage done to your marriage from such situations. After all whether it ultimately works or not, there is no harm in trying.