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MARRIAGE THERAPY- DOES IT WORK Most people consider marriage therapy as the last resort in saving their marriage. There are others still who think if the situation is so bad that they need to go for marriage therapy then they might as well get divorced because there is no hope for their relationship. Both of these views are wrong. If your marriage needs therapy, get it as soon as possible. It is understandable that you and/or your spouse may feel apprehensive about the idea of marriage therapy because nobody wants to open up about their problems to a stranger. There may be unpleasantness and accusations from both of you and you don’t want that to happen. But the truth of the matter is, even considering going for marriage therapy is a progress in itself. And sometimes, the third person, i.e. the counselor can help the two of you understand each other and give unbiased judgment and advice which will be otherwise unavailable to you. Whether marriage therapy really works or not is a controversial issue. It is subjective and depends on many factors. For example, if you drag your spouse to marriage therapy against their will then there is a big chance of the therapy not working because your spouse would be determined to not let it work, even if just to prove a point. Marriage therapy works in most cases but not all. There are a few factors on which its failure or success depends; but ultimately it is up to you and your spouse to make your marriage work, the therapist can do only so much. Willingness of the couple to work things out. If both of you want things to get better then they would. If one half of the couple is bent on getting a divorce then there is no hope for the relationship. Love for each other matters too. If the couple still has love for each other, marriage therapy will help them work out their problems. Patience and perseverance is needed for marriage therapy to succeed. Both you and your spouse have to be committed to give your best shot and not give up. Even if only one of you have agreed to go for marriage therapy, then also there can be marked improvement. Most couples benefit from marriage therapy and there is no harm in trying to repair your relationship, so by all means go to a therapist as soon as you realize that there is something wrong with your marriage. However, you have to keep in mind that some relationships are beyond repair and even after trying everything, if you still have problems then may be it is better to let go.

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