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MAR Tasting Menu Fresh & lively 5 course culinary experience designed by Chef Hรกkon 7.900.-


Creamy lobster soup topped with herb cream1.990.-

Seafood chowder soup with local bounty from the sea 2.490.-

Fried scallops with cauliflower, raisin vinaigrette and caraway sauce 2.490.-

Wild mushroom risotto with pan fried lobster and lobster dressing. 2.690.- (vegetarian version 1.990.-)

Salmon duo, smoked and cured salmon served with sweet mustard sauce & our own bread and herbs 2.490.-

Shrimp salad, fried tiger shrimp with cherry tomatoes, rucola & tasty garlic dressing 2.490.- (vegetarian version 1.990.-)


Bacalao salted cod with zucchini, rucola & plum jam. 3.990.Steamed mussels with tomatoes & peppers served in a bowl with broth. Bread and butter on the side 2.990.Pan fried plaice with roasted baby potatoes, peppers and lemon butter. 3.900.Fish and chips, deep fried blue ling with cold slaw, chips & tartar sauce 2.990.Seafood gratin, the best the ocean has to offer topped with melted cheese & bread on the side 3.490.Arctic char served with julienne vegetables and vanilla sauce 2.990.Lamb fillet with carrots, beets, mashed potatoes, chanterelle lamb jus. 4.990.Beef tenderloin with roasted potato mash, root vegetables and truffle madeira glaze. 5.750.Chicken salad with pickled onion, oranges, plums & bacon 2.490.- (vegetarian version 1.990.-)


Vanilla cheesecake with white chocolate crumble & redcurrant sauce 1.490.-

Hot chocolate cake with fruits & ice cream 1.790.-

Delicious blueberry Skyr cake with berries & crumble 1.790.-

A mix of ice cream, chocolate sauce, fruits & berries 1.290.-

MAR Restaurant - Dinner Menu  

MARreykjavik MAR Restaurant at the Old Harbour in Reykjavik. Seafood anyone?