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1. Look at the pictures and write the names of the tools. Use the words in the box. Then translate them into Catalan and Spanish.

mallet torx screwdriver hammer



drill taladro trepant


hot glue gun


flat head screwdriver allen key

flat file


set square

bench vice

ruler round file

clamp shears

handsaw coping saw

2. Now write the tools in the correct box: cut mark pierce polish / sand check angles measure hammer bend screw hold

3. Complete the crossword with the names of the tools:



4) Used to hold materials 6) Used to drive in nails 7) Used to pierce different kinds of materials 8) Used to cut thick pieces of wood 9) Used to polish wood 10) Used to cut metal sheets

1) Used to hold or twist a nut or a bolt 2) Used to insert, tighten, loose or remove screws 3) Used to pierce wood and other materials 5) Used to hold, bend or cut wires


Activities to revise tools and actions for the technology class

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