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Past simple


- played went was/ were


there was a ... / there were some...

- didn't play didn't go wasn't weren't

there wasn’t a ... / there weren’t any ...

- Did she play / go...? was he...? were they?

was there a ...? / were there any...?

- Past events: •! finished • we know when they happened - The action which interrupts another happening in the past: I was having a shower when the phone rang

ADVERBS - in 2012 / July - on Monday / 4th June - last summer - three days ago - yesterday - when I was ….

FIVE Minute Writing: Write sentences about the picture. How did people live in the past? Try to use different types of verbs and adverbs. past simple

3rd ESO

Past simple SPEAKING: Talk to your partner about the TV programmes you saw last time you watch TV What was on yesterday / last weekend? Did you watch TV yesterday or last weekend? What did you see? What happened in the programmes you saw?

USEFUL VOCABULARY I watched a sitcom, the news, etc / saw a film On this episode the protagonist... They talked about... Rafel Nadal appeared on the programme and said... I saw Javier Bardem on ... There was an interview to ... The best part was when ... Later... In the end / it finished when...

past simple

3rd ESO

past simple  
past simple  

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