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Freelance Assignment #2 JRN371 For this freelance assignment I decided to give a try again because I like the variety of jobs the website has to offer. I also like that they send me weekly emails of job postings that I might be interested in. This week I applied for a web researcher for different education programs posting. The job required a person to research online programs for people looking to continue their education. The person who posted the job enquiry was looking for someone to do the job for 10 weeks, and was paying less than $10 an hour. There were two qualifications you need in order to apply for the job and they were that you needed to know how to do a spreadsheet, and knew how to work with Google docs. I was the third person to apply for the job, and as of yesterday there were only 7 others who applied. I decided to go for a short and sweet pitch because that was how the job posting was. The job posting closed on Saturday but I have not heard anything back. I learned that for this job was to keep my pitch simple because the guy was only looking for three things from a person to complete the task at hand. I learned that with this pitch is that you should sell yourself the best way you know how, and keep it interesting that makes the person want to read your post. I did look at other some pitches that other people posted on different job posting just to get an idea of how it works, and some of them were really funny while others were just straight to the point. I decided to just go for it, and did what I did best. I hope that I do hear back from the person because I know that I would be able to do this job. I think for the next freelancing assignment I would like to try Pitch I have every qualification you are looking for in this job posting. I work with Google docs daily, and am very familiar with working with spreadsheets. I am currently a senior at California Baptist University with the online program that they offer. I found this program by doing online research for a school that offers my degree focus. I am professional at everything I do, and would work hard at completing every task you throw my way.

Freelance Assignment #4 This week’s freelance assignment I went back to I found that was a little too complicated for me. I applied for a freelance social media manager posting. The job was based out of Philadelphia, and they were looking for someone to start immediately. The job requires that the applicant work 40 hours a week, for a period of 7 to 9 months, and they were paying $50 per hour. The job required the applicant to create an online marketing campaign through different social media channels. I think the process of bidding for a job is simpler on is simpler than on other freelancing websites. I thought that thus particular posting was very specific on what they wanted in an applicant, and the only thing that I didn’t like about the posting is that they didn’t specify what type of market they wanted the applicant to campaign for. I was the third applicant to submit my bidding proposal. The posting closes this past Friday so hopefully I hear something by the end of the weekend or on Monday. The post asked for the proposal for the job to be 50 words or less, so I did just that. Proposal for Job I am currently a senior at California Baptist University. I have been involved in social media since the beginnings of MySpace. I am an organized person, and I can complete any task you throw my way. I will be able to focus on this project, and get the job done.

Marquita Jackson 39668 Salinas Dr. Murrieta, CA 92563 T: 951.304.4641 E:

Objective PR/Communications Specialist and Event Planner

Experience Costco Wholesale

May 2006

Greeted and handed out goody bags materials to future customers for the company’s Grand Opening event in Lake Elsinore, CA. Gibson Amphitheater Teen Choice Awards

August 2011

Assisted backstage talent for high profile award show event. Bolt House

December 2014

Assisted in event planning for high profile Hollywood events.

Education California Baptist University


BA in Communication Studies

Skills Organized, high-energy professional, 10 years experience, have worked with celebrities and VIPs, detail oriented, reliable, able to take initiative, and able to spark interest.

Number Article JRN371 One of the worst parking lots in Temecula, lines are always long, and shopping here on weekends is a choir. What place am I describing? Costco Wholesale in Temecula. Here are 4 ways to make your shopping experience at this particular Costco seem less like a choir. Step 1: Have a plan and write it down Costco was designed for customers to get lost, which makes people throw random things in their cart. My motto is get what you need, not what you want. I mean do you really need a year supply of mayo. Write down everything you need before heading to Costco. This will keep you from adding things to your cart, and help you save money. Here’s an insider’s tip, the shopping carts are larger at Costco and it is not because of the bulk items they sell. The shopping carts were specifically designed so that customers fill up the empty space in the cart. Step 2: Avoid shopping on weekends I know what you’re thinking, ‘it’s the only time I can schedule a Costco trip” but it is the truth. The whole city of Temecula, and surrounding areas comes to shop at Costco during the weekend, which leads to a lot of frustrated consumers. You can save more money shopping during the middle of the week than shopping on Saturday or Sunday. Insiders tip if it is an absolute must you shop at Costco on the weekends the best time to come is right when the doors open, 9:15am on Saturday’s and 9:45 on Sunday’s. Step 3: Know where to park Costco in Temecula isn’t known for their award winning parking lot, in fact the parking lot was actually voted the worst parking lot in the city. I work there so I have seen almost everything happen in the parking lot over parking spaces. My tip to make sure that you get in and out of the parking lot drama free is to park in the back of the warehouse. I know that it’s a little further from the door but trust me it is a great thing when you aren’t fighting for a parking spot. Step 4: Sample Everything This last tip is the most important that I can give you. Costco is famous for the free samples they give out daily. You can come in to the warehouse hungry but leave feeling satisfied. Insider tip the best samples are in the weirdest places in the warehouse.

For example you will almost find a sample person near the toilet paper aisle, and near the magazine rack.

Buzz Piece JRN371 If you were born is the 80s like me growing up in the 90s floods you with tons of nostalgic memories. I mean think about it we didn’t have cellphones, playing games outside with friends was what we considered social networking, and television was so much better in the 90s. Being the 90s expert that I am here are 5 reasons why growing up in the 90s was totally radical. Reason Number 1: The Fashion The 90s was full of fashion trends that defined a generation. I grew wearing slap bracelets before they were considered dangerous, I can’t begin to tell you how man scrunchies I collected over the years, and we can all thank the Seattle grunge movement for having youngsters wearing flannel and combat boots. Reason Number 2: The television I think we can all agree that television in the 90s was so much better than the television that kids have to watch today. We were lucky we had the real Nickelodeon, Saturday Morning Cartoons, SNICK, and I can remember doing homework with Save By The Bell playing in the background. During the 90s Friday nights took on a whole new meaning when TGIF premiered. Ordering pizza, and being able to stay up until 10 watching shows like Full House and Family Matters made getting through the school week a whole lot easier. Reason Number 3: The Toys and Games How many of you can remember battling your friends in a game of Skip-It? No one really knows what the point of that game was all we knew was that it was fun. My favorite thing to play with on a hot day was a Super Soaker. How many of you out there are living your future a Paper Fortune Teller told you? A craze that I couldn’t get in to but I can remember it causing frenzy in the 90s was the Beanie Babies craze. I think that I had a Beanie Baby that came in a Happy Meal from McDonald’s but gave it to a lady who was obsessed with them. Reason Number 4: The Music If you were in to Pop-music you had to have grown up in the 90s. The 90s was full of some of the greatest Pop music acts and feuds. Some of the most popular of that time included NSYNC and Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees and LFO, Britney Spears and

Christina Aguilera, Brandy and Monica, and my all time favorite 90s group the Spice Girls. Reason Number Five: The Food Some of the weirdest foods came out during the 90s, some were hits but most were misses. I remember when Pepsi released crystal clear and blue colored soda, Heinz Ketchup made purple and green colored ketchup, and who remembers the WOW potato chip scandal? My favorite foods that came out of the 90s were Planters PB Crisps, Crispy M&M’s, Squeez-Its, Fruitopia, and Butterfinger BB’s. I hope that this trip down 90s memory lane brought back so good memories, and gave you a clue into the pop culture history of the 90s.

Meet The Author Marquita Jackson is an exciting new author just beginning to burst on to the freelancing scene. She was first published in the Camp Lejeune Children’s Poetry Book in the 3rd grade. She is considered as one of the greatest 90s pop culture expert of our time. With an Associates Degree from MSJC, and working on her Bachelors Degree in Communications from CBU be prepared to see more of this author.

Writing Assignment #4 Web Content Article JRN371 I remember when I first started going to college back in 2001. I was at a junior college at the time so tuition was pretty reasonable during that time. I registered for my 4 classes, and headed to the campus bookstore. BIG MISTAKE! Talk about getting ripped off. My books were almost double than my tuition cost. It took me a couple of semesters to figure out that there has to be a place that sells cheap textbooks. There are several websites that offer cheap college textbooks but there is only one that keeps it really simple. The go to website for all your cheap textbooks needs is simply titled This websites offers college students the chance to buy or rent cheap college textbooks. gives the buyer two prices. The price if you were to buy the book new, and the price as of you were going to buy the book used in a roundabout sense. An example of a shopping experience I had on was a book for a communications class. I typed in the ISBN number in the tool bar. I selected the textbook I needed, and it brought up a selection of different websites where I could either buy new or used, or rent from other websites that offer cheap college textbooks. I chose to rent the textbook because I would only use the book for 8 weeks. My total cost for the book was $22.98. If I were to buy the textbook used it would have cost me $66.83, and if I were to buy the book brand new I would have been forced to pay $163. is easy to navigate, and takes all the hassle out of looking for the best deal on textbooks on the Internet. This website is you one stop shop when it come to cheap college textbooks. So learn from my mistake and skip the campus bookstore.

Writing Assignment #3 Query Letter JRN371 Marquita Jackson 39668 Salinas Drive Murrieta, CA 92563 (951) 304-9680 January 25, 2014

Joanna Coles Cosmopolitan Magazine 300 West 57th Street New York, NY 10019 Dear Ms. Coles, Since your magazine represents women from all ethnicities and backgrounds, I hope you will be interested in my work. In the tradition of informing and empowering women with the issues that affect us, I would like to propose a story that is affecting our world Reality television has been dominating our television screens since the early 2000s. Women ranging in ages 18-35 watch almost 4-5 different reality television programs a week. I would like to write a 2-3 pages article about the affects of reality television on women. My article will discuss how reality television influences women in different areas of life. I will include interviews from past and current reality stars, producers of this type of television, female activist, and female fans of reality television shows.

As a lover of reality television, and a concerned viewer of this way of television, I am seeking a platform that is interested in the issues that women face today. I believe that this article will shed light on the perception versus “reality� of this type of television. Sincerely, Marquita Jackson

Blogs Wanderlust I am a military brat so traveling the world is in my blood. My grandmother always told me that I have a wanderlust spirit about myself. I have traveled to many states growing up, and it wasn't until I met my best friend in high school where a pact was made. My best friend and I promised to travel the world together. Each year my friend and I travel somewhere new in the world. One friend picks a place and plans the trip one year, and the other goes along with the plans with no complaints. We take turns each year to plane new adventures. For example it was my friend's to pick a place our first time going somewhere following our pact, so she choose a cruise that left out of Puerto Rico, and the following year I choose Costa Rica. I want my blog to be about my traveling experiences. Things that I have learned, places I have visited, mistakes I have made, planning trips, budgeting and saving money for trips, and what I have taken away from the many cultures I have had the pleasure of being able to be around. I have always thought about starting a blog, and I am excited to share my thoughts and gain some experience in blog writing. Internet + Travel= Easy Using the Internet is a great tool to use when researching, and booking your travel plans. But with so many different traveling websites it hard to know which ones are worth your time. Here are some of the best traveling websites I like to use for all my travel needs. Airfare this travel website gives you a better chance of finding a great deal by

searching hundreds of different flights to wherever you decide to go. Another great website to get a great deal on plane tickets is This website was specifically designed for people who can fly at the drop of a hat. This website has deals for destinations you might have thought wouldn’t be able to afford to travel to. The last website I like to use is, this website searches every airline imaginable for great deals. The only airline I wouldn’t suggest flying from this website is Spirit, trust me on this one. Lodging is my number one sight I look to when looking for a place to lay my head while traveling. If you are traveling on a budget a great way to save money is to skip the hotels, and check I’ll tell you why staying in a hostel is nothing like the movie in a later blog. The last website that is a surprisingly great tool for booking lodging is This website offers tons of inclusive offers on a variety of different vacation options. Are you taking applications? I know that traveling is all about unwinding, and getting away from it all. For some that means hanging up the phone for a while and going off the grid. Before you decide to do that here are some apps you must download before heading off on your journey. If you’re traveling abroad and aren’t to confident on how to ask for directions in a specific language the Google Translate app will come in handy. Another app you need to download is the Perfect World Clock. This app takes the guessing game out of wondering what time it really is. If you are trying to keep tabs on what you are spending in all the different currencies XE Currency is the app you need. The last app that you need to download immediately is TravelSafe Pro. This app could save your life. It contains a database of emergency service numbers for every country on the world. I picked these apps because the price range for them ranges from FREE to 99 cents. So get your smartphone out, open your app store, and start downloading. Staycations I know that for this blog I have talked about traveling abroad. For my last and final blog entry I would like to talk about the art of the staycation. A staycation is a vacation that involves staying home instead of traveling. Here are some suggestions on making you staycation the best it can be. If you decide to stay at your home during your staycation here are some activities you can do. Catch up on your very full dvr, enjoy your pool or your neighborhood pool, invite friends over for game night or just to check-in with them, and cook interesting

meals that you wouldn’t ordinarily cook during your work with. Sometimes staycations involve checking out things your town has to offer. Head out to the beach, do some retail therapy at your local mall or outlet, support your towns theater group and take in a play, or check out that new tapas restaurant.

Staycations allow you great ways to recharge and catch up on things you normally wouldn’t get to do during your workweek. So enjoy your staycation.

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Freelance portfolio jrn371