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Greetings! Allow me to begin this letter with a sincere “congratulations!” on your decision to enter the nursing profession. As you likely know, this is a crucial time for all areas of health care, but especially for nurses. Our country is in the midst of a nursing shortage at a time when the general population is living longer and thus requiring more care; technological advances are continuing

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and more complex every year. Marquette University’s College of Nursing has positioned itself to meet these critical needs of the health industry and empower the next generation of nurses to be the difference in their communities and in the world. Founded in 1938, our college has long held fast to a mission of preparing nursing leaders to promote health, healing and social justice for all people.

Mission Statement Through a transformational Catholic, Jesuit education,

We currently have more than 7,000 nurses around the world who work every day to improve the lives of others by providing high-quality, compassionate

Marquette University College of Nursing prepares

care with a focus on individuals, families and communities. Marquette nurses

nursing leaders to promote health, healing and social

are known for their passion, their training and their hearts. I often hear from

justice for all people through clinical practice and

hospital partners who say: “We love Marquette nurses because we know

development of nursing knowledge.

we’re getting the very best.”

Vision Statement

To help overcome the challenges I mentioned above, our faculty members

The Marquette College of Nursing will be a premier program that prepares an increasingly diverse community of clinicians, leaders, educators and researchers who transform health care and will be the college of choice for those who are committed to: • Providing high-quality, compassionate care focused on individuals, families and communities; • Advocating for social justice to eliminate health inequities; • Engaging community partners to promote health care for all; • Generating, evaluating and applying knowledge to improve health and education outcomes;

have worked to bring nursing education to the highest level. Our college has been recognized for its innovative approach to curriculum development, including the emphasis we place on clinical simulation and real-world practice. Coupled with a strong base of common core classes, including theology and philosophy, our students graduate with a deep understanding of what it means to be a Marquette nurse. I came to Marquette in 2008 to lead this highly acclaimed college and to work with a remarkable group of faculty and students. I chose Marquette because of its strong commitment to the Jesuit tradition of living lives of faith, promoting excellence, developing leaders and serving others. This university transforms the students who entrust it with their undergraduate education. The Marquette experience truly does change lives. As you explore Marquette and our college, our faculty members and students

• Creating a dynamic, innovative learning community;

are more than happy to answer any of your questions. Please do not hesitate

• Leading change to improve the health care

to ask. Good luck with your search!

environment. Dr. Margaret Faut Callahan, C.R.N.A., F.A.A.N., F.N.A.P Dean and Professor

College of Nursing Viewbook  

College of Nursing Viewbook

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