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Scholarships We have a dozen scholarship programs set up specifically to assist undergraduate nursing students. Most awards are need-based, making it mandatory for interested students to have a current FAFSA form on file with the Office of Student Financial Aid. Scholarship decisions are typically made in the spring and are awarded for the following fall semester, although we do offer some scholarships during the year based on unforeseen hardship.

Scholarships for full-time undergraduate students • Gregory R. Olson Scholarship • Cecilia Borenitsch Nursing Scholarship • William H. Wasweyler Scholarship • K Fund • Jane Regan Harris, Class of 1965 Scholarship

Scholarships specific to incoming freshmen • Ann B. Druml Scholarship • Florence Brady-Murray Scholarship • Nancy Long Pesiri Scholarship

Scholarships specific to juniors • David B. Rowe Memorial Scholarship • McGrath Scholarship

Scholarships specific to seniors • Mary Catherine Foley Scholarship

Scholarships specific to underrepresented students • Kathleen Powers Memorial Minority Scholarship

To learn more about these or general university-wide scholarships, or for information about how to apply, please visit

Craig Ogurek, scholarship recipient “The Nancy Long Pesiri Scholarship changed not only my collegiate experience but my future as well. Without it, I would not have landed at Marquette and would not have been able to be so involved in the College of Nursing. It gave me the confidence to reach out in the Marquette community and speak on numerous occasions to prospective students, new faculty, benefactors and others. The Pesiri family and I have remained in close contact, and the support and love I feel from them has helped shape my passion for success. I feel as if I’m not only representing my family, Marquette and myself — but also the entire Pesiri family, whose generosity helped afford me the opportunity to obtain such an amazing education.”


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