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By David Cotey

Marquette University’s advising enterprise is ever-evolving because as programs and course offerings change, so too do students’ advising needs. After several recent student-based surveys indicated that undergraduate advising improve‑ ments could be made, the Office of the Provost charged deans of every college to take a closer look at the needs of their students, and how advising could be improved “Advising is a key factor in student success; it is a priority to us, and it’s going to stay a priority,” says Anne Deahl, associate vice provost for academic support programs and retention. “It is also a process that needs to evolve as the needs of the students change. As a new process, we have to give it time to work.” Deahl says deans continually study how to best resource advising and review best practices to utilize faculty expertise to serve students’ needs. Significant changes have taken effect

this fall, including in the College of Engineering, which created an Academic Advising Center. The center includes a new director of academic advising, two staff members with redefined roles and responsibilities, and an existing faculty member, who assumed a parttime role as the associate dean for academic affairs and oversees the center’s staff. The center provides drop-in advising services for any undergraduate engineering student. “We saw an opportunity to be proactive and create new pathways for academic advising to better serve the needs of the students and allow faculty more time for career advising and mentoring,” says Dr. Kristina Ropella, executive associate dean of the College of Engineering. Similar changes and advancements are in place in the College of Nursing and the Helen Way Klingler College of Arts and Sciences.

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Advising, of course, is a two-way partner‑ ship requiring student participation. Students are equipped with a pair of self-guidance tools to better the advisee-adviser relationship. The graduation checklist available in the Academic Advisement tool indicates exactly where students are on their graduation path, and the tool also provides opportunities to both track progress and explore alternate degree possibilities. Students should have course selections in mind and be prepared with questions prior to their appointments with advisers, says Brigid Lagerman, the director of academic advising in the College of Engineering. She also asks students to bring their graduation checklist. “The level of preparedness on the part of the student varies widely,” Lagerman says. “With prepared students, we are able to agree on a course list quickly, and I spend the rest of the time answering any questions the student has.”


5 Photo by John Nienhuis

Rev. John D. Jones – Photographer

Photo by John Nienhuis

The next evolution of student advising

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Photos courtesy of Rev. John D. Jones

By Laura Moderhock

Rev. John D. Jones, professor of philosophy and interim chair of the Department of Physics, has always used music and prayer to center himself, but his passion for photography has also begun to play a key role in his personal expression. Father Jones, an Orthodox Christian priest, says the camera allows him to focus on ordinary things and affords him a different perspective on the world. “I value photography and music precisely because they are ways of conveying rich meaning in a non-conceptual and non-verbal way,” says Father Jones. “I often refer to photography and music

in my classes to give students examples of ways in which they can learn about the world through ­experience, not just rational reflection and analysis.” “Philosophy and academic work is very headcentered for me,” says Father Jones. “But music and photography are very centered in the heart, the place where we are really centered as whole persons.” View more of Father Jones’ photos at ­ “On the Side” offers a glimpse of faculty and staff interests outside of Marquette. Email your story suggestions to ­

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November/December 2013 Marquette Matters  

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