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MARQUETTE Teaching Excellence winners are the pinnacle of the teacher-scholar model By Lynn Sheka

Teaching Excellence Awards Photos by Dan Johnson

Dr. Sandra Hunter, Department of Physical Therapy

are the highest honor bestowed upon

Dr. Terence T. Ow, Department of Management

Marquette faculty members. Recipients are nominated by colleagues and students for demonstrating excellence as teacher-scholars. Drs. Sandra Hunter, Daniel Meissner and Terence T. Ow received the John P. Raynor, S.J., Faculty Award for Teaching Excellence, and Dr. John Su received the Robert and Mary Gettel Award for Teaching Excellence at the Père Marquette Dinner on May 1. Dr. Daniel Meissner, Department of History



 EPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL THERAPY D COLLEGE OF HEALTH SCIENCES Dr. Sandra Hunter, associate professor of exercise science, represents the very best of the teacher-scholar model. In addition to being a Teaching Excellence Award winner this year, she also received the 2014–15 Way Klingler Fellowship in the sciences for her work on reversing the effects of Type 2 diabetes. Hunter’s commitment to both teaching and scholar­ ship is evident both inside and outside of the classroom. She has mentored more than 38 undergraduate and professional students in her lab since 2003, including serving as co-author for at least 21 students on over 36 peer-reviewed scientific papers out of 60 career papers published in ­inter­nationally respected journals.

Dr. John Su, Department of English

Always open to feedback, Hunter has experimented with the flipped classroom model, which enables her to use class time for increased interactive learning. Students commented on the many opportunities she provided for peer collaboration and participation, as well as hands-on learning, noting that Hunter’s enthusiasm for her field of work was contagious. Hunter teaches classes in the areas of exercise and applied physiology, and says that besides teaching the required content, she emphasizes and teaches “transferrable skills that will allow students to stay current in a rapidly changing world where they will be changing jobs on average every five years,” such as resourcefulness, presentation skills, problem solving, deductive reasoning, critical thinking, perseverance and effective communication. 

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CAM PU S H A P P E N I N GS Summer K-12 Engineering Academies offered on campus

Future Milwaukee accepting applications for 2014 –15 class

The College of Engineering is offering 22 Engineering Academies and an Engineering Leadership Residential Academy for K-12 students this summer. These on-campus classes seek to develop and prepare future Marquette engineers to be critical thinkers, problem solvers and leaders that will contribute to a global society. Students learn to appreciate STEM while exploring the ­engineering design process and solving real-world engineering problems. The full summer class schedule and registration information are posted online at

The Future Milwaukee Community Leadership Program, offered through the College of Professional Studies, is currently recruiting individuals for its ninemonth program. Program participants can expect to examine their leadership capabilities, focus on expanding skills and explore best practices in team building and collaboration. Participants will meet two times each month on Monday evenings from September 2014 through May 2015. Apply online at by Monday, June 30.

May 2014 Marquette Matters  

May 2014 Marquette Matters

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