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ripple effect Already a sought-after resource within the College of Nursing, the cutting-edge simulation center has become an interdisciplinary hub for other students, faculty and professionals

Courtesy of Army ROTC

By Kurt Chandler

In 1982, an all-purpose room in the basement of Emory T. Clark Hall was turned into a skills lab for students in the College of Nursing. Outfitted with video players, Murphy beds and a manikin on a gurney, it was lowtech and no frills, a place where students could review and practice only the most basic procedures. That changed dramatically with the advent of human patient simulation. Today, the skills lab has been transformed into the 10,000-square-foot Wheaton Franciscan Healthcare Center for Clinical Simulation, and the solo low-tech manikin has been replaced with 17 medium- and highfidelity manikins — adults, children and infants — that are capable of blinking, bleeding, talking and sweating.

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Marquette Nurse 2013  

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