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Mission Objective The satellite has two main objectives. The first is to collect and transmit pictures from onboard cameras back to earth. The second is to test the reliability of special computer code used in space.

Payload Golden Eagle One’s main payload consists of two cameras: one captures visible light and the other thermal or infrared images.

Subsystems Specifications CubeSats are 10 centimeter cubes (just under four inches high, wide and deep) and must weigh less than 3 pounds.

Students must coordinate seven subsystems for the satellite to operate and complete its mission. Working in multidisciplinary engineering teams to coordinate these interrelated systems helps prepare students for the real-world challenges of the workforce.

Mission Control Power System The satellite will be powered by solar panels that will extend from the cube once in space. Batteries will store the power and a distribution board will send power to the necessary subsystems.

A ground station on campus will allow students to communicate with and retrieve data from the satellite once in orbit. It will include a radio transmitter, antenna and software to translate data from the satellite.

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Marquette Engineer 2013  

Marquette Engineer 2013

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