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2013 RESEARCH YEARBOOK Photo by John Nienhuis

Dr. Nabeel Demerdash professor, electrical and computer engineering What’s he working on? Demerdash and three graduate students are developing the next generation of computational design tools that combine finite element electromagnetic analysis and novel optimization algorithms to enhance the design of electrical machines for higher efficiencies and minimum cost. This project — from Marquette’s Electric Machines and Drives Lab — highlights the successful collaboration of academic and industrial research. During the last three years, the lab’s work has attracted more than $180,000 in funds from industrial sponsors, namely A.O. Smith and Regal Beloit corporations.

What else is he doing? In addition, Demerdash and his graduate students are using a $425,000 award from the National Science Foundation to investigate fault prognostics/diagnostics and fault-tolerant operation of electric machines and drives. Demerdash is also participating in a nationwide consortium of universities to revitalize electric power engineering education with state-of-the-art laboratories. This project supplied the College of Engineering with more than five different topologies of DC-DC converters for students’ hands-on experimental studies.

What are the expected benefits? The tools developed in this project will assist motor and generator designers in the tedious and iterative design process. Furthermore, automated design tools will provide the means to tackle more complex design problems that deal with multiple design objectives and constraints, thus leading to more efficient use and generation of electric energy.

Who’s paying attention? Demerdash recently was recognized for authoring two “prize papers” by the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), its Power and Energy Society (IEEE-PES) and its Industry Applications Society (IEEE-IAS).

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