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Powerhouse Renowned for her research and teaching, a Marquette professor is pursuing breakthroughs in the study of mitochondria — the fuel plants of our cells — with students ever by her side

Dr. Rosemary Stuart left what many researchers would consider a dream job to come to Marquette. Focused since her undergraduate days on the study of mitochondria — the tiny organelles known as our cells’ “powerhouses” for their role synthesizing the adenosine triphosphate that cells use to fuel their work — Stuart had a position at a leading center of mitochondrial research in Munich, Germany. At that early point in her career, the Dublin, Ireland, native already had a significant

By Stephen Filmanowicz

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scientific discovery to her credit, a handful of assistants at her disposal and minimal teaching obligations to distract from her progress in the lab. So when she and her husband began considering relocating their young family to his native Wisconsin, Stuart naturally wondered how such a move might affect her research prospects. Then she noticed a timely job posting in the Department of Biological Sciences. Could Marquette actually

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