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Marquette Bookshelf The Way We Lived: Essays on Nigerian History, Gender and Society by Dr. Chima Korieh, associate professor of history, analyzes the impact of European colonialism since the late 19th century and Atlantic slave trade on Nigerian societies and the Igbo region in Africa. The Sacrament of the Eucharist by Rev. John Laurance, S.J., associate professor of theology, investigates the nature of the Eucharist, primarily using the work of Rahner, Kilmartin and Chauvet. International Monetary and Financial Economics by Dr. Joseph Daniels, professor of economics, covers the key concepts of international financial economics and open economy microeconomics by relating the material to current business and policy issues. German Immigrants, Race, and Citizenship in the Civil War Era by Dr. Alison Efford, assistant professor of history, explores how German immigrants influenced the rise and fall of white commitment to African-American rights in the United States. The Dilemma of the Sexual Offender, 4th Edition by Dr. Mary Ann Farkas, associate professor of criminology and law studies, examines the world of sexual offenders through psychiatric, legal, moral and bio-social analysis.

Sustaining Living Culture by Dr. Kevin Gibson, associate professor of philosophy, discusses best practices for sustaining vulnerable cultural practices being eroded by forces of development and homogenization.

Children and Youth During the Civil War Era by Dr. James Marten, professor of history, seeks a deeper investigation into the American historical record by giving voice and context to the struggles and victories of children and youth during the Civil War period.

The Web of Violence: Exploring Connections Among Different Forms of Interpersonal Violence and Abuse by Dr. John Grych, professor of psychology, creates a basis for understanding the interconnections across forms of violence throughout the lifespan.

Chicago in the Age of Capital: Class Politics and Democracy During the Civil War and Reconstruction by Dr. John Jentz, research and instructional services librarian, traces the evolution of modern societal structures by examining the dramatic capitalist transition in Chicago from the 1850s through the 1870s.

El Arca de la Memoria, 2nd edition by Dr. Dinorah Cortés-Vélez, assistant professor of Spanish, examines a young girl’s struggle to cope with the trauma of a family day at the beach that culminates in tragedy. Science, Faith and Human Fertility: The Third Conference on Ethical Fertility Health Management by Dr. Richard Fehring, professor emeritus of nursing, is a collection of papers from the third conference on ethical fertility health management, covering the latest research on nutrition and fertility, the use of intercourse patterns and breastfeeding for avoiding pregnancy, and the philosophical, theological, sociological and cultural aspects of natural family planning.

The Judeo-ChristianIslamic Heritage: Philosophical and Theological Perspectives by Dr. Irfan Omar, associate professor of theology, is a collection of essays by a wide array of North American scholars who provide studies of language, discourse, debate and reasoning with a focus on theological and philosophical issues central to the Abrahamic faiths of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

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Every spring DISCOVER: Marquette University Research and Scholarship showcases some of the most interesting research happening on Marquette'...

Discover Research 2014  

Every spring DISCOVER: Marquette University Research and Scholarship showcases some of the most interesting research happening on Marquette'...