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2 In | sight Marquette researchers are using imaging technology to solve problems and deepen our understanding of the world around us.

6 “My community’s dying.” African-American women are leading the fight against HIV and AIDS, and Dr. Angelique Harris wants to understand why.

8 Stepping forward Dr. Gerald Harris and the Tech4Pod consortium are engineering better devices for children with orthopaedic disabilities.

12 Healing the broken spine Dr. Murray Blackmore is making progress in understanding how to reverse the condition physicians once considered untreatable.

14 Unfiltered images Dr. Craig Andrews’ research shows graphic visual health warnings influence intentions to quit smoking.

16 The spiritual toll of abuse Dr. Theresa Tobin explores the idea of “spiritual violence” — and how its victims can recover.

In Brief 18 Improving rural health care — one nurse at a time The intersection of culture and new media 19 Predicting the next big disaster 20 Improving ADHD treatment for Latino children 21 Understanding the relationship between terrorists and society A 2-minute lifesaver 22 Crime and (differing) punishment Halo Project ignites meaningful student research 23 Reading your way to kindness 24 Marquette Bookshelf 25 Research and scholarship at Marquette

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