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ORWARD Dr. Gerald Harris and the Tech4Pod consortium are engineering better devices for children with orthopaedic disabilities.

“We hope to be able to ... increase their physical function, their integration with their peers and community, their

By Chris Jenkins

Wearing futuristic-looking light-reflecting markers as 14 video cameras record her movements at 120 frames per second to generate real-time animation on a nearby computer, Lillie Wacaster could be modeling for the next big video game. Instead, she’s helping researchers in the gait laboratory at Shriners Hospital in Chicago study how children with orthopaedic challenges walk — and, as part of a multimillion-dollar research project led by Marquette biomedical engineering professor Dr. Gerald Harris, help improve their lives.

mobility — and, ultimately, their quality of life.”

Dr. Gerald Harris with a patient. Photographs courtesy of Shriners Hospital

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