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A look at some novel ways the Marquette community is igniting innovation and entrepreneurship

Beyond the peer-reviewed research covered throughout Discover, the Marquette community is embracing innovation in a range of forms, including through unique partnerships, expanded entrepreneurial resources, and new solutions to problems in our community and around the world. Read on to see how Marquette is setting the pace in that kind of innovation, too. REPORTING BY LAUREN BROWN, KURT CHANDLER, STEPHEN FILMANOWICZ, GUY FIORITA AND EDGAR MENDEZ

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All business

Ahoya Inc.

Flipping the script

Imaginations in motion

To double research funding in five years, Marquette will need a big increase in corporate-sponsored research — and Dr. Carmel Ruffolo is focused on helping make that happen.

An explosion of new programs supporting entrepreneurship and social innovation is fueling a renewed startup culture at Marquette.

Prosecutors focused on crime prevention are just one example of what’s unique about the collaborative effort to promote assets and reduce crime on Milwaukee’s near west side.

Marquette’s new strategic innovation fund helps bring to life a wealth of previously untapped ideas from faculty, students and staff.

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