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A closer look at some unconventional ways the Marquette community is igniting problem-solving and innovation

When you think of what’s most cutting edge at Marquette, it’s natural to think of the labs with the newest imaging equipment or the scholars taking the deepest dives into rare archives — of the peer-reviewed research covered throughout Discover. But innovation here takes a range of forms, including unique partnerships, influential polling, and new approaches to problems in our community and around the world that cry out for solutions. Read on to see how Marquette is setting the pace in that kind of innovation, too. REPORTING BY STEPHEN FILMANOWICZ, PATRICK LEARY AND CLARE PETERSON

Power poll, talent pool The Law School Poll proves to be about way more than just who gets the votes.

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Midwifery yields more healthy arrivals

Water management for the masses

This mother-centric approach has advantages over conventional care.

Changing the way the public consumes water, one person at a time.

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Reporting for change The O’Brien Fellowship program is pioneering a counter trend in journalism.

Giving democracy a tuneup The Democracy Lab offers community organizations ways to evaluate and improve outreach.

Discover Research 2015  

Marquette University Research and Scholarship is out. Read about this year's featured researchers.