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For 30 years he has studied conflict. Now, economist Abdur Chowdhury looks to decipher controversial Bitcoin Dr. Abdur Chowdhury is a thoughtful, unassuming economist. Yet he boasts a prolific career that’s known worldwide, and his reputation in David A. Straz, Jr., Hall, home to Marquette’s College of Business Administration, is that of a research powerhouse. But he’s no glory hound — just a smart, mildmannered professor who, by the way, chases conflict. Not his own, mind you. Chowdhury, a teenager in Bangladesh during the country’s Liberation War in 1971, admits that conflict left an indelible impression on him,

By Christopher Stolarski

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shaping the lens through which he has examined the monetary policies of troubled nations for more than 30 years. Throughout his career, Chowdhury has pulled back the curtains on a variety of contentious issues and their impact on the economy: defense spending, terrorism, presidential popularity, infant mortality and divorce. The macroeconomist recently turned his attention to Bitcoin, that prickly virtual currency that’s giving everyone from global investors to counterterrorist organizations fits. “The Bitcoin phenomenon, and the technological innovation that made it possible, is interesting,” says Chowdhury, whose

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