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2 The science of making friends An innovative program for teenagers with autism is changing lives — and the brain.

6 Coming home Dr. James Marten explores the postwar lives of Civil War veterans in his new book.

8 Architect of the infinitesimal Dr. Chung Hoon Lee’s nanostructures are helping to electrify and illuminate science’s tiniest frontier.

12 The tragedy of addiction Dr. Robert Wheeler is trying to solve the mysteries of motivation in cocaine addicts.

14 In search of justice In a world still plagued with war and political violence, what is the role of reparative justice?

IN BRIEF 18 Speak for yourself 19 Awake for genes

A new look for school counseling

20 Fighting pollution, one molecule at a time

The philosophy of art

21 The ethics of pinkwashing

What’s the value of a legal brief?

22 On a mission to improve refugee dental care 23 Poking holes in the golden parachute

Engineering safer roads

24 Marquette bookshelf 25 Research and scholarship at Marquette

16 Go home, stay home New research examines the connection between nursing workload and patients’ readmission rates. Discover: Marquette University Research and Scholarship is published annually by the Office of Marketing and Communication. Editor: Nicole Sweeney Etter, Designer: Joan Holcomb, Contributing writers: Jessie Bazan, April Beane, Andrew Brodzeller, Tim Cigelske, Stephen Filmanowicz, Becky Dubin Jenkins, Brigid Miller, Charles Nevsimal, Christopher Stolarski and Kate Venne Cover illustration: Stephanie Dalton Cowan Photography: Dan Johnson, Ben Smidt Stock images:,, Stock Illustration Source

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Every spring DISCOVER: Marquette University Research and Scholarship showcases some of the most interesting research happening on Marquette'...

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