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Marquessa Pichette

Undergraduate Portfolio 2017

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Kit of Elements

Intro to Design and Graphics I Chadaphan Hanwisai

There is deception in the sea. The calmness of the flowing water yet underneath there is a battle. This pushing and pulling of the tide is at odds. The water can bring seashells, delightfulness, and little treasures to shore. The tide can also bring red tide and harsh winds that tear families apart. This comparison between push and pull in the water was inspiration for project one. Creating conceptual framework that is developed at the beginning of the process helps to drive all aspects of the design.

small process

medium process

medium with small process

final model



Intro to Design and Graphics I Chadaphan Hanwisai

three walls final vertical

Following an adventure a young boy takes through urban life in the film “The Red Balloon,� concepts of density, layering, and tempo are learned. Ideas of occupiable space help to create a field, the sacred, and the wall, the profane, which was achieved in project two. Exchanges of words were then created to farther create a concept to build upon. Reality can be found in truth and fact; it is the certainty of another day. Illusion is found in words of fallacy, fantasy or deception from a mirage. It seems to be certain but confusion is found.

three wall final top view

process horizantal

process vertical

process sacred

process sacred close up

process sacred and profane intervention

process sketches

A dialogue is created to further the concept. A story to create greater sense of infinity, extension, and lightness. Bringing the sacred and the profane together with an intervention of spaces. The profane follows a path of reality, straight and narrow until running into the sacred, illusion. That point of intervention, illusion turns the path of reality onto a new path, one of mystery and confusion. A sea of sand. Dryness that causes a burning bite. Dragging this body just a bit farther. Wait is that? The drop of magic to revive this vessel. Just a bit farther. No! Deception to my eyes. Now a mile farther. Irritating sound. Loud enough to awaken a soul. Dissipating from the golden ocean. Returns to the bay of blankets. Just a bit farther.

final model with pedestal

final heirarchy

model without pedestal

section drawing to show scale

section drawings with dialogue to show heiarchy


The Light Box

Intro to Design and Graphics I Chadaphan Hanwisai

process sketches

Conveying large and small scale, project three shows the experience of light through the notion of a projection box, screen, and area for five people to fit comfortably. This is based on the abstraction of ideas taken from the ending of initial concept from the film “The Red Balloon.�

process model

process showing path to projection box

close up on projection screen

close up projection box

final model without stand horizantal

view of projection screen

final model with stand

final model with stand

close up of the projection area that can hold up to five people (left) and close up on projection box (right).

close up of pathway for movement from one space to another (left) and close up on projection screen (right).


Building Analysis

Intro to Design and Graphics II Nancy Sanders

Vertical building analysis of The Delta Shelter home designed by architect Olson Kundig. Desconstruction of individual layers were learned by analysis and introspection of sections, plans, and axonometric drawings.

delta shelter olson kundig

casa bianchi mario botta

Using exploration of a uniquely shaped home (casa bianchi), analysis could be expressed through axonometric sketches


Independent Art watercolor & photography

abstract watercolor 2016

photography of sunsent on seminole lake 2015

photography of treasure island beach 2016

Marquessa Pichette

Usf undergradportfolio  

University of South Florida Undergraduate Portfolio for School of Architecture and Community Design program.

Usf undergradportfolio  

University of South Florida Undergraduate Portfolio for School of Architecture and Community Design program.