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Family owned and operated, Two Sisters Vineyards has been devoted to producing ultra-premium Ontario wines for almost a decade. The estate is located in the Niagara River VQA sub-appellation, noted for its affinity to Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon. With vines that are carefully tended with a philosophy of low yields and dedicated sustainable farming practices, combined with meticulous attention to wine-making detail, this unique property produces wines of remarkable power, finesse and elegance and have been recognized both nationally and on the world stage. WWW.TWOSISTERSVINEYARDS.COM

240 John Street East, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario L0S 1J0


Editor-in- Chief Welcome to the winter issue of MarQuee Magazine!



The inspiration for this issue is our team’s collective commitment to promote equality and celebrate people - of all races, gender, sexual orientation, and social status. Everyone deserves to be treated fairly and for their voices to be heard. We’re proud to have celebrity designers and style commentators Colin and Justin on the cover this issue as our ambassadors for equality. If you follow this dynamic duo online, you’ll know they are passionate about justice and are proactively using their platform to raise awareness about this issue. With the growing momentum of global movements like Me Too, more individuals are coming forward to share their stories to inspire others and prevent further mistreatment and discrimination. We support this movement and stand in solidarity with those brave individuals working to make this world a better place. As a growing magazine, we need to align ourselves with like-minded brands and build partnerships that are also working to support this movement. This issue, we had the privilege of working with several premium luxury brands and partners new to MarQuee Magazine to deliver exciting and inspiring content for our readers. We want each issue to be an invitation to learn something new, and we hope that you leave these pages inspired by both our premium lifestyle content and the uplifting stories that go beyond high living. We’re also excited to share with you some of the new connections and private events that we have both hosted and attended over the last several months. You will find a lot of these events on our website, and I encourage you to visit us there for more exciting news. We love celebrating our achievements with key partners, friends, and supporters, and introducing them to one another. Over the past year, we have achieved so many things we did not think were possible thanks to our fantastic team. It has been an incredible journey so far! We are eager for the arrival of 2020, and we look forward to a dynamic and productive year.

Cristina Carpio

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Food & Wine Pairings


Bison In Rustic Bread Crust


With Winemaker, Adam Pearce Exclusive MarQuee Recipe


The Don Of Fine Dining


The Great Vineyards Of Spain


Celebrating 90 years of excellence


Colin & Justin: Equality - A Small Word for a Huge Issue


George Pimentel


Designer Profile: Nina Kharey of NONIE


Is Electric The Future? New Mercedes-Benz EQC North American premiere

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On the Run Fitness Tips For A Busy Lifestyle

By Celebrity Fitness Trainer, Brent Bishop 62

Trends 2020: The Canadian Designers You Need to Know

By Monika Köhler


Explore The Unexpected

By Cynthia Florek

By John Szabo, Master Sommelier

Fairmont Royal York

Travel Guide: Napa Valley


By Signe Langford



Healthy Eating On The Go By Miranda Malisani










R ETRE A T TO O U R U RBAN OA S IS Experie n ce Unm a tched Reso rt- Style Am eni t i es

HotelXToronto.com | Stay@HotelXToronto.com | 647.943.9300

FOOD & WINE PAIRINGS By: Adam Pearce Winemaker, Two Sisters Vineyards


one are the days when we felt we had to follow the hard and fast rules of wine pairing or food matching. It can be intimidating to think of what big red wines will go well with red meat, which white wines with fish and, where to find the best sparkling as an aperitif. Recently, those general guidelines have become much more relaxed, allowing for more adventurous wine selections. As the winemaker of the award-winning, Two Sisters Vineyards in Niagara on the Lake in Canada, I’ve taken part in many wine pairing dinner events over the years. With the varietal selections we have available, and the meticulous vineyard practices, including cropping for low yields has privileged us with exceptional fruit. The winery is perfectly located on unique soil composition, terroir, and we have a great location in the Niagara River appellation Also, with our ultramodern production facility, innovative fermentation equipment, and a first-class French oak barrel program, this spoils me as a winemaker so I get to select only the best wines for dinner pairings. But you do not have to be an expert in elevating your dining experience. Whether you are a novice in wine pairing or a wine enthusiast, you can throw a memorable experience by knowing the basic principles. First, you need to understand the entire menu and plan from there. How will the meal be presented? Will it be individual courses that you would like to pair a different wine with each course or a family-style meal where you would select one red and


one white to go with the entire menu? These are all critical factors to consider. Once you figure out all the details, you want to decide whether you would like your wines to have parallel flavors or different attributes to the dishes you are serving. Choosing a wine with identical flavors focuses on elevating the character and flavor profiles in the wine and the food. For example, a fire-roasted game hen paired with a Cabernet Franc grape reduction and polenta is a good pairing. I selected a young one for this, a 2017 Cabernet Franc that had lots of wild gamey aromatics and subtle oak spice. These worked very well to elevate the reduction and the smoky notes. A contrasting pairing is where you choose your wine or your dish to create a balance in the other. Another one my favorite contrasting pairing as an example was a traditional method sparkling wine with a fresh branzino crudo generously drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. The acidity and fine bubbles of the wine helped to balance the fat in the fish and the oil, leaving the palate refreshed. When eating at home, we tend to serve our favorites. The most crucial point you need to remember is that it is ideal to choose the wines first and design a dish around it. Especially when you have a favorite wine or a special bottle, I find it easier to work forwards from the wine than backward from the dish. We can design the food around the wine and taste to perfect it.

- 9 -

WIN T E R - 2 0 1 9


Simple guidelines to get you started to have a successful wine pairing dinner experience. 1. Acidity in wines balances fat and creaminess but also works with natural acids occurring in the dishes. The same Sauvignon Blanc could work well to pair with a salad with a vinaigrette dressing with some acidity, as well as a cream dressing. 2. Red wines have tannins. The right food item can be a tool to soften more aggressive or young tannins. Although cliché, a well-marbled grilled cut of beef or lamb with a Cab Suv is a match made in heaven. 3. Sweet wines work with spicy foods, and also desserts that are equally or less sweet than the wine. The wine must always be sweeter than the dish, or the wine will get washed out. A wellbalanced Riesling with good acidity and some residual sugar makes a beautiful pairing for spicy Thai or Szechuan dishes. You ought to avoid a high alcohol wine or big red wine for spicy dishes. Alcohol can negatively elevate spice. 4. Heavy protein dishes can go with bigger wines. A roasted venison loin for example, with cocoa nib and braised cipollini onion pairs perfectly with a big Bordeaux blend or a Cabernet

Sauvignon. The same with a creamy butter-poached crab on tortelloni pasta would pair well with a barrel-fermented rich Chardonnay. 5. Lighter dishes should go with lighter whites or a light red with a slight chill (10 mins in the fridge). A citrus-marinated fresh fish ceviche is fantastic with a crisp, unoaked Chardonnay. Poached salmon and new potatoes is a great dish for a light Pinot Noir or Gamay. 6. When having multiple courses, make sure your wines are moving up in weight and tannins as you progress. Typically, we start with a glass of sparkling wine, then move to white or rosé, then on to the reds. 7. Don’t forget about Rosé! Such a versatile wine often enjoyed on its own to start but also pairs well with summer salads, or my favorite: grilled octopus on a bed of arugula. Rosés can range in weight from light and off-dry, to very textural and bone dry within a range of price points.


8. It is essential to remember your sides and sauces, as well. They are as crucial to your pairing as the main itself. Asparagus and artichokes are notoriously tricky to pair with wines; however, it is surely not impossible; it just takes careful selection. Cynarin, a naturally appearing chemical in artichokes, makes wines seem overly sweet. The trick is to balance it with a dry, fresh wine with good acidity. 9. When dining in a restaurant, please trust your Sommelier! You can give them a few likes or dislikes and leave the wine selection up to them. No one will be more familiar with the wine list and the food pairing possibilities than they are.

As a winemaker, I know first-hand the amount of effort and time that goes into making wine. Because of this, I always want to make sure people get the utmost enjoyment out of their chosen wines by drinking them with the right dish or selecting the most complimentary wine for the menu. It can make or break the experience. Here’s another tip, if you have access or know a professional, ask for help and always think outside the box. Most importantly, have fun with it! Cheers!

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Guinot Canada


Bison in Rustic Bread Crust By: Saverio Macri


- 14 -

WIN T E R - 2 0 1 9



Preparation Bread Slice the bread on the slicer at thickness of 21x12 cm in size

300g chicken breast 105g guanciale 3g salt

Chicken and guanciale pate • Cut the chicken breast and the guanciale in pieces, season them with the salt • Put all the meat pieces inside a grinder • Grind two times with a fine grind setting • Refrigerate once complete

Fresh Swiss chard bunch

Swiss chard • Remove the central white part from the Swiss chard leaves • Blanche them inside boiling salted water for maximum five seconds • Put everything in an ice bath • Stretch the leaves on paper towels to dry

Fresh mozzarella cheese

Local buffalo mozzarella Slice the fresh mozzarella thin (approx. 3 mm) Bison tenderloin • Clean the bison tenderloin from the silver skin • Cut in 7 cm long pieces • Get from each piece as many cylinders as possible with a diameter of 5 cm • Lightly sear each cylinder in extra-virgin olive oil • Let it rest

Create the roll • Place a piece of plastic wrap on the working table, longer than the bread slice • Place the bread slice on it • Spread a thin layer of patè on the bread until completely covered • Stretch a layer of blanched Swiss chard on top of the patè , leaving 1 inch space on the length • On top of the Swiss chard, spread a layer of mozzarella slices • Properly put salt on the seared bison cylinder, and place it on the mozzarella • Helped by the plastic wrap, tightly roll the bison together with all the other ingredients • Let it rest inside the fridge for at least two hours before using it


- 15 -

WIN T E R - 2 0 1 9




1 bottle tomato Passata 1 garlic clove

San Marzano Tomato sauce • Reduce the tomato sauce with the garlic clove to half • Remove the garlic and chill • Place all the ingredients inside the blender • Blend them quickly at high speed

300 g reduced tomato sauce 90g tapioca 8g tabasco 1g lemon juice 3g sugar 5g salt 1 litre water 300g tapioca pearls

Tapioca • Place in the blender on high at 90°C for 45 minutes until it is a smooth, clear gel • Cover with plastic to eliminate skin • Chill and never freeze

80g small pickles 10g anchovies 30g parsley 20g extra virgin olive oil 5 g unsalted capers 50g tapioca 5g salt 5g rice vinegar 5g red wine vinegar 20g white sugar

Green sauce • Place all the ingredients together inside the blender • Blend together at high speed until you get a smooth sauce

For Service

• Remove the plastic wrap from the rolls • Deep fry the rolls at 180°C for one minute and let them rest at room temperature • Bake at 185°C for eight minutes • Take out of the oven, cover with tin foil, let rest for 5 minutes • Pair both sides and cut in two pieces




The Don Of Fine Dining By: Signe Langford


- 18 -

WIN T E R - 2 0 1 9



reating destination hot spots – places to see and be seen – is nothing new for Liberty Entertainment Group’s Nick Di Donato. For over three decades Di Donato has been cultivating “must try” eateries in both Toronto and Florida, with ten wildly successful venues and a business that caters to as many as 1.75 million people every year. Starting as a teenager, Di Donato started his career in the food service industry by bussing tables at his father’s Italian restaurant in Toronto’s West end. Jump forward to several years later, Di Donato is undertaking his most ambitious venture to date. It’s one thing to create a supper club from scratch – the brainchild of one’s own vision – and quite another to strike a cohesive balance between the creator-investor’s vision while maintaining and honoring the traditions of a world-renowned, family-owned restaurant that’s been serving discerning patrons since the late nineteenth century. And yet, with Don Alfonso 1890, he’s not only achieved just that, he’s already receiving prestigious awards and accolades, including: Canada's 100 Best Restaurants in Canada 2019, Gambero Rosso


'Opening of the Year', DiRoNA - Distinguished Restaurants of North America, OpenTable’s Top 100 Restaurants in Canada 2019, Wine Spectator’s Best of Award of Excellence, and most recently, voted the second best Italian restaurant in the world by ‘50 Top Italy’. Di Donato may be used to rave reviews, but a nod from ‘50 Top Italy’ is something truly special. “Toronto is a sophisticated city that’s accustomed to international dining, but it’s not every day a Toronto restaurant is recognized on the world stage. To be named the second best Italian restaurant in the world by ‘50 Top Italy’ and receiving Opening of the Year from Gambero Rosso, Europe’s premier dinning guide, is truly a privilege,” he humbly explains. And he knows he didn’t do it alone: “I am honoured that a Toronto restaurant has been recognized on the global stage among an international roaster of restaurants, and I want to congratulate three-star Michelin Chef Alfonso Iaccarino and my entire team at Don Alfonso 1890 Toronto, for receiving such an incredible honor. I look forward to keeping Toronto’s culinary scene front and center on the global stage.”

- 19 -

WIN T E R - 2 0 1 9


With three distinct spaces – main dining room, mezzanine lounge, and open concept kitchen – Ms. Di Donato’s flawless design is further enhanced by the existing architectural details, including hand-painted moldings and original pillars. With a gleaming open kitchen off the main dining room, diners can enjoy perfectly timed kitchen choreography. At Don Alfonso, and throughout the Liberty empire, Ms. Di Donato designs and oversees every last detail – art, décor, lighting, linens, uniforms, service-ware – all are bespoke and unique, and glow like a pearl, with a creamy richness in lustrous tones of white, charcoal, and gold. But all sleek whiteness aside, the room is a feast for the eyes, with the beautifully macabre, white on white, skull and butterfly art piece – “Crane” – by French mixed media artist Philippe Pasqua vying for diners’ attention.


- 20 -

WIN T E R - 2 0 1 9

Color and drama is found in the occasional splash of provocative red in a painting by local artist, Daniel Mazzone, in a flash of fabric;,and in Chef Ernesto Iaccarino’s vibrant dishes. Each plate has been designed or hand-selected to serve as a blank canvas for Chef Iaccarino’s cuisine, which is modern, and often whimsical, but wellrooted in classic Italian culinary traditions.


Chef Iaccarino’s menu is informed by the exceptional quality of the raw ingredients – local and international – procured for the kitchen, and his menu honors iconic Canadian foods such as, Manitoba bison, Nova Scotia lobster, and Acadian caviar. While his dishes are deeply connected to the past, they’re far from stuffy, offering many elegant vegetarian dishes, such as soy smoked organic tofu, and a savoury horseradish ice cream, to name but a few.

- 21 -

WIN T E R - 2 0 1 9


Once the kitchen was ready, Chef Iaccarino returned home to the Amalfi Coast and passed the torch to Toronto-born, Executive Chef Saverio Macri, who heads up the day to day operations with Chef de Cuisine, Daniele Corona. Macri spent time at Don Alfonso in Italy, studying under the father and son duo, honing his skills for this impressive undertaking and honor. As former Executive Chef of Cibo, since 2011 – another Liberty Entertainment Group restaurant – Chef Macri understands the brand well, and knows what’s at stake. “It’s been a privilege to be a part of Don Alfonso 1890 in Toronto. Spending several months in Italy working directly with Chef Ernesto and his team at the M ARQ U E E M A G A Z IN E

original location on the Amalfi Coast, has been an honor. I am grateful to be part of bringing this award-winning concept to Toronto,” says Macri. The same attention paid to the menu is also given to the bar – a glowing slab of white Italian Carrara marble – with a fabulous selection of one-of-a-kind molecular created by Liberty Group’s corporate mixologist, Oliver Stern. Here, serving a drink at the bar is treated with the same gravitas as the cuisine, as is the impressive and well-selected wine cellar.

- 22 -

WIN T E R - 2 0 1 9


At flagship Don Alfonso 1890 in Italy, their monumental wine collection is cellared in a Roman-era tunnel running beneath the restaurant. In Toronto, it’s a more modern space, with over 650 labels from around the globe lining the walls of the space. The list has been curated to offer a broad range of styles – with a focus on Italian offerings – but also including unique varieties from up and coming regions, as well as several organic and biodynamic wines, while always perfectly complementing Chef Iaccarino’s unique dishes. Though the Toronto location is the newest addition to the international family of Don Alfonso 1890, the restaurant has already been visited by a few heavy-hitters: Hollywood icon Carol Burnett, Toronto’s own, Drake to name a few. Opening in time for the Toronto International Film Festival, both The Goldfinch and The Two Popes held opening night parties there. But we suspect, for Don Alfonso 1890, the party has just begun. | (LEFT) MICHELIN CHEF, ALFONSO IACCARINO | (RIGHT) EXECUTIVE CHEF, SAVERIO MACRI


As for Mr. Di Donato, well, he doesn’t seem like a fan of rear view mirrors, nor does he rest on his laurels. Once the stately doors were opened on Don Alfonso 1890 Toronto, he was already teaming up with MasterChef Canada’s Chef Claudio Aprile, to open Xango – a modern Latin-Asian fusion restaurant – on vibrant King Street West in Toronto’s Fashion District. Clearly there is no stopping this exciting culinary train.

Brokers Protected. Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice. E. & O.E.

by Rosehaven Homes

Our goal was to take the experience of waking up in a beautiful European hotel and offer it to the discerning buyer in an understated yet overtly elegant condominium design.

– Richard Wengle, Master Architect

From grand structured and spacious floor plan layouts to the very best of luxurious finishes, these interior spaces have the same look and feel as that found in some of the finest homes in the country.

– Ferris Rafauli, Interior Design

Inspired by the timeless elegance of Paris, The Randall brings classic Beaux Arts architecture to a picture-perfect setting in the heart of South East Oakville. Move into one of the few remaining luxury residences in this international multi-award-winning address to experience the epitome of sophistication.

FEW LUXURY RESIDENCES REMAIN FROM $2.45 MILLION | UP TO 3,200 SQ.FT. New Presentation Centre • 137 Trafalgar Rd. Oakville Saturday to Tuesday 11am - 3pm or by appointment LuxuryLiving@TheRandallResidences.com • 905.849.1033

TheRandallResidences.ca In collaboration with... REPRESENTED BY







THE GREAT VINEYARDS OF SPAIN By: John Szabo, Master Sommelier





he sleeping giant has finally awoken. With nearly a million hectares of grapevine, Spain has the world’s largest acreage devoted to wine production (France has just over 800,000, and Italy a mere 692,000 ha). Yet for much of the 20th century, the country languished behind the rest of Europe as the fine wine revolution took hold. Under the insular fascist government of Francisco Franco, time in the wine industry stood still. Exposure to, and inspiration from, the rapidly developing worldwide wine industry post WWII was limited, and with it, innovation, modernization, and progress. The fascist regime ended with Franco’s death in 1975, but it would take a generation to drag Spanish wine into the 21st Century. Now, 20 years into the new millennium, the country’s full potential is finally becoming a realization. With dozens of native and imported varieties, Europe’s second most mountainous M ARQ U E E M A G A Z IN E

topography, and a dazzling collection of climate zones and soils, Spain is now among the most dynamic wine-producing countries in the world. One of the key drivers of the Spanish wine renaissance is the association called “Grandes Pagos d’España”, or “Great Vineyards of Spain”, an alliance of ambitious producers with 32 members and counting, represented in virtually every corner of the country. The idea for the association was devised in 2000 by five wineries seeking to co-promoting their products from the unknown central Spanish region of Castilla-La Mancha. The likes of Marquès de Griñon, Pago de Vallegarcía, and Pago Calzadilla, had begun to rock the status quo by producing wines from nontraditional varieties at eyebrow-raising quality. Parallels between “Super Tuscan” wines such as Sassicaia, Solaia, and Ornellaia in Italy in the 1970’s are undeniable.

- 27 -

WIN T E R - 2 0 1 9

- MARQUEE FOOD & DRINKS But what began as Grandes Pagos de Castilla, quickly evolved into Grandes Pagos d’España, as producers in other parts of Spain recognized the benefit of banding together with likeminded, quality-focused operations to co-promote their work. And it wasn’t just radical newcomers with non-traditional wines who sought to join, but also producers in traditional appellations such as Jerez, Rioja, and Cava, whose beliefs in promoting the concept of terroir aligned with the group’s point of view. Adhesion standards are stringent. Wines must be produced from estate vineyards, and all wines are tasted by an external committee before earning the Grandes Pagos seal of approval. Wines can be, and are, rejected, and members can even be excommunicated, a harsh rebuke that has occurred twice in the association’s history. The GPE logo on a bottle of wine is an excellent way to discover some of Spain’s lesser known, or overlooked regions and varieties, with low risk. Pepe Mendoza of Bodegas Enrique Mendoza, for example, has redefined the potential for monastrell (aka mourvèdre) in the region of Alicante, formerly known for, and still associated with rustic reds. “We are not Rioja, Ribera [del Duero], or Bordeaux” says Pepe. “There was a stigma attached to the region and we were considered crazy men from Alicante making millions of liters of poor quality, over ripe monastrell”, describing the uphill battle to promote new wines from the region. | VALDESPINO VINEYARD


- MARQUEE FOOD & DRINKS But Mendoza has defied the past and proven that it’s possible, through impeccable cultivation, to achieve concentrated wines that are also balanced and naturally fresh, with little intervention needed in the winery. The trade-off is volume: “I get one kilo [of grapes] per plant rather than three,” he reveals, though the results are worth the effort. Mendoza produces two superb single vineyard wines from ancient bush vines grown on different soil types. La Quebrada from limestone is the more dense and powerful wine, while Estrecho, from a higher elevation site with nearly 100 year-old vines on pure sand, is the lighter, floral, and fragrant version. Both are revelations in the genre. Bobal, from neighboring Valencia, is another black-skinned variety that has been associated mostly with low-quality, inexpensive cooperative wines. But it is not the fault of the grape. “It’s a noble variety…but it’s not an easy variety,” insists Tony Argiles, winemaker at Bodegas Mustiguillo – Finca El Terrerazo in the Utiel-Requena appellation, an hour west from Valencia. Mustiguillo’s secret has been a slow and painstaking selection and propagation of the best old vines on the property to mitigate Bobal’s inherent genetic variability, as well as, cultivating very old vines themselves. The Finca Terrerazo Bobal contravenes the logic of this hot, Mediterranean region, drawing from a plot planted in the early 1940’s to produce a wine redolent of savory herbs and fresh black fruit. Mustiguillo is also a champion of the local white



variety, Merseguera, which had nearly vanished from existence thanks to its unpredictable yields. The Finca Calvestra Merseguera is a marvel of complexity and delicacy, gently wood aged, and truly one of southern Spain’s most impressive whites. With more common varieties, but from an unknown region, Pago Calzadilla has single-handedly put the town of Huete, near Cuenca in Castilla-La Mancha, on Spain’s fine wine map. What began as a hobby project of Francisco Madero and his wife Celia Uribes in 1992, has evolved into a bona fide business. However, the project was not haphazard. A four-year soil study was conducted before Madero selected a steep virgin hillside to plant with tempranillo, Garnacha, Cabernet sauvignon, and syrah, among others. The key aspects were elevation, up to 1000 meters above sea level, and deep, limestone soils peppered with a rare reflective mineral crystal called Lapis Specularis, mined by the Romans to make mirrors two thousand years ago. Calzadilla vineyards have been organic from the start, and now his daughter Paula fashions an impressive range with a gentle hand, including the green applecitrus and sweet-herb-scented Matelot from white garnacha, as well as one of Spain’s best Cabernet Sauvignon-Tempranillo blends, the sturdy, structured and highly age-worthy Gran Calzadilla. Other excellent cabernet blends are made by GPE founding member Pago Vallegarcia, as well as neighboring Dehesa del Carrizal, both established as hunting estates near the mountains of Toledo in Castilla before the potential for fine wine was recognized.


But the GPE group members cover much more stylistic ground. Gramona makes some of Spain’s best traditionalmethod sparkling wine, while fans of aromatic whites should seek the superb Albariños of Fillaboa in Rias Baixas. Bodegas Valdespino flies the flag for the great fortified wines of Sherry in all of their glorious complexity (not your Aunt’s sweet cream sherry), as does Bodegas Alvear for the great Pedro Ximenezbased wines of similar stature from the Montilla-Moriles region near Córdoba. Legendary Abadía Retuerta and newer stars, Aalto and Alonso del Yerro, represent the great wines of the Duero Valley, and the recently “rediscovered” treasure of Priorat, inland from Barcelona, finds its GPE representative in Mas Doix. These are simplyt a few of the Great Vineyards of Spain, representing 19 different appellations. For a full list visit, grandespagos.com. Or better yet, plan a trip to Spain to visit some of these splendid properties, and experience first-hand the new Golden Era of Spanish wine.


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WIN T E R - 2 0 1 9

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Enriched Thinking® for your family, business and future Scotia Wealth Management® is an innovative team-based approach to wealth management that addresses the entirety of your life–your family, your business, your future–one facet at a time. At the Burlington office, the Oakvest Group and the Rod White Financial Group work with you and a team of specialists across private banking and estate and trust services to bring their skills and expertise to the consideration of what you’ve accumulated. From financial counsel on managing your wealth to careful contemplation of how to transfer it to future generations, it’s your thinking, combined with our thinking, to create Enriched Thinking. Contact the Burlington office to learn more.


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Fairmont Royal York Celebrating 90 years of luxury By: Krista DeVries


hat does celebrating 90 years of excellence in hospitality look like? For the Fairmont Royal York, one of Canada's most revered and cherished hotels, it's the unveiling of a complete transformation of the iconic space. The historic hotel sits proudly on Front Street, prime real estate in what is now considered "Old Toronto." When the hotel first opened in 1929, it was the tallest building in the British Commonwealth, soaring nearly 400 feet high and 28 stories above street level. Known then as simply the Royal York, the building was a prominent feature of the city's skyline. With a total of 1,048 rooms, a concert hall, library, extensive bakery, radio station, ballrooms, restaurants, and even a hospital, the hotel was affectionately referred to as a city within a city – and that's still the perspective today. If you've visited the Fairmont Royal York over the years, you're familiar with its sophisticated yet welcoming grandeur. Last year, the hotel celebrated its 90th anniversary by completing a multimillion dollar transformation, taking their hospitality experience to a new level. "Fairmont Royal York has always been a defining feature of the Toronto skyline," says Edwin Frizzell, Regional Vice


President and General Manager of Fairmont Royal York. "We are excited about this next stage in its time-honored history." A reimagined lobby, rooms, dining venues, event spaces, and Fairmont Gold – the property's exclusive boutique luxury experience, offers guests a familiar yet elevated stay that's sure to leave a lasting impression. The new lobby design embraces and preserves the building's grand character and heritage while creating a contemporary, modern escape that embodies a kind of timelessness. Guests are greeted by the two-sided "90th Anniversary Clock," representing those who have worked vigorously in the past to welcome visitors to the celebrated hotel. One side showcases a stunning constellation clock symbolic of the hotel's history, while the other is a classic motif that serves as an invitation for guests to continue the legacy of "meet me at the clock"- a phrase that's synonymous with the property. Clockwork Champagne & Cocktails is another distinguishing feature of the re-designed lobby. Described as the city's next classic lounge, the meeting spot offers guests an elegant

- 35 -

WIN T E R - 2 0 1 9


champagne and cocktail experience, serving everything from bubbles and a wide array of international wines, to specially crafted cocktails and decadent culinary delights. At the helm is esteemed mixologist Rus Yessenov. Tasked with creating a spirits and cocktail menu to reflect the character of the venue, Yessenov takes classic cocktail recipes and infuses them with modern flavors. "Meet me at the Clock" is one signature cocktail on the menu, a delicious mix of Hendrick's Gin, Moët & Chandon Champagne, Lemon, Absinthe, Bitters, and Frosé Ice. Just steps away from the lobby is REIGN, the hotel's new signature dining venue. Home to a restaurant, bar, and bakery, REIGN delivers three unique culinary experiences, blending together daily must-haves and classic culinary techniques with modern food and beverage trends. Inspired by an overarching residentialstyle concept, standout design elements include a custom mural depicting traditional English garden scenery with a twist on classical painting styles, a cozy fireplace, an intimate bar with a grand piano, and rich Canadian Walnut incorporated throughout the space. When it comes to accommodations, if you're looking for an unmatched luxury experience, look no further than the new Fairmont Gold offering. Described as a "hotel within a hotel,”


Fairmont Gold is perched high above the city on the 12th through 18th floors of the hotel. Private express elevators open up to the 18th floor Fairmont Gold Lounge where a stunning cityscape mural and bespoke hand-laid mosaic stone foyer welcomes guests. The expansive lobby is complete with a private arrival experience and reveals panoramic views high above the city, providing guests with a sense of privacy and relaxation in their own exclusive enclave. Illuminating and reflective suspended fireplaces and an open work area with a library and curated book collection complete the design, creating a warm atmosphere that evokes the feeling and comfort of home. Along with an intimate private lounge, guests can choose to stay in one of Fairmont Gold's 106 elegantly appointed guestrooms, studio suites, and one-bedroom suites. All guestrooms and suites feature expanded spaces, with both classic and modern details creating bold, visual statements inspired by the hotel's original 1920's Art Deco geometrics. Whether it's securing reservations at the city's hottest dining and entertainment venues, or administrative services and itinerary development, the Fairmont Gold Concierge delivers an indelible VIP experience of the dynamic city of Toronto.

- 36 -

WIN T E R - 2 0 1 9

To pair the penthouse-style lobby lounge with fine culinary offerings, Executive Chef JW Foster was inspired by the history of Toronto's most authentic neighborhoods. With dishes representing the fabric of Toronto – its communities – the Fairmont Gold experience is highlighted through a selection of culinary assortments with various flavor profiles reflecting each communal identity. The all-day food and beverage experience in the lounge is complimentary and includes evening hor's d 'oeuvres, a premier honor bar with signature cocktails, spreads including the hotel's award-winning rooftop honey, and organic cold-pressed juice blends. The pinnacle of the Fairmont Gold experience is the newly revealed Legacy Suites. Unlike anything offered before, the suites are designed to cater to the next generation of elite travelers. Each with their own distinct character from design to style and furniture, the one-of-a-kind accommodations aim to


- 37 -

WIN T E R - 2 0 1 9


channel a high-end, residential atmosphere and reflect Toronto’s city-living in luxurious estate-style homes. The spaces were created by New York design firm, Champalimaud, taking inspiration from the hotel's history, infused with a splash of 1920's art-deco. Guests can choose to stay in the one-bedroom Crown Suite or the two-bedroom Royal York Suite, which is the largest space the hotel offers. Maintaining the highest caliber offerings at the hotel, the Legacy Suites provide an exceptional level of personalized, butler-inspired


services directed by internationally recognized and highly trained concierge experts. Along with complete Fairmont Gold services, guests of the Legacy Suites have a dedicated 24-hour concierge, airport pickup/drop off, VIP welcome, and other perks, such as in-suite personal chef dining experiences. Whether you're "meeting at the clock" for cocktails with friends, in the city for a special occasion, or visiting on business, one thing is for certain: The re-envisioned spaces signal an exciting new chapter in the Fairmont Royal York's story, demonstrating that this timeless landmark is here to stay.

- 38 -

WIN T E R - 2 0 1 9


ACROSS THE OCEAN ON A MAGIC CARPET Who says magic carpets aren’t real? Certainly not our visionary architects. Dine, drink, and soar above the sea on our one-of-a-kind onboard destination that brings you as close to the ocean as you can be—without getting your feet wet.

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On Equality & Living Life To The Fullest By: Jessica Rose



s a gay couple with prominent visibility in the media, interior design duo Colin and Justin believe they have a duty to speak up for those who are unable to speak for themselves. From philanthropic partnerships to a focus on elevating the voices of others, it's a commitment that is evident in all their endeavors. Ask Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan what's missing from many homes, and they'll tell you it's the 'fun factor.' If you're familiar with the celebrity interior design duo, known collectively as Colin & Justin, this shouldn't come as a surprise. As style commentators, television hosts, and bestselling authors, it's part of their job to travel the world, meet new people, and, most importantly, spread positivity. "We try to be our best selves and let other people benefit from being around our positivity and support," says McAllister. This cheery outlook is central to all that Colin & Justin do. "It's important to give back, especially if life has given so much," he adds. Born in Scotland and dividing their time between the UK and Canada, you'll likely recognize Colin & Justin from many television shows that shown around the world. From Colin and Justin's Cabin Pressure, Game of Homes, Colin and Justin's Home Heist, and BBC's The Million Pound Property Experiment, this dynamic duo shows no signs of stopping. They are also regular guests on Canada's popular lifestyle show, CityLine. As though this doesn't keep them busy enough, you'll find the all-round style gurus interviewing A-List celebrities on Hollywood red carpets for Citytv and writing columns for The Toronto Sun and The Huffington Post, among others. They've published three bestselling books with another one releasing in 2020. Despite their hectic work schedules, Colin & Justin are committed to giving back to various communities through philanthropic activities and initiatives. They also recognize the importance of being a gay couple with prominent visibility in the media.


- 42 -

WIN T E R - 2 0 1 9


"Equality is a small word for a huge issue," explains McAllister. "In an ideal world, we'd all have equal rights, an equal voice, and equal opportunities for betterment." Until that day, the duo is committed to elevating the voices of others, including those in the LGBTQ+ community. "We think that everyone who has a voice has to speak up for those who can't," says Ryan. "We try to help various charities, we provide a platform to share information on behalf of others, and we try and help amplify other peoples' messages. The more voices you have, the louder the choir!" One organization they work with is Eva's Initiatives, a Toronto-based charity that supports homeless and at-risk youth through life skills and harm reduction programs.

Colin & Justin genuinely hope that people will hold their individuality close and build a strong sense of self-pride. Although the world isn't there yet, they see improvements every day. "People often ask us when we came out, but to be honest, we were never really in the closet. We're fortunate to find ourselves surrounded by supportive family and friends who've never made a big deal out of our sexuality," says Ryan. Neither McAllister nor Ryan have felt like they had to ask permission to be who they were born to be.

"We try to be our best selves and let other people benefit from being around our positivity and support" - Colin McAllister

"We think that everyone who has a voice has to speak up for those who can't," - Justin Ryan



"Sure, we live as a visible gay couple, but we just get on with our daily lives, and that, for us certainly, is what equality is all about," says McAllister. "We recognize, of course, that for some people, it's not that easy. We hope our publicly visible existence helps and encourages others towards their best selves. We want everyone to enjoy equal rights — in pay, work, and attitudes." Colin & Justin know they're positively impacting the world by merely being themselves. Growing up in Glasgow, McAllister was bullied and singled out for being different. "It hurt at the time, but I came to realize that I really must have stood out to have attracted much attention. Who wants to be anonymous?" he says with pride. "I've always put my energies into people who promote me, who celebrate me, and, well, people I want to be with." He adds that as a couple, they've always been themselves: "A gay Scottish couple who love each other, our kitties Beamer and Brutus Small, and our family and friends. We both realized, a long time ago, that there's little point trying to be someone else, so just be you!" As a busy couple who have been together for more than 30 years, Colin & Justin know the importance of prioritizing downtime together. "We need to recognize when to put the business side of our existence to bed, so we can properly enjoy the couple side of our relationship. We like eating out and going to the cinema, and we adore every opportunity we get to hang at our cottage to decompress. Seriously: swapping suits for sweats is like taking off our design superhero outfits, right?" jokes Ryan. To Colin & Justin, interior design is about creating a place that is personal, practical, and beautiful so that the occupants can be their best, their most authentic, and their happiest selves. "Our role is

to elevate the home — to personalize it, and put the 'pleasure factor' back," says Ryan. From bit parts in movies, modeling in fashion shows, and gracing the covers of Harlequin romance novels, they have indeed had a varied career. "Blimey, we've surprised ourselves along the way!" says Ryan. McAllister says fans would be surprised that he's a 1970's disco music aficionado and major sci-fi nerd while Ryan speaks fluent French. So what's next for Colin & Justin? In short, a lot! Their fourth book, to be released in Fall 2020, is all about escape. "It'll be crammed full of homes whose occupants have left the city behind, and people who connect with nature, if only on weekends," says Ryan. "The emphasis will be on achieving that kind of atmosphere wherever you live. So even if you don't plan on leaving the city (or for that matter the suburbs), our book will help you achieve that elusive atmosphere." "We love the 'city meets the country' trend," adds McAllister. "You know, the way that timber and natural elements are merged frequently in metropolitan homes and how concrete, glass, and steel are now finding their way into rural retreats." The pair are currently developing new TV shows, one for Canada and one for Britain, and building their product collection further with a dedicated outdoor-inspired home collection. Expect an abundance of plaids, tartans, timber, and stone, all wrapped up in a collection that's all about new luxury — a luxury that's rewarding, friendly, and cohesive with the elements of nature. Part of Colin & Justin's approach is carefully curating affordable everyday luxuries, allowing welldesigned, beautiful items made available to all budgets. This is | WARDROBE: BOSS | COLIN'S SHOES: BOSS CHELSEA | JUSTIN'S SHOES: HENDERSON SNEAKERS

the backbone of the "Colin+Justin Home Collection," which is available in Canada in stores such as Homesense, Winners, and Marshalls, in Australia and Britain in TK Maxx, and in America in outlets such as Homegoods. "Forget T-shirts and postcards: vacations, often, provide the best inspiration — colors, artwork and mood all serving as great 'take home'," says Ryan, explaining where one can draw design inspiration. "As we see it, holidays should be better than real life

and should expose us all to new things. If you can capture some of that exotic, pleasurable spirit and install it into your home — then all the better!" For Colin & Justin, interior design is something everyone can bring into their lives in simple and meaningful ways. One piece of advice — incorporate all your positive life experiences into your home. Your home is an integral part of your life, so make it your own, and don't forget to have fun!

COLOUR YOUR WORLD with exquisite rubies, emeralds and sapphires.





George Pimentel

Behind the Lens M ARQ U E E M A G A Z IN E

- 49 -

WIN T E R - 2 0 1 9


Forging His Own Path While Honoring a Familial Legacy By: Meaghan Munholland


or famed photographer, George Pimentel, taking pictures, is in his blood. His grandfather was the photographer of his small village in the Azores, a group of islands off the coast of Portugal. Pimentel's father and uncles took up the mantle, immigrated to Canada, and became the first Portuguese photographers in their Toronto community. They quickly opened their studio in the heart of Toronto's famed Kensington market. In 1975, they moved their studio to Dundas Street West, which is the building that Pimentel works out of to this day. Pimentel's family were no strangers in Toronto's Portuguese community. While his uncles did most of the photography, his father ran the business side of things. Though his uncles were classic portrait photographers, they made their living by shooting weddings, Portuguese festivals, and communions – this is what the community wanted. They knew how to please their audience. His siblings were involved in the family business as well. But as the youngest in the family, Pimentel was the last to pick up the camera. Citing his brother, Frank, as his teacher, his older sibling would take Pimentel along to weddings to act as an assistant. "I was a kid and didn't really know what I wanted to get into. I just wanted to play with my friends," explains Pimentel. It wasn't until he realized how close the Portuguese community was, and how valuable photographs of cherished memories were to its members, that he truly understood the importance of his family's work. When Pimentel was 18 years old, he decided to attend Ryerson University, which at the time was a vocational college. Pimentel admits that he was by no means a scholar, but explains that "when I put my mind to something, I do it." Although he was not admitted to Ryerson the first time he applied, nor the second, his tenacity paid off. By his third attempt, he was admitted to his desired choice of higher education institutions. During his time at Ryerson, Pimentel also apprenticed as a fashion photographer, as well as worked with Hudson Taylor, a well-known and exclusive wedding photographer. Between school, apprenticing, and helping with his father's business, Pimentel worked seven days a week, barely making time for anything that wasn't photography related. Pimentel cites this time in his life as one of the most significant as he learned selfexpression, stylistic development, and personal self-discovery.


- 50 -

WIN T E R - 2 0 1 9



Though he went through personal and stylistic phases, he finally found his unique approach to the art medium and was able to "speak through" his photos. After graduating, Pimentel became a bit lost, "I had this vision, but what was I going to do with it?" he recalls. He started taking on personal projects, documenting his neighborhood, people on the street, etc., yet these projects, though enjoyable, could not pay the bills. However, Pimentel was about to get his big break. In 1993, Robert De Niro was in Toronto promoting A Bronx Tale at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF). A huge fan of the actor, Pimentel went down to the theater in hopes of



catching a glimpse, and shot, of one of the most famed actors in the world. In 1993, TIFF was not the sensation it is today, it was still in its Naissance, there was no red carpet posing, so getting a photographer was much more difficult as celebrities walked into the theater. "So as De Niro walked in, he signed an autograph, and I yelled, 'Bobby!' He looked up, and I snapped a frame," explains Pimentel of the brief, yet incredibly significant encounter. Pimentel continued to follow celebrities to events, asking to shoot a quick frame. It took him seven years of pounding the pavement and photographing celebrities for his first photo to be published. Now, movie stars ask for him by name and his photos are often reposted by the A-list celebrities on their social media.

- 51 -

WIN T E R - 2 0 1 9


Though he has photographed celebrities at all major festivals and events, TIFF, Sundance, Cannes, the Oscars, the Emmys, etc., Pimentel cites New York's MET Gala as his favorite red carpet to shoot. "I'm privileged that I get invited back every year," he says humbly, "but it's probably the most grueling red carpet you can be at. You are screaming at the top of your lungs; everybody is in the way, security makes it hard to get [celebrities] to pose and look at you. It's a huge task, but you make it work." Although the MET Gala is his favorite event, his most memorable red carpet moment was shooting Lady Gaga at TIFF when she was promoting A Star is Born. "She took the direction," he explains, "There was no publicist in the way. Her people told security to stay out of her way and let her do her thing with the photographer. This was a dream." Another reason celebrities are so drawn to Pimentel and his work is due to professionalism and respect for their boundaries. Unlike paparazzi that chase them down, drowning them in light flashes and inane questions while they leave Starbucks, Pimentel asks permission to take a photograph and is cognizant of their time and personal space. "I was never into making money off of them. I never wanted them to look bad. I was a fan. I worshipped them on the screen, and I wanted them to be glamorous," he explains. With the influx of camera phones and social media, the need for paparazzi is dwindling, and Pimentel, for one, could not be happier. "[Paparazzi's] background is money and sensationalism. That's their motivation. I cannot relate to it. It's greed. If there's money to be made, there is always somebody there to do it." Now celebrities are taking ownership of their media presence




- 53 -

WIN T E R - 2 0 1 9


through Instagram and Twitter. They reach their fans directly through social media, and sell their photos directly to magazines, cutting out the paparazzo middle man. Pimentel and his team take on over 500 events a year, and there are no signs of them slowing down anytime soon. The renowned photographer lists his family as a huge influence, not only for their keen artistic eyes but for the work ethic they instilled in him from a young age. His two heroes are his grandfather, the pioneer, and his father, the man who gave him the freedom to pursue any passion he so chose – that love just so happened to be the family business. Pimentel is very proud of his heritage and looks back at obstacles he has had to overcome as a badge of honor. He has worked incredibly hard to get to where he is now, and he is truly appreciative of the journey that got him here.



- 54 -

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For the love of cooking An explosion of bright colours that’s full of narrative emphasis.

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The decoration of this kitchen draws inspiration from the traditional Italian carrettelle which is found in the most picturesque corners collaboration with Dolce&Gabbana’s signature decorative style.

871 Cranberry Court, Oakville, ON L6L 6J7 | 905.829.3980 101-1014 Homer Street, Vancouver, BC V6B 2W9 | 1.855.352.9378

Know-how, creativity and style—for the cooking enthusiast!


of Sicily. This colourful appliance collection is a one of a kind


On the Run

Fitness Tips For A Busy Lifestyle By: Brent Bishop



t may be a struggle to balance a workout routine when you have a lot on the go, many responsibilities to fulfill; but the truth is, making time for your fitness will have a positive impact on other areas of your life. One of Canada’s most engaging media personalities, Sangita Patel is no stranger to what hectic living is all about. As a mother with a busy work and family life, as well as time-demanding career aspirations, she juggles it all but admits that it’s not always easy to take care of herself at the same time. One of the most essential solutions to sticking with a fitness routine that will produce results is to change the stimulus by varying your routine regularly and ensure that your fitness approach is interest-driven. If your workouts become repetitive, monotonous, and predictable, they will become unsustainable and you will allow other tasks to supersede your personal health and fitness.


- 57 -

WIN T E R - 2 0 1 9


Fitness has become such an integral aspect to Patel’s daily routine that it is truly part of her overall formula to enhance her entire life. She lives her life with passion whether it’s in the media, with her family, or inspiring her followers with her love of healthy living. “Fitness came to me at a time in my life where I was losing it, I was emotionally not ok and I said to myself that I wasn’t going through this again. That one hour that I would take to myself became so much for me. I also now exercise so I can eat cake!,” she jokes. Scheduling is critical to maintaining a strong routine, it is important to treat your workouts as appointments in your week, just as you would business meetings and other important appointments. Your fitness and health should be one of the most important aspects of your weekly schedule, as it will pay dividends in your work life, family life and social life. When time is tight for Patel this doesn’t mean her workout is overlooked, in fact it’s the opposite. “Now, I don’t even call fitness a priority it’s just part of my schedule, something I do, like brushing my teeth in the morning. I don’t even have to think about it. If I miss a workout, I feel like something is off. Exercise has such a positive impact on my career and family life,” she explains.

1. Pike Hold and Plate Plank In these isometric core exercises there is a large demand for all of your joint stabilizers and intrinsic core muscles to contract and stabilize your spine and joints. These are definitely considered more advanced versions of the abdominal plank.

"Fitness came to me at a time in my life where I was losing it, I was emotionally not ok and I said to myself that I wasn’t going through this again. " - Sangita Patel

Another key factor to a successful workout routine is focus. Remember that the time you schedule for exercise should be of high importance and treated as time for working on yourself. Leave social media, phone calls, and distractions of out of the equation. Allow yourself the time you deserve to focus on your health, whether that’s 30 minutes or 60 minutes, this is your time. Having worked with Patel as her fitness coach, I have seen first hand how she not only ensures exercise is infused into her hectic schedule, but also the complete focus and effort she gives during her workout sessions. A true inspiration for many women, Patel is definitely not the type to back down from a difficult exercise or fitness challenge because she is a strong and focussed woman, she attests her well-rounded fitness to “always changing the stimulus” within her routine by incorporating new and difficult exercises. Weight training with compound movements, Olympic lifts, challenging core exercises and boxing all fall into her wheelhouse of activities.

One of my go-to protocols is to ensure my clients are implementing a functional strength and conditioning approach that incorporates compound full body movements with minimal rest between exercises. This is an effective way to challenge your whole body to improve overall performance. In addition, the aerobic and anaerobic requirements help improve


cardiovascular endurance, stamina, and positively impact metabolism. Although there are also well-needed, lowerintensity days where focus is more on bodyweight training and mobility, this winning formula has been an integral component of Patel’s training regimen for years. Typically, after movement prep and mobility work for the warm up, we move into a series of exercises that progress both in complexity and intensity, with the direction from mobility and strength to speed and power. Patel enjoys a challenge so it’s always fun to add a new exercise into the routine to challenge her both mentally and physically, and provide a new benchmark from which to progress. The following exercises are some of the moves that I have formulated to suit Patel’s interests and to challenge her abilities. These exercises can be easily integrated into a busy lifestyle and modified according to fitness and skill level.

- 58 -

WIN T E R - 2 0 1 9



2. Boxing Boxing can be one of the most effective conditioning exercises requiring both mental and physical focus. Aside from improvements in overall stamina and cardiovascular health, boxing can help improve muscular endurance, coordination, speed and power. Not to mention, it can be a great stress release. There’s nothing quite like boxing to make you feel strong and powerful.

3. Depth Sumo Squat


Strength training through full range of motion is a great way to increase muscular strength and balance, improve joint strength, reduce injury risk, and improve overall performance.

4. Pike Jump


An advanced version of the tuck jump, the pike jump adds a greater requirement for power, timing, and dynamic flexibility, while placing an increased demand on the core and hip flexors.

5. Tire Flip With the foundation of proper form, adding a new stimulus like the tire flip to your routine can provide a unique way to work on full body functional strength and power. With this exercise you are working your entire lower body, upper body, and core in each rep.



6. Sledge Hammer Chop

"Another key factor to a successful workout routine is focus." - Brent Bishop M ARQ U E E M A G A Z IN E

- 59 -

Strength training doesn’t have to involve traditional weights. Pick up a 15lbs sledgehammer, swing it repeatedly and you definitely feel how demanding this exercise can be. This exercise takes elements of strength, endurance, and coordination, while working the entire body as a functional unit. When you focus on your physical health purposefully and consistently, there’s a natural crossover effect to eating healthier, improved mental focus, emotional stability, stronger relationships, and overall productivity. Whether it’s 20 minutes or 60 minutes, there’s always ways to find time to focus on your health and fitness within a busy lifestyle. Dedicating this time to yourself is essential to living the best life you possibly can.

WIN T E R - 2 0 1 9

Hotel Quintessence... Where the mountain meets the lake 30 luxury suites designed to ensure a superb view of magnificent Lake Tremblant

3004, chemin de la Chapelle | Mont-Tremblant | 819.425.3400 | hotelQuintessence.com


HEALTHY EATING ON THE GO By: Miranda Malisani In the daily effort to find a work-life balance, decisions that are health conscious can often take a back seat. Work commitments and family obligations often fill up the entire day, leaving little room for directing energy back into the body to maintain vitality and overall wellness, and it is not uncommon for a self-motivated individual to forget to eat during an intensely busy day. Busy days are standard for Sangita Patel, in her roles as TV Host, Spokesperson, and mom of two. Although she is always on the go, this hasn't stopped her from making her diet an essential part of each day. Throughout her full day, she intentionally makes choices that are health optimizing. Keeping her schedule and healthy daily checklist on track, Patel has a running start in keeping her body on track as well.


- 62 -

WIN T E R - 2 0 1 9



Patel starts her day with a warm mug of water with fresh ginger and lemon to help naturally boost her energy. Ginger is a powerful anti-inflammatory that provides improved digestion, circulation, and supports a high-stress lifestyle. Lemon aids the body in daily detoxification and enhances the immune system. Drinking this elixir begins her daily intention to hydrate properly, "I started drinking more water about three years ago, two liters each day, and it changed my life," explains Patel. She fills up a two-liter bottle of water and finishes it by the end of the day. After a short time of drinking this amount of water, she noticed changes in the moisture of her skin, as well as helping to clear blemishes and other imperfections. It also gave her a boost of energy. Studies show that dehydration can have a noticeable effect if you lose even as little as 2% of your body's water content. Maintaining proper hydration helps to maximize focus, memory, and a positive mood.


In 2016 after a trip to Africa, Patel learned that she had contracted a bacteria that triggered Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). "I came back, and my stomach couldn't handle any foods," describes Patel. Since then, she has been on a journey to eliminate foods that trigger this digestive inflammation, and increase healing ingredients to help reduce pain and discomfort. She takes a probiotic daily to increase healthy bacteria along with L-glutamine to repair the gut lining. I suggested that Patel remove cow's dairy, wheat, and any artificial sweeteners as these are hard to digest ingredients that can often be inflammatory culprits for those with IBS. I also suggested meditation as another primary gut-health focus, as managing stress is an incredibly important issue when maintaining a healthy body and mind. Our brain and gut are in constant communication back and forth, like an information superhighway. When stress levels are high, the gut receives messages of stress as well. An inflamed gut can increase anxiety and mood changes. The challenging part is that IBS can cause additional stress due to the discomfort of eating certain foods. By managing stress levels with daily meditation and mindfulness, this can positively impact the gut. Research conducted by the American College of Gastroenterology on the impact of meditation on Irritable Bowel Syndrome showed that when women with severe IBS symptoms practiced mindful meditation regularly for two months, their digestive symptoms significantly subsided.




Patel tracks the amount of protein, carbs, and fats that work for her energy output. "Macros is a way of life rather than a diet. You have a knowledge of food, an awareness of it. I think counting macros is a great way to enjoy life, enjoying food, and understanding food," say Patel. She starts the day with bone broth after her morning workout, which provides her with 19 grams of protein. Research illustrates that beginning the day with high protein foods helps decrease activity in the reward centers of the brain, which means fewer cravings for pizza, cookies, and cake. However, that's not to say she doesn't indulge. Patel follows the 80/20 rule, where she reaches for quality proteins, fiber-rich carbohydrates, and some healthy fats 80 percent of the time to keep her energized and feeling good. As a self-proclaimed foodie, she won't pass up a piece of chocolate cake when the temptation arises the remaining 20 percent of the time, as that enjoyment contributes to her feelings of wellbeing. Patel does a lot of traveling with work and attends many functions where she isn't sure what she'll eat, but having a knowledge of what works for her body allows her to stay in control of her own health. On days where she has an event, I suggested that she consume a smoothie before the event so that she's half full. Drinking this allows for some food enjoyment while keeping on track with options that are best suited for her body. The smoothie contains plant-based, easy to digest fermented protein, a large handful of organic baby spinach to provide fiber and antioxidants, cashews for some healthy fat, and golden berries for their B complex vitamins to maximize the body's fatburning abilities.

NOURISHING CONNECTIONS Although Patel has a demanding schedule, she makes it a priority to maintain a connection with those who are important to her. She sees celebrating life and accomplishments with family, friends, and colleagues as deeply nourishing and vital to her overall health. "I am genuinely excited when I get to support the people around me. My mom used to say if you make someone else happy, you'll be happy," she reminisces. Research has shown that enriched social connections not only contribute to better mental health but physical health as well. Individuals with stronger social relationships have a 50% increased likelihood of living longer. Living a life of intentional wellness requires one to create healthy habits that are realistic and sustainable. When you fill-up your body with the right ingredients, a full work and personal schedule are much easier to manage. With the proper fuel, mindful moments, and caring connections each day leads to more joy and fulfillment.


A Monumental Advance in Cooling Technology and Food Preservation by Liebherr.

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871 Cranberry Court, Oakville, ON L6L 6J7 | 905.829.3980 101-104, Vancouver, BC V6B 2W9 | 1.855.352.9378

Explore the Unexpected Travel Guide: Napa Valley By: Jessica Rose



nown for its charming small towns, extraordinary farm-to-table cuisine, and, of course, its worldclass wines, Napa Valley is an ideal escape for anyone seeking picturesque countryside and stunning year-round blue skies. At only 35 miles in length, it’s one of the smallest, yet most diverse, wine growing regions in the world. Located two hours northeast of San Francisco, Napa Valley is a scenic stretch of rolling hills and grapevines that is home to more than 400 wineries and 150 restaurants that boast more Michelin stars per capita than any other wine region in the world. Whether you choose to stay in a historic country inn or a sophisticated modern resort, Napa’s warm hospitality is ever present.


In 1981, Napa Valley was designated an American Viticultural Area (AVA), the first in California, for its distinctive grapegrowing conditions and myriad styles of wine. However, don’t let Napa Valley’s historical classicism fool you. From contemporary restaurants and spas to a burgeoning brewing scene, there are many contemporary and exciting reasons to visit the region.


- 66 -

WIN T E R - 2 0 1 9


Hop from Town to Town Napa Valley is home to five towns, each distinctive for its own personality and merits – Calistoga, St. Helena, Yountville, the city of Napa, and American Canyon. Take, for example, Yountville, and its friendly, small-town atmosphere. Book a historic walking tour of downtown Yountville’s boutiques and galleries or visit Yountville’s Art Walk, which includes 29 unique sculptures, many available for purchase. In Calistoga, known for its hot springs, visit Calistoga Ranch, a resort with 50 freestanding guest lodges, ranging from 600 to 2,400 square feet. Among the many experiences you can enjoy, Calistoga Ranch offers a new sensory “Cheers & Namaste” experience led by yoga, wine, and wellness experts Ulrika Engman and Deanna Heon. Unwind while instructors lead you through yoga poses while you sip local wine. Cheers! | FARMERS MARKET





Drink Napa Valley Wine, Obviously! Napa Valley has 16 distinct grape growing regions, called appellations, each with its own unique characteristics of grapegrowing conditions, including their own microclimate and soil. Of Napa Valley’s more than 400 wineries, 95 per cent are family owned. Hess Family Wine Estates, one of the world’s premier family-owned and family-led wine companies, dates back to the 1970’s when Donald Hess became fascinated with the volcanic slopes and ideal climate of Mount Veeder, itself an American Viticultural Area. Today, Hess Family Wine Estates produces some of the region’s most acclaimed wines.


Take your Napa Valley wine experience beyond the classic tasting rooms and try something truly unique. For example, enjoy a hands-on wine experience by taking a barrel blending class, or stomp grapes during harvest season. If you’re even more adventurous, take your wine tasting underground in one of the region’s wine caves, which are traditionally used for barrel storage, but now offer some of the most contemporary food and drink experiences in the region. You can also explore Napa Valley by train aboard the Napa Valley Wine Train. Part museum, part fine dining, the Napa Valley Wine Train’s mahogany paneling and etched glass partitions offer a luxurious way to travel from winery to winery while taking in the unforgettable view.



Visit During Cabernet Season If you’re a fan of the bold taste of Cabernet Sauvignon, visit Napa Valley between November and April when the temperature dips slightly and wine lovers flock to the region for Cabernet season. It’s the perfect time for a cozy getaway and robust food pairings: A glass of Cab Sauv is perfectly paired with red meat or aged cheeses. Regional events during Cabernet season include the Napa Valley Film Festival (November) and the Napa Truffle Festival (January).



Eat Unparalleled Cuisine Michelin-Star restaurants, world-famous chefs, and unparalleled cuisine are just a few reasons to visit Napa Valley. Most recently, renowned Barbeque Chef and Pit Master, Adam Perry Lang, opened Perry Lang’s in the historic Groezinger Estate House at The Estate Yountville. If barbeque isn’t your style, Hal Yamashita Napa, a new Japanese restaurant, opened on Main Street in downtown Napa in November. The dynamic new restaurant features the culinary creations of Master Chef Hal, a member of Iron Chef All Stars in Japan. Go back in time and explore Napa’s rich agricultural history with an olive oil tasting. The region’s Mediterranean-like climate is perfect for olive oil producers. Just like wines, olive oils have a wide variety of tastes and aromas, from fruity and aromatic to buttery and peppery. A trip to Napa is never complete without a visit to the Oxbow Public Market — the community gathering place to enjoy local food and wine. Visit local merchants and artisanal cafés before grabbing a seat along the Napa River. Across the street from the market, you’ll find WALT Napa Oxbow, a new tasting room in the heart of Napa. Opened in June 2019, it offers its signature 1,000 Miles of Pinot event featuring a tasting of releases from vineyards along the coast.



Soak Up Napa Valley’s Natural Beauty If you’re craving a bird’s eye view of Napa Valley, you have a number of options. Soar above the region’s rolling hills in a hot air balloon, or take a glimpse of the countryside on a hike of Napa Valley’s rugged mountain ranges. If you prefer to stay closer to the ground, take a boat ride on Lake Berryessa, a 45-minute drive from Rutherford, or ride a horse in Coombsville, Napa Valley’s newest AVA. The Napa Valley Vine Trail will one day be a 47-mile walking and biking trail system connecting the entire Napa Valley region from Vallejo to Calistoga. Currently, you can enjoy the completed 12.5-mile trail from Kennedy Park to Yountville. You can also hit the links as you soak up the scenery at Napa Valley’s five public golf courses.


Enjoy Napa’s Burgeoning Brewing Culture With the number of craft and nano-breweries growing in the region, Napa Valley offers beer lovers a chance to appreciate a cold brew under the California sun. Downtown Napa is home to several breweries within a half-mile stretch, including Stone Brewing, one of the largest craft breweries in the United States. It recently opened in a 19th Century historic building with an onsite 10-barrel brewing system, and a stunning view of the Napa River. Another recent addition to Napa’s craft beer scene is La Cheve Bakery and Brews. Located in Napa’s oldest building, the Old Adobe, it serves local craft beer alongside Mexican-style breads, traditional pastries, and breakfast bites. Clearly Napa Valley has more to offer that scenic wine tours. It is home to innovative culinary experiences, craft breweries, a multitude of ways to tour the region, and exciting art displays and festivals. The region continues to grow into a vibrant, dynamic, and modern space, while maintaining its classic charm. And, there are no signs that Napa Valley, and its wine and beer producers, have any intent on slowing down.



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Contact our sales department with your charter flight request. Chartersales@privateair.ca | 1.877.778.8283 | privateair.ca


The Canadian Designers You Need to Know By: Cynthia Florek


wice a year, the fashion community, comprised of editors, journalists, bloggers, stylists, designers, and fashion lovers alike, gather at Toronto Fashion week to preview next season's designer collections. At the beginning of September, Spring/Summer 2020 runway shows took place in Toronto in Yorkville, as well as the Royal Ontario Museum. Toronto fashion week has been undergoing an evolution over the past few years as Canadian Fashion continues to gain international coverage and inviting the general public to partake by purchasing tickets or shopping Canadian brands in pop-up shops, which have proven to be successful in increasing brand awareness. If you want to be in the know, here is a sneak peek of some of Canada's top designer collections before they arrive in stores.


- 74 -

WIN T E R - 2 0 1 9

TRIGÈRE Trigère is a heritage brand, introduced in the 1940s by Pauline Trigère, a trailblazer of her time. Originally born and trained in Paris, she left her homeland before the Nazi invasion. Initially heading to reside in Buenos Aires, she stopped in New York and was impressed by all the city had to offer. She quickly planted her roots, developing quite a reputation, and was soon anointed by the press as "The Queen of Fashion" and "Americas Coco Chanel." She became a household name, dressing the Starlets of Hollywood, such as Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Jacqueline Kennedy, and many other glamorous women of her time. Today, the heritage label is considered revived thanks to creative visionary, Franklin Benjamin Elman. The Montreal native studied at the Rhode Island School of Design, during which time he had the opportunity to intern with Dior in Paris. Shortly after graduation, he returned to Europe, where he acquired a name for himself in Fashion and has worked as a designer and creative consultant for a series of design houses including Costume National, Jil Sander, and Rick Owens, leading him to Trigère. Deemed as one of the most anticipated shows of the season, Elham exceeded expectations during the presentation of his Spring/Summer 2020 Trigère show. The runway was the stage for the rebirth of the Trigère Woman.

Guests got reacquainted with fashion icon Pauline Trigère through a curated video paying tribute to the heritage brand. They introduced the Trigère Woman of today - a woman who is confident and embraces designs that will showcase her unique charisma and personality. The Spring/Summer 2020 silhouettes juxtapose the feminine with the masculine, classic feminine shapes interjected with stunning sculpted pieces, which kept everyone in the audience gasping and curious to see more. Colors range from black and white to blush, beige, violet with hints of electric blue and bright orange. The use of black and white florals, bold geometric prints, modern color blocking techniques, and sophisticated Chinoiserie patterns elevated wardrobe staples. Design details such as high-low, split, and asymmetrical hemlines on ruffled blouses, flirty dresses, and skirts added a playful drama to the collection. Structured blouses, dresses with knots and drapes, collided with gathered T-shirt blouses paired with boyfriend trousers for a modern and refined look. M ARQ U E E M A G A Z IN E

- 75 -

WIN T E R - 2 0 1 9

LESLEY HAMPTON With only three years under her belt as a designer and founder of her label, Lesley has made leaps and bounds not only for Canadian Fashion but as a change agent with a global message. Since her inaugural collection, she quickly became known for the diverse model casting in her shows and her deeprooted messages in each collection. It was no surprise that she caused waves in the industry and quickly gained traction in the media. Featured in multiple international fashion magazines such as Vogue UK, Glamour UK, Teen Vogue, and many more, there are no signs of stopping this dynamic designer. Since day one, she has championed the principles of inclusivity, identity, awareness, and heritage. The characteristics of Hampton's creations define the brand's inspiration developed from being a Third Culture Kid and critiques their application in contemporary Western culture. Diversity is at the core of every piece, which draws inspiration from notations that embody inclusivity,


- 76 -

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and broader perceptions of beauty that has brought about awareness regarding mental health and body-positive advocacy. She takes pride in empowering the community by donating a portion of her profits to assisting other positive spaces for growth, including indigenous communities and mental wellness platforms. Her Spring/Summer 2020 collection, entitled 'The Preface', is about inspired healing. Dedicated to the memory of all missing and murdered Métis, First Nations, Inuit women and girls, and people belonging to the LGTBQ+ community. The preface of the final report of the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women determined that Canada has experienced deliberate race, identity, and gender-based genocide. The collection paid tribute through the use of color and elemental therapy to instill self-happiness, self-confidence, and self-love to the wearer of the clothing. This is evident as she peppered in public figures amongst her non-conventional model selection. Showcasing her pieces on the runway were Indigenous activist and artist,

Sarain Fox, Indigenous model, actor, speaker, Michaella Shannon, So You Think You Can Dance judge and choreographer Mia Michaels, and public figure Jay Jay Kings. With an emphasis on unique occasion pieces, dresses and jumpsuits had midlength caplets, creating a look of a warrior like armor. Pleated details added dimension and movement when used on ombre colored fabrics, which ranged from peach to warm paprika hues. Cascading ruffles and flounces gave fluidity to jersey separates, while 3D floral embellished on sheer fabrics added a playful twist. The pièce de résistance was evident when all phones came out to snap the final piece. A low plunging V neckline dress made of copper leaves intricately hand embossed, and sewn on one by one to create a dress weighing 8lbs that took over a month to create.


- 77 -

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TOMÈ For over 30 years, The Tomè Label has been synonymous with elegance and timelessness and memorable. Toronto based designer Tomè Koichopolos has garnered a long-standing reputation with elite clientele and has successfully grown into a household name, specializing exclusively in designing bespoke couture garments. From traditional classic-wear to futuristic designs for bridal wear, each design is created to suit the specific requirements and individual needs of the client. His key to success has been his attention to design details, such as his impeccable fit, hand-beaded embellishments of crystals and pearls, ornate embroideries, and mixing contemporary fabrics, such as vinyl and laser print organza, with more traditionally expected evening fabrics. His Spring runway debut proved his undeniable ability to make statement looks that command attention as soon as the Tomè wearer enters a room. He found inspiration in the diversity of his hometown of Toronto and the sense of vibrancy and cohesion it brings to mind. M ARQ U E E M A G A Z IN E

- 78 -

WIN T E R - 2 0 1 9


The collection was nothing short of electrifying. Gorgeous silky blouses with billowy sleeves and long dramatic trains grazed the runway, while iridescent organza cocktail tops styled with slim trousers added a serious edge to the show. Chic blouse and pant separate in water-colored prints looked ethereal as asymmetrical pleated collars fluttered in the wind as the models walked down the runway. Contrasting the voluminous and graceful looks were the high glossed sculpted leathers in pants and off the shoulder tops, as well as structured gowns with sheer peekaboo effects. Sharp and sculpted shoulders emphasized the contrast between all the softer silhouettes to create a genuinely multi-dimensional collection. To complement the collection, the designer teamed up with renowned jewelry designer Rita Tesolin, who designed specific pieces of jewelry and footwear to complement each look.


- 79 -

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STEVEN LEJAMBE After years of working under some of Toronto's most celebrated bridal and evening wear designers, Lejambe started his label to create one of a kind garments made for women who want to feel feminine and sexy without sacrificing elegance and grace. For his debut Spring collection inspired by exotic Costa Rican wildflowers, Lajambe showcased punchy pinks, vibrant corals, with whispers of yellow and blue pastels. His fluttering multitiered mini dresses in tulle and organza echoed the intricate petal layering found in nature. Sophisticated classics like tulle and half-circle skirts were reminiscent of old Hollywood glamour. They are made youthful and current when styled with corset bustiers and lace crop tops. The collection also included satin dresses boasting voluminous hemlines and floor-sweeping lengths for show-stopping drama. The dramatic finale of a frothy tulle gown, nostalgic cotton candy, floated down the runway as though on-air and captivated the already enthralled audience.

SENTALER Born in Belgrade, Bojana Sentaler moved to Toronto at an early age. She decided to work towards a university degree in Marketing and Finance. After graduating from the prestigious Schulich School of Business, her fast-paced career led her to travel the globe, ultimately resulting in a memorable chance encounter with the late fashion icon, Karl Lagerfeld. Inspired by his wisdom and the diverse vibrancy and beauty of her journeys, Sentaler went back to exploring her true passion for fashion and design. While living in Peru, Bojana discovered the beautiful alpaca fiber and fell in love with its lightweight and warm features. In 2009 she launched the luxury outerwear brand, SENTALER. With a commitment to timeless design and superior quality, each coat is precisely crafted with hand finishes, paying attention to every detail and using only the world's finest fabrics. Showcasing modern silhouettes in an array of vibrant colors, SENTALER has become internationally recognized for its signature ribbed sleeve details and hooded wrap coats, often seen on the royals, and global fashion icons. SENTALER proudly continues to use ethically sourced, sustainable, and cruelty-free fabrics and furs in all their collections. The brand also is a strong proponent in giving back to the community. During Fashion Week, the brand held a charitable event marking the 4th year of the #SENTALER4SickKids partnership, where all proceeds from the sale of all Signature Ribbed Knit Accessories directly benefit Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto. Sentaler is passionate about this project and visits the hospital every holiday season, hand-delivering hats to patients. SENTALER products are cruelty-free and hypoallergenic, making them perfect for children with compromised immune systems.

dreams in our

become reality

winners circle

Experience the excitement of owning a Thoroughbred Racehorse today! Contact HBPA of Ontario Ownership Specialist, Stacie Roberts 416.230.5190 • ownathoroughbred@gmail.com www.ownathoroughbred.ca


The Thoroughbred Ownership


wning a Thoroughbred racehorse is an incredible experience.

Cheering your horse as it is hastened to the wire. The jockey emblazoned with your own colourful silks. Feeling emotions unlike any you have felt before. Once you’ve experience it, you will be hooked. Ownership is a lifestyle that offers a new world of experiences for you to discover. You are not restricted to your seats on race day when you own a Thoroughbred racehorse. Race day can be as formal or as casual as you would like it to be. Whether you choose to dine at the track or casually mingle among the race fans, as an owner you can join your horse in the paddock as they get saddled up and ready to race. Chat with the trainer and meet the jockey before finding your seats or a place on the rail to cheer on your horse. Watching your horses train in the morning is a highlight for most owners. As the sun rises you can get up close to the rail and meet the dedicated horse people and other owners, many of whom will share their knowledge along with some truly great stories. Visit the barn to watch your horses being cared for after training and you may want to bring some mints, apples or carrots with you.

Thoroughbred racehorse ownership provides new highs and incredible experiences and owning a racehorse is easier than you may think. There are plenty of ownership opportunities available for just about everyone. Owning horses on your own or in partnerships with friends and family can bring you closer together to share new experiences and create memories to last a lifetime. Purchasing horses through your company or business can be a great opportunity to network and share amazing experiences with your clients, colleagues and friends. Joining a racing syndicate or club will allow you to buy in and experience the thrill of ownership for a fixed monthly or yearly fee. You can race your Thoroughbred in Ontario for eight months of the year and some may then travel during the winter months to race in Florida, New York and Kentucky. Owner Rob Marzilli (owner of Caren, 2016 Champion & Horse of the Year) reflects on his experience with racehorse ownership: “I put of group of friends together to have some fun owning horses. Spending time visiting the horses in the barn, watching training in the mornings. With family and friends in the paddock on race day, cheering on your horse & hopefully visiting the winners circle! There is nothing like the ownership experience!” When you are ready to own a Thoroughbred racehorse there are plenty of options and ways you can get started. It is advisable to seek guidance from someone who has experience in horse ownership or someone experienced in purchasing Thoroughbred horses like a trainer or a bloodstock agent. Ownership Specialist Stacie Roberts is contracted by the HBPA of Ontario to provide unbiased guidance to becoming a Thoroughbred racehorse owner. Stacie can help you choose the type of ownership you would like to experience and will help you find a trainer, a partnership or group that will fulfill your expectations. To make your dream of owning Thoroughbred Racehorses a reality contact the HBPA of Ontario, Ownership Specialist, Stacie Roberts at 416-230-5190, ownathoroughbred@gmail.com or visit ownathoroughbred.ca

N i n a K h a rey o f NONIE Designer Profile By: Monika Köhler How does a South Asian woman with an engineering degree and immigrant parents launch a luxury collection that shows at NYFW? The tale involves shattering expectations, minimally beautiful pieces, and an English Duchess.


The entire story of Nina Kharey, the Canadian born designer of NONIE, is all about overcoming obstacles. Though the fashion business surrounded her in her youth - her father managing a knitting factory and her mother working as a seamstress - she pursued a post-secondary degree in Engineering from the University of Calgary, as per her parents' wishes. It was the violent death of her older brother in 2005 that shook her into leaving her professional career to follow her passion by launching the House of Nonie. This turning point was the beginning of needing to prove herself, not only as a womenswear designer, but also a businesswoman, a daughter, a wife, and a mother. Her immigrant parents raised her with high expectations and even a strong work ethic. It is that same Indian heritage that

- 84 -

WIN T E R - 2 0 1 9

- MARQUEE FASHION & DESIGN has always been at the center of her designs and has influenced her minimal, earthy, and relaxed silhouettes. Kharey's pieces are refined basics with an emphasis on effortless style. On pulling inspiration, she says, "[it] always stems from my Eastern heritage. From there, I'm able to develop the line and add in other inspiration I feel through nature or music." In 2015, Kharey launched her luxury line NONIE, and it quickly garnered attention not only in her home of Calgary, Alberta but also across Canada. Kharey sparked the attention of award-winning fashion visionary Barbara Atkin and went on to be nominated for the Swarovski Canadian Arts and Fashion Emerging Designer of the Year Award in 2017 and 2019. She has also showcased her collection at Re/SET in Toronto. A pivotal moment in the history of NONIE was on July 17, 2018, when Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle, wore the Sleeveless Trench from Kharey's Spring 2018 collection. Extensive and thorough media coverage of the now-iconic piece included TIME Magazine, Elle (Canada and US), and also a piece written by Edward Barsamian of Vogue. The royal appearance catapulted NONIE onto the radar of many influential fashion forces, including IMG, who invited her to showcase her Spring 2019 collection at New York Fashion Week. In its NYFW debut, NONIE was received well by the international media, which lead to retail

collaborations in New York, including department store FiveStory New York. Her client list now includes prominent personalities, including the wife of the current Canadian Prime Minister, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau. Although NONIE's commercial success is attributed to the royal media frenzy and ensuing NYFW runway show, as a woman of color, one of Kharey's proudest moments occurred just recently. For her Spring 2020 presentation, again at NYFW, Kharey invited South Asian women who are breaking boundaries in their respective careers to an intimate lunch. On the success of this experiential initiative, Kharey says, "it defined who we are, and I'd love to continue to create more opportunities like this in

the future." The visit also included a panel discussion on the difficulties women face in breaking through cultural barriers, something that Kharey herself can speak to personally. Getting to where she is today - an internationally recognized womenswear designer worn by prominent public figures and showing at NYFW - did not come without its challenges. Kharey recalls having to prove herself first and foremost to her family regularly. Initially, leaving a traditional professional career to pursue fashion, and then, to continue to build that business while having children at home. Although her South Asian heritage inspires her collection, it also directly shapes her life and the societal expectations that surround her. Despite this, Kharey continues to push through obstacles and is proud to be where she is today. On what it means for her to be a South Asian designer and now recognized globally, Kharey states: "I want to show anyone who feels like they don't fit in to keep pushing and growing. There's so much room for all of us, despite the pressures or insecurities that may be present. I need to express myself and have a voice so I can encourage more of us to rise. The more women we have doing big things with their lives, the bigger the voice we all have."

ways. Commercially, Kharey has her sights set on expanding into the Asian market on the tail of her North American success. It has been a long journey for NONIE, and Kharey knows that the often winding road to building her brand continues. Having Meghan Markle wears her trench more than once had a very impactful significance on not only NONIE's business but Kharey's mission for the brand. Recalling the iconic moment, Kharey says, "The fact that she still reaches for it and has made it a staple in her wardrobe feels encouraging. She has embraced my ultimate goal for NONIE - to dress strong women with pieces that become mainstays in their closet. It's nice knowing I have her royal approval." With her sights set to the future, there is little doubt that NONIE will continue to inspire women to recognize their strength and inherent value as leaders and global citizens.

One of her ongoing hopes with NONIE is to inspire women, particularly those of South Asian heritage, that although it might seem harder to go after your dreams, they are not alone. "It takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there and hope for acceptance and success, but if you stay persistent, it will happen," she says. It is her own experience that continues to motivate her to design pieces for the NONIE woman, who Kharey describes as "an intellect" and "a leader." "She is not afraid to have a voice and has an appreciation for classic and timeless design," states Kharey, a prevalent component in the beautiful collections she continues to produce. In thinking about the future of the brand, Kharey wants to continue to use fashion to spread a message of collaboration between women. Her goal is to foster discussions and conversations as she did during her Spring 2020 presentation at NYFW. She is also hoping to address the over-consumption of today, not only with the production of eco textiles but also by creating pieces that can be styled in a multitude of unique



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The Mercedes-Benz EQC, the first Mercedes-Benz vehicle from the EQ brand, celebrates its North American premiere at CES 2019 in Las Vegas. The EQC (combined power consumption: 22.2 kWh/100 km; CO2 emissions combined: 0 g/km, provisional details) marks the beginning of a new era of mobility at Daimler. It pioneers an avant-garde electric look, representing the design idiom of Progressive Luxury. When it comes to quality, safety and comfort, the EQC is truly a Mercedes-Benz among electric vehicles, and highly convincing in the sum of its attributes. The EQC boasts dynamic performance, thanks to two electric motors at the front and rear axles with a combined output of 402 hp (300 kW). Through an ingenious operation strategy, the EQC has a preliminary range of more than 450 kilometres according to the European cycle NEDC (Canadian testing methods differ and EPA range values will be available closer to market launch). EQ also offers comprehensive services with Mercedes me connect, and makes electro mobility convenient and suitable for day-to-day motoring. As the first Mercedes-Benz model under the new product and technology brand EQ, the Mercedes-Benz EQC is a trailblazer for design and function. Inside and out, the EQC embodies the design idiom of 'Progressive Luxury': the conscious clash of digital and analogue elements and the seamless merging of intuitive and physical design. By virtue of its muscular proportions, the EQC is classed as a crossover SUV. Visually, the vehicle sits between an SUV and an SUV coupe. It features an extended roofline and window layout with a low waistline and a coupe-like roof recess at the rear.


- 91 -

WIN T E R - 2 0 1 9



Star car: putting on a big show with the Night Design A striking feature at the front of the vehicle is the large blackpanel surface that encloses the headlamps and grille. A large Mercedes-Benz star that illuminates at night is a standard feature that is exclusive to the North American market. For the first time, it can also be paired with the radar-controlled DISTRONIC. This results in a particularly impressive night time look. The Night Design is also unique due to the inclusion of a fibre-optic cable, which provides the finishing touch at the top of the Black Panel. It is a visual link to the characteristic Mercedes Benz daytime running lights, creating an almost uninterrupted, horizontal light band. The inner housings and tubes of the standard MULTIBEAM LED headlights are in high-gloss black. Discrete blue stripes, and blue MULTIBEAM lettering are a visual-cue that the EQC is part of the EQ family from Mercedes-Benz. The high-quality interior of the EQC pioneers an avant-garde electro-look. An example of this is the louvered edge of the instrument panel, which resembles the cooling ribs of a hi-fi amplifier. The instrument panel is designed as part of the driver-oriented cockpit. The typical Mercedes-Benz wing profile is asymmetrical, with a "cut-out" in the driver area. This is where one of the visual highlights of the cockpit is located - a high-tech, high gloss cassette housing flat air vents with keyshaped, rose-gold coloured louvres.

- MARQUEE AUTOMOTIVE Powertrain: Dynamic performance meets efficiency

The EQC features an all-new drive system development with compact electric drivetrains at each axle. These give the EQC the driving characteristics of an all-wheel drive. To reduce power consumption and increase dynamism, the electric drivetrains are configured differently: the front electric motor is optimized for best possible efficiency in the low to medium load range, while the rear motor determines dynamism. Together, these motors generate an output of approximately 402 hp (300 kW) and a combined maximum torque of 564 lb-ft. Mercedes-Benz engineers have taken considerable steps to reduce noise in the EQC. The power packs are isolated by rubber mounts at two points: the connection of the powerpack to its sub frame and the connection of the sub frame to the body. This isolation is supplemented with insulation measures. As a result, the interior of the EQC is extremely quiet. | 2020 MERCEDES-AMG GLC 43 4MATIC SUV - INTERIOR

The lithium-ion battery, which has an energy content of 80 kWh (NEDC), supplies the vehicle with power. As in most electric vehicles, power consumption and range is dependent on the driving style. The EQC presents the driver with five drive programs, each with different characteristics: COMFORT, ECO, MAX RANGE, SPORT and an individually adaptable program. In the more economical driving modes, the haptic accelerator pedal that prompts the driver to conserve power plays an important role. The driver is also able to influence recuperation using paddles behind the steering wheel. The ECO Assist system gives the driver comprehensive support by prompting the driver when it is appropriate to come off the accelerator, (for example because the vehicle is approaching a speed limit), and by functions such as coasting and specific control of recuperation. To make this possible, navigation data, traffic sign recognition and information from the intelligent safety assistants (radar and stereo camera) are linked and processed.


Technical Details

Charging: Flexible and fast

CO2 emissions

0 g/km

Power consumption (NEDC)

22.2 kWh/100 km

Range (NEDC)

Over 450 km (Canadian testing

Drive system

methods differ and EPA range values will be available closer to market launch)


2 asynchronous motors, allwheel drive 402 hp (300kW)

Peak torque Top speed

564 lb-ft 180 km/h (governed)

Acceleration 0-100 km/h

5.1 s



Battery energy content (NEDC) 80 kWh Battery weight

650* kg

Track width (FA/RA)

4761/1884 (2096) /1624 mm


1625/1615 mm


2873 mm

Luggage compartment

approx. 500 l.

Kerb weight/perm. GVW/ payload (DIN)

2425*/2930/505 kg

Perm. trailer load for 12% uphill gradient

1800 kg

(incl. mirrors)/height

(depending on equipment fitted)

As standard, the EQC is equipped with a water-cooled onboard charger (OBC) with a capacity of 7.4 kW, making it suitable for AC charging either at home or at public charging stations. In the EU, drivers can charge their vehicle at a Mercedes-Benz Wallbox, which is up to three times faster than a traditional househould socket. In North America, the time advantage while charging at a Wallbox is up to eight times faster when compared to a traditional 120 V household socket. It is faster still with DC charging – which is standard for the EQC, with a suitable market-specific plug – for example via CCS (Combined Charging Systems) in Europe and North America, CHAdeMO in Japan or GB/T in China. Depending on the SoC (state of charge), the EQC can be charged with a maximum output of up to 110 kW at an appropriate charging station and takes around 40 minutes to charge from 10 to 80 percent SoC (provisional figures).

The multimedia system MBUX: with EQ-specific functions

The EQC features Mercedes-Benz's innovative multimedia system, MBUX (Mercedes-Benz User Experience). It features numerous EQ-specific functions such as the display of range, charge status and energy flow. EQ-optimized navigation, driving modes, charging current, and departure time can also be controlled and set via MBUX. The MBUX display comes equipped with a special EQ icon where numerous EQ features can be accessed. Alternatively, the user can access the EQ menu of the MBUX system directly via a button in the lower left control panel.


- 94 -

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- MARQUEE AUTOMOTIVE MBUX Interior Assist: an even greater experience

By recognizing specific movements, MBUX Interior Assist brings added intelligence to the interior of the EQC. Thanks to innovative technology, MBUX now supports the occupants by making various comfort and MBUX functions even more intuitive. Interior Assist operates in non-contact mode and can function both in sunlight and in complete darkness. It recognizes when a hand approaches the touchscreen on the dashboard or the touchpad on the centre console and adapts the display content accordingly on the screen. In addition, the system is able to distinguish between the driver and front passenger commands. A special feature of Interior Assist is the personal favourites function. The driver and front passenger can both program a personal, favourite function which is initiated using a horizontally outstretched index and middle finger. With this action, any command that is controllable via MBUX can be stored for simple access. The system can also reliably detect whether it is being operated by the driver or front passenger. This means they can each assign their own favourites. There are other functions which can be controlled intuitively. For example, in the dark, the reading lamp can be switched on and off by briefly extending a hand towards the rear-view mirror. If the driver reaches over towards an unoccupied front passenger seat in the dark, it will be illuminated automatically. This makes it easier to find any items on the seat. As soon as the person's hand leaves this area, the light automatically switches off again.

Active and passive safety: EQC-specific safety concept

The EQC is equipped with the latest generation of Mercedes-Benz driving assistance systems. In the Driving Assistance package,

these include new functions such as predictive speed adjustment when approaching congestion. When a traffic jam is detected, Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC reduces the speed to around 100 km/h as a precaution. In heavy highway traffic, the lane guidance system keeps the vehicle off-centre to leave space for emergency services. With respect to passive safety, the EQC also meets the highest standards: in addition to the usual, extensive program of crash tests, Mercedes-Benz has applied particularly stringent safety standards to the battery and all components carrying an electrical current. These standards exceed legal safety requirements. The vehicle structure of the EQC has been adapted to suit the special requirements of the electrical components and battery, and is configured to surpass the usual high levels of safety with mechanical protection of the battery and the high-voltage system. The high-safety design begins with the installation position of the high-voltage battery beneath the vehicle floor. The energy storage unit is surrounded by a stable frame that can absorb energy. Deformation elements are installed between the frame and the battery, and these are able to absorb additional forces in the event of a severe side impact. A battery guard in the front area of the battery is able to prevent the energy storage unit from being penetrated by foreign objects. Mercedes-Benz's extensive experience with high-voltage drive systems has led to the development of a multi-stage safety concept that deploys in the event of an accident. The high-voltage system automatically shuts down, reversibly or irreversibly, according to the severity of the accident. There are also shutdown points where emergency teams can deactivate the high-voltage system manually.

- MARQUEE AUTOMOTIVE Intelligent services: Relaxed travel from start to finish EQ with Mercedes me provides comprehensive services for the electric mobility needs of today and tomorrow. One of the most important new services and functions that is planned for market launch of the EQC is pre-entry climate control, which ensures that the vehicle interior is at the desired temperature upon entry. It can be programmed directly via MBUX or the Mercedes me app. A sophisticated system with a heat pump and electric heater boosters pre-climatizes the interior. Another new service is EQ optimized navigation, which bases its calculation on the fastest route and the shortest charging time and topography. Thanks to EQ-optimized navigation, Mercedes-Benz customers can easily find charging stations, and Mercedes me Charge gives them convenient access to public charging stations.

Active and passive safety: EQC-specific safety concept The EQC is equipped with the latest generation of MercedesBenz driving assistance systems. In the Driving Assistance package, these include new functions such as predictive speed adjustment when approaching congestion. When a traffic jam is detected, Active Distance Assist DISTRONIC reduces the speed to around 100 km/h as a precaution. In heavy highway traffic, the lane guidance system keeps the vehicle off-centre to leave space for emergency services.

With respect to passive safety, the EQC also meets the highest standards: in addition to the usual, extensive program of crash tests, Mercedes-Benz has applied particularly stringent safety standards to the battery and all components carrying an electrical current. These standards exceed legal safety requirements. The vehicle structure of the EQC has been adapted to suit the special requirements of the electrical components and battery, and is configured to surpass the usual high levels of safety with mechanical protection of the battery and the high-voltage system. The high-safety design begins with the installation position of the high-voltage battery beneath the vehicle floor. The energy storage unit is surrounded by a stable frame that can absorb energy. Deformation elements are installed between the frame and the battery, and these are able to absorb additional forces in the event of a severe side impact. A battery guard in the front area of the battery is able to prevent the energy storage unit from being penetrated by foreign objects. Mercedes-Benz's extensive experience with high-voltage drive systems has led to the development of a multi-stage safety concept that deploys in the event of an accident. The high-voltage system automatically shuts down, reversibly or irreversibly, according to the severity of the accident. There are also shutdown points where emergency teams can deactivate the high-voltage system manually.

Testing: Endurance tests around the world By market launch, 200 prototypes and pre-production vehicles of the EQC will have completed tests covering several millions of kilometres across four continents (Europe, North America, Asia and Africa). The test program comprises more than 500 individual tests. Like all Mercedes-Benz vehicles, the EQC must pass a demanding standard test program. Additionally for the EQC, there are special tests for the electric powertrain, the battery, and the interplay of all powertrain components. Throughout the testing, experts built upon the extensive findings from their digital testing work, used to ensure both the buildability of the vehicle and for the simulation of things like crash behaviour, aerodynamics and NVH (noise, vibration, harshness). In addition, there are intensive tests on numerous test rigs at the Mercedes-Benz Technology Centre in Sindelfingen. The ratio between digital and real testing is roughly 35 to 65 percent.

Production: Preparations in full swing in the Bremen plant Production of the EQC will start in 2019 at the MercedesBenz plant in Bremen. The preparations for this are already fully under way. The new EQC will be integrated into ongoing series production as a fully electric vehicle. The very latest in production technologies will be employed to ensure scalable production. One decisive innovation is the battery-joining centre where the EQC undergoes a second "marriage" following the installation of the two electric power packs in the body shell. This is where the EQCs are recognized as electric models with the help of data tags attached to the body, and equipped with a battery. The body is suspended from a C-carrier and deposited on a frame. Support arms raise the battery to the vehicle's floor from below. An employee monitors the automatic bolting process. In parallel with this, Mercedes-Benz is ramping up production of batteries for the EQC at the expanded battery plant in Kamenz (near Dresden).

For more information, please contact: mercedes-benz-burlington.ca 1.877.353.5557 | marketing@mbburlington.ca M ARQ U E E M A G A Z IN E

Alongside Bremen, the Sino-German production joint venture Beijing Benz Automotive Co. Ltd. (BBAC) is also preparing for the production start-up of the EQC for the local market. - 97 -

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MarQuee Magazine - Winter 2019 Issue  

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