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Health Information, Education and Life Skills A collaboration between the University "Roma Tre" and the National Institute of Health in Italy for school teachers’/librarians’ education Luisa Marquardt*, Paola De Castro**

*Università degli Studi Roma Tre, Roma (Italy) ** Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Roma (Italy)

Introduction The acquisition of good infoskills is a crucial requirement for the 21st century citizen: libraries and librarians can play a key role in users’ education. Libraries should now be considered as promoters of direct contacts between information producers/users and organizers of training courses, workshops and conferences. In this perspective they may play an important role in health prevention and promotion, and make science more understandable and accessible. Furthermore, health information draws an increasing interest among teachers, librarians, cultural mediators: their education, training and professional development in this field can benefit from workshops about health issues. Objective This poster presents the joint project “I giovedì della salute” [i.e., “Thursdays for Health”] about health information and education, as an innovative way of collaboration between researchers in health sciences, academics, and (school) librarians/teachers. The Faculty of Education - Università “Roma Tre” ( and the National Institute of Health (Istituto Superiore di Sanità - ISS, developed a collaboration: it was mainly based on the idea that libraries are a social meeting place and an active learning environment, besides being a place where it is possible to search for and use information sources in different formats. A cycle of seminarial meetings was held in Rome, at the Faculty of Education, in March - June 2008. Some provisional findings on health information seeking behaviour are also reported.

PROGRAM 2008 (first semester) • 27 March AIDS • 17 April Tobacco Smoking • 8 May Teaching materials • 15 May Disequalities and Health • 22 May Alcohol abuse • 5 June Mental health and “life skills”

TARGET • Students in education sciences • Teachers interested in health education • School librarians and documentalists • Cultural mediators

Health Information Seeking Behaviour

speaks to the family doctor searches in Internet

Speak to the family doctor

speaks to his/her friends searches in medical encyclopaedias

Speaks to his/ her family Photo from the Meeting L.M. 2008-03-27

speaks within his/her family

Internet searches

looks up in specialized periodicals watches health telecasts Nobody speaks to his/her partner

School LIBRARIANS, be proactive! • Explore information needs • Exploit information sources, including selected online information • Develop new services • Promote your educational role Lessons learned from this experience • Librarians should promote change and develop new strategies to fill in the gap in information needs • Schools (nursery, primary etc.) require health information • Evaluation strategies must be planned to adjust programmes to users’ needs • This experience may be (easily) replicated • Funding may help in getting the best results from this experience


Next steps : Worshops planned for AY 2008-2009 • New drugs, • Rare diseases • Bioethics • Food safety

37th Annual Conference

“World Class Learning and Literacy through School Libraries” - University of California at Berkeley, California, USA, 3-7 August 2008

Giovedì della Salute 2008  

This poster presents the joint project “I giovedì della salute” [i.e., “Thursdays for Health”] about health information and education, as...

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