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emu oil for hair loss The Sources of Emu Oil Emu oil comes from the extraction of the fat tissues of the emu oil for hair loss . The emu is a bird incapable of flight of Australian origin. The origins of emu oil can be traced back to Australian aboriginals. The aboriginals from many areas in Australia would use the emu’s fat as a traditional medicine against a variety of ailments. When emu farms where integrated into the United States Of America, emus were considered an exotic bird and farmers made a great profit from them. In the beginning emus were produced for their meat, however this soon became an unprofitable venture when the prices of other meats fell. Many emu farms and ranches have been in a position to stay afloat by switching to farming emus for their fat oil rather than just their meat.

Emu oil provides a great deal of medicinal uses. One of the more popular uses is for skin care. As well as a powerful moisturizer, emu oil is also an anti-wrinkling agent, and seems to have good anti-inflammatory properties. Confirmed as hypo-allergenic, folks with sensitive skin can still reap the advantages of emu oil, that include a deeper penetration into the dermis when compared to other oils. This will aid with the management of stretch marks and scar tissue. Emu oil has been utilized in massage therapy to assist the accelerated recovery from sports injuries. Much like tea tree oil, emu oil works wonders on small cuts and scrapes, along with burns to the skin. Because of its linoleic acid content, emu oil can be useful for folks that are afflicted by arthritis or joint pain. Other uses include hair care, post-care for piercings and tattoos, along with acne treatment. A growing number of people are choosing emu oil over more typical commercial products. Why don't you discover emu oil's wide variety of uses yourself?

emu oil for hair loss

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Emu oil may also be employed to help with the healing of new piercings and tattoos.