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Sp ec ia l ee k W VT

Maroon & White Est. 1915

1112 Edgemont Avenue - Bristol, TN 37620

September 2008- Volume XCIII, Issue 1

Poo-Bandit On The Loose By: Katlin Fabbri For Coach Mays, what appeared to be just another morning jog turned out to be the scandal of the mysterious “Poo-Bandit.” On a peaceful summer morning, Coach Mays and his father-in-law went for a jog at Tennessee High. Shortly after their run, an unidentified woman approached Coach Mays to inform him that “human waste” and a purse were lying in the road next to his car. Surely

enough, when he entered his car he realized that the woman wasn’t joking. Some time later in the summer, after one of football’s “two-aday” practices, another anonymous woman came up to Coach Mays to make sure he was

aware of the poop-filled purse lying on the picnic tables by the practice field. Disgusted from the first encounter, he chose to ignore it, but little did he know this wouldn’t be the last time. About a week into the first semester Coach Mays and Dr. Dixon were working out in Tennessee High’s weight room. Afterwards, heading to their cars from the

with “a bowel movement” and a note attached that read “Haha.” In shock, he turned to Coach Mays and said, “You are my witness.” (This was to ensure he wasn’t accused of stealing the purse or its previous contents). To this day no one has caught the “Poo-Bandit”. There are suspicions that it may be one of the football players, but no one is certain who is harassing Coach Mays with this sick and twisted joke.

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Tennessee High By Numbers weight room entrance, Dr. Dixon noticed a purse lying on the stairs once again filled

-How many students are enrolled – 1378 -What grade has the largest enrollment – 10th grade, 389 students -How many foreign exchange students do we have – 3 -How many new students are there- 74 -How many cars are in the senior parking lot – 124 -How many people got schedule changes- 483

l o o h Sc

School News

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September 2008

o t k c } a n i B a {ag

By: Alex Schwob The shift from summer to school can be rough, especially if you’re new. From freshmen running around aimlessly to seniors hyped up about their last year, the first six weeks or so may be pretty overwhelming. That’s why I’ve thought of some tips on how to make this experience go a little smoother: A new environment causes new emotions. Getting back into the routine of things can get pretty stressful. If you think you’re having a nervous breakdown, try to remember that this isn’t the first new school you have been to, and that it usually gets better after a few weeks. If you’re afraid you’ll get lost, ask a teacher for a map of the school. Highlight your classes and keep it in your backpack or purse until you get familiar with your surroundings. Do you spend half an hour in the morning trying on a dozen different outfits? Look, it’s great that you want to look nice, but you don’t have to stress yourself out to do it. Wear something that makes you feel comfortable. But if you have to wear those new heels, try wearing them a bit before having them on for seven hours straight. Make an effort to intro-

duce yourself to new people and to get reacquainted with your old classmates. Not the social type? Start small: Try saying hello to the person in the desk next to yours. If they’re nice, strike up a conversation and you might have just made a new friend. You need to get involved. Join a sports team, and if you’re not the athletic type, you can help out with different school activities like fundraisers or dances. Remember: You don’t have to be a jock or a cheerleader to fit in. Find a club that complements your interests, whether it’s singing, acting, or just being really great at math. Everyone adjusts to By: Preston Mitchell new places Seniors, juniors, and sophomores, do you remember your freshman year of high school? differently. You were without a doubt terrified. Mistakes Well, to help all of us “little-scared” freshmen, I have devised a freshman survival guide. will probThese tips will help freshmen survive. ably be made; how1.Use the stairwells at the corner of the building. DO NOT use the main stairwell. It’s the ever, if you artery of the building and we’re about to have a heart attack. still aren’t relaxed after 2.DON’T buy elevator tickets/passes. F.Y.I. they don’t exist. 3.The first number of the 4-digit number above each door tells you the floor you’re on. a couple For example 3403 tells you you’re on the 3rd floor. months 4.DON’T ask upper classmen for directions. Most likely you’ll end up far, far away from you should where you’re trying to go. If you have to ask for directions, ask a teacher or a friend. confide in 5.Make time for fun. Just because you are a freshman doesn’t mean all you have to do is someone focus on schoolwork. Get involved in clubs and/or sports. you can 6.Make as many friends as possible. The bigger support system you have, the more likely trust, as in it is you’ll do better in your classes. a school counselor or Just think, in three short years, we’ll rule the school! a teacher.

Freshman Voice

September 2008

School News

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‘Classy’ Class Officers and Court Members Freshman Class Officers


Class Officers

President- Trey Gideon President- John Turnbull Vice President- Jessica Vice President- Chris RobiGrenvik nette Secretary- Emily Hall Secretary- Karthik VenkataraTreasurer- Alexis Wyatt man Sgt. At Arms- Rebekah Blair Treasurer- Tyler King Chaplain- Heather Cirotta Sgt. At Arms/ Chaplain- Murphy Holmes

Sophomore Class Officers

President- Jeff Preptit Vice President- Logan Rose Secretary- Sarah Guthrie Treasurer- Shelsie Webb Sgt. At Arms- Owen Rockett Chaplain- Wilson Young


Class Officers

President- Stephen Tagert Vice President- Tyler Wilson Secretary- Alexa Cassell Treasurer- Kelly Devault Sgt. At Arms- Logan Patrick Chaplain- Lindsey Utsman

Junior Court

Senior Court

King and Queen- John Ellis Davis & Taylor Miller Gentleman at Arms and Lady in Waiting – Kristen Rose and Alex Moore Court Members- Tyler Graham & Kim Allerton Court Members- Glen Hanson & Arynn Carswell Court Members- Matt Pendelton & Katlin Fabbri Court Members- Grant Puckett & Moseley King Axe and Shield Bearers- Greg Breal and Alexandra Cross Axe and Shield Bearers- Ryan Hushour and Laura Vance

King and Queen- Matt McClellan & Sydney Raines Gentleman at Arms and Lady in Waiting – Trevor Crump & Elizabeth Vance Court Members- Darryal Wilson & Sarah Baker Court Members- Ben Perrin & Susan Graham Court Members- Emily Huvane & Mason Canty Court Members- Collin Hall & Eric Grinnell Axe and Shield Bearers- Isaac Sharrett & Ashton Keen Axe and Shield BearersStorm Ketron & Brook Hatcher

Meet the Staff First Row (Right to Left): Caroline Gentry, Robin Bailey, Courtney Burge, Morgan Combs, Katie Richardson, Kailey Rogers, Alex Cross, Grace Anderson Second Row: Eric Warren, Shalita Johnson, Karah Mullins, Arynn Carswell, Kathryn Welch, Laura Bailey (Editor), Sarah DePew (Editor), Chelsea Mech, Katlin Fabri Third Row: Logan Patrick, Doni McCarty, Chris Robinette, Storm Belcher, Tyler Wilson, Trevor Rumsey, Pearce Galliher (Business Manager)

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America does Swimmingly in Beijing

By: Doni McCarty When looking back on these Olympics and thinking about the most spectacular performance, people think about what Michael Phelps did. In these Olympic Games he did the impossible (which now that we look back, it really wasn’t impossible). Experts didn’t think that Phelps could get his eight gold medals. They had two reasons for believing that. One reason was because he would have to swim in 19 races which is unheard of. The second reason was because each race he would be up against the world’s best, and he was an underdog in some events. But Phelps fed off the people that doubted him. He ended up getting eight gold medals, setting one Olympic record and seven world records. Out of the 11 (men’s) world records set in the games in Beijing seven were set by Phelpss. Out of all the (men’s) world records in swimming seven out of 20 belong to Phelps. That is

more than any swimmer ever. With Phelps picking up his eight golds he surpassed Mark Spitz for getting the most golds in one Olympic Games. Spitz got seven in the Berlin games. This amazing Olympian also now has the record for the most gold medals in a career with 14 and the most total medals in a career with 16. Even though the next Olympics aren’t for four more years, Phelps’s is already looking ahead to them. His campaign is probably going to be seven or eight events. He will be 27 years old, but he will still be the favorite to win the races he is in. But until then we’ll just have to remember the high standards he set and the unbelievable accomplishments of this year’s Olympics.

September 2008

Bristol’s got Rhythmn (and Roots) By: Katie Richardson I’m sure when the words “Rhythm and Roots” are mentioned in any conversation, you’re thinking, why would I be interested in that? That’s exactly what I thought. One thing you don’t know is that this event is not ALL about bluegrass music. For fans of Coldplay and Death Cab For Cutie, a local band from Abingdon, The Calendar Effect, is the band for you. They will be playing at 6:30, September 19th, on the Manna Bagel Stage. BUT don’t worry you country music fans! A band that has performed on MTV’s “Warped Tour”

will be making their appearance at the Stateline Bar and Grill on the 20th. Another down to earth country band that is performing is the Morning Pages. Check them out at www.myspace. com/morningpages. Not really into music? There is so much more! For all you kids, there are inflatable blow-ups and a ton of venders selling different odds and ends such as pottery, clay sculptures, and fresh baked goods. Why not eat some chili while you’re there? Plenty different recipes of this lip smacking food will be tasted and sampled for the annual chili cook off. All this will be taking place September 19th- 21st, so grab your keys, hop in the car, and show up for three eventful nights!

VT Week By Numbers By: Katie Richardson

-How many tickets are sold at the door a V-T game- 2918 -How many players are on the THS football team- 59 -How many people on average come to the V-T game- 5010 -What was our score against Virginia High last year- 20 - 0 -How many players are on the Virginia High football team- 55 -How much money was made in ticket sales last year- 14,590 Source: THS Athletic Department

September 2008

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VT Rivalry Week The Game Before the Game By: Kailey Rogers Balloons, streamers, glitter, and glue riddle the entirety of this fair school for one week to increase spirit and morale within the student body. The annual VT Week will soon be underway, and this year’s events are packed into a span of five whole days.


As before, each classroom is given a chance to creatively display their Viking pride through door decorations. Last year’s winners, the band room/hallway, used their surplus of student resources, hard work, and school spirit to complete the daunting task.


Levels of competition increase even further this year between each grade in an effort to unite each class within themselves. A new twist on the contest pits the “teams” against each other designing and decorating four separate hallways.

Dress Days

Other changes have been made for the week that is “Kickin’ it Old School”. Such changes include allotted days

for each class to demonstrate their school pride through fashion. Monday the seniors will be up first, wearing the theme that class officers have decided upon. Tuesday is assigned to Juniors. Wednesday and Thursday are left to the underclassmen. Finally, on Friday all classes will participate in the maroon and white day. Classes will be scored on the number of students who participated on correctly designated days.

By Logan Patrick The renowned Virginia High-Tennessee High game is rapidly approaching. With it comes the school spirited VT week, and all the school competitions and contests as well. The week of the 8th will be here before we know it,

Food Drive

The last event of the rivalry week is the most charitable of all activities. Year after year the two schools compete in a food drive in an attempt to give the most cans. However, this year, instead of homerooms racing to out-give one another, each class will deliver their cans to assigned teachers- Vance, Jenkinson, Strickland, and Sutherland. Students should be dripping in school pride by the end of the week. Prepare to get out your foam fingers, maroon and white paint, Christmas lights, and arts and crafts. VT Week will be one to remember. and students will be crossing the border to Virginia High’s stadium. But before the game begins, competitions between Tennessee High classes, as well as between Tennessee and Virginia High, will be happening off the field. The driving forces behind these creative competitions are Tennessee High’s own cheerleaders. Colors, designs, most any plans for this busy week come from our cheerleaders. “It’s about getting everyone

back into the groove of VT Week,” says senior captain Samantha Fouch, “the way it used to be in the 60’s and 70’s” she continues. “It’s mandatory this year for all cheerleaders to be active,” adds junior captain Caitlin Harper. “This year it’s gonna be awesome.” And with the information they gave me, I think she’s right. There’s a lot in the works to compliment the theme “Kickin’ it old school”. The class color competitions, food drives, and hall and door decorating contests are all set to take place to the rhymes of RunDMC. Senior Lindsay Utsman is driving the effort too, literally. She will be providing the car used in the car smash before the game. With all the events, VT week is sure to live up to its infamous reputation this year. Even a parade including the meeting of the two schools is in the works, pending the permission of administrators. Regardless, this traditional occasion promises to deliver school spirit like never before.

September 2008

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Bristol’s Best ~ Border Brawl By: Arynn Carswell & Kathryn Welch

It’s that time of year again: hallways are brimming with bold maroon and white, peppy songs and student chants seem to be heard throughout the town, and the mission of once again beating the Bearcats is burning in everyone’s mind. That’s right, it’s VT week! Although Bristol’s Best usually covers local food, in honor of this annual tradition, I had the “unbiased” task of comparing the two high school football teams that compete for our city’s heart. From best mascot to most school spirit, we break it down to see who is truly the best of the best!

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September 2008


By: Morgan Combs As we all know, the annual border bash football game between the Mighty Vikings of Tennessee High School and Virginia High’s Bearcats is quickly approaching, and Tennessee High could not be more excited. The game will be played Friday September 12th at Virginia High School. Rumor has it the Viking fans plan to show up in record numbers this year. With double the size of Virginia High’s student body and at least triple their amount of school pride, it is doubtful that many VHS supporters will even get a ticket, much less get through the gates of their tin can stadium. At this upcoming event, students will be painting up, slinging silly string, and blowing their air horns. The school spirit won’t end there; every year several creative students find special ways to express their pride. From decorating cars and hallways to writing wild articles in school newspapers, students make sure that the pride they have for their teams is shared by all. By the time the actual game begins on Friday night, spirit will be at its peak, and those on the field won’t be the only ones looking for a major victory. A reporter interviewed

Border Rivals Battle it Out on the Football Field

Coach Stubbs on the upcoming VT game: What are your predictions and expectations for this year? “My expectation for this year is to win the MLC (Mountain Lake Conference), Sullivan South being our toughest opponent.” How will you get ready for this years VT game? “No different from any other game; we play ‘em one at a time.” What are your opinions of Virginia High’s team? “Actually not too sure, but I believe they are a young team. They beat Sullivan Central in a tough game 19-14. I know that they lost a lot of seniors, but they are a good team.” Who are a few of Tennessee High’s vital players? “Keenan Shepard (TB) is a shifty

and fast running back. Bradley Tallman (DE & FB) has great size and great speed.” Coach Stubbs also mentioned these key players to look out for: “Jayson Arnold (DE), Adam Tabor (OG), and Collin Hall (OT).”

What is your prime choice for a breakfast of champions? “My first breakfast choice for champions is three poached eggs, toast and jelly, bacon, a glass of orange juice, and coffee. I’m not a bowl of milk and cereal type of guy. But if none of this works, I enjoy a bowl of oatmeal, a banana, and 32 oz. Appco cup of coffee.”

Our reporters also interviewed a Virginia High football player who wishes to remain anonymous: Do you feel prepared for the VT game this year? “Well, I hope I might actually make it past the first quarter without getting jacked up this year, since it is my third senior year.” What is your prime choice for a breakfast of champions? “Low Fat Special K, all covered in ice cold skim milk. Mmmmmm.”

Page 4

September 2008

Student Profiles By: Courtney Burdge & Chelsea Mech

l l a H Collin

Q: Do pep rallies have an effect on the team? A: Yeah, kinda. They get us out of class and remind us how much our school cares about football. Q: Hannah Montana or the Jonas Brothers? A: The Jonas Brothers for sure. Nick is totally hot. Q: What’s your favorite VT memory? A: Once it rained the game out on Friday, so we ended up playing it on Saturday. Right before we played, we had a Doc feeding. Q:Have you ever had makeup on your face? A: Yeah, when I was younger, I declared myself queen of the house, so I borrowed my mother’s makeup. Q: Have you ever sung along to Britney Spears? A: Yeah, Toxic was my jam. Q: If you were to give yourself a nickname, what would it be? A: Polish Kid. Q: If you could spend a special evening with a celebrity, who would it be and why? A: Abraham Lincoln, because he saved our country. Wait, what do you mean by special? Q: When was your first kiss, and could it have been any better? A: I was at my grandmother’s house, on the swing set with the neighbor girl. Our passion was red hot. It ended when she moved. It could’ve been better, I mean, I was only ten. Q: How do you prepare for the VT game? A: We go over the game plan and figure out how the team can “tackle it.” Q: Does the team have any VT traditions? A: Doc feedings. Q: Can you define a Doc Feeding for us? A: Doc feeds us steaks, and these potatoes that can’t possibly be grown from planet Earth. Q: When was the last time Tennessee High lost a VT game? A: Too long ago to remember.

ch u o F Sam

Q: Describe yourself in three words. A: Fun, Flirty, and Fashionable Q: What is your favorite breakfast meal? A: Ice Cream Q: If you could spend a special evening with anyone, who would it be and why? A: David Beckham, because he has a nice body, he’s good Looking, and he’s very athletic. Q: What do you remember from last years VT game? A: Winning. Q: If you were sent to a deserted island what five things would you take with you? A: Radio, Batteries, A friend, A bathing suit, and La Carreta. Q: Describe your favorite socks. A: White, no show, and soft. Q: What is your favorite part of VT week? A: Cheering. Q: What are the top five things that annoy you? A: Bad drivers, non-matching clothes, bugs, talkative people, and un-active people. Q: If you would have gotten to choose your name, what would it be? A: Piper Michelle Vance Q: Guesstimate how many moles you have. A: Maybe 5. Q: If you could attend one talk show for the rest of your life, what would it be? A: The Tyra Banks Show. She is my hero. Q: What are you looking forward to for this year’s VT week? A: The parade, the bonfire, and dress-up week.

September 2008

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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly:

VT Week

We’ve got the Lowdown on the Showdown The Good

By: Alexandra Cross You can smell it in the air, and to be honest, it smells pretty rank. That flowering odor would be Viking Pride in the form of sweaty anxious teens crammed tightly into a hot gymnasium. What are these adolescents waiting for exactly? Nothing other then the annual VT Week ‘Pep’ rally. VT Week is a five-day celebration that prepares the student body for the yearly football clash against Virginia High School. While VT week is an exciting event for most, it also raises ethical and safety concerns. We’re breaking down VT Week into pros and cons to see each side of the issue. T-shirts will be bought and bodies will be painted so cue the fight song and let the games begin. Break! Autumn leaves are beginning to peek out of the leafy green trees and the air now has a distinct crisp. Yes, these are in fact signs that football season has arrived. Oh,and fall is here too. No doubt the most well known game of the THS season is the VT match up. This annual celebration benefits the school in many ways. Even the overall school’s atmosphere changes as there is a sense of excitement in the air. As all THS students know, VT week is greeted with much enthusiasm in the form of t-shirts, decorated hallways, and music booming through the loud speakers. Such an amusing environment leaves one actually (gasp) wanting to come to school! Although exhilarating, this once a year celebration offers more then fun and games. A sense of unity that’s prior to unheard of is found in our hallways. Each grade level participates in contests against each other in the form of theme days and ‘Pep’ rally games. From these activities each grade level grows together as a group. Even more astonishing is the pride displayed by our school in its entirety. For the first time, the student body unites as a whole driven towards one common goal: victory. For the first time, freshmen finally feel a part of this massive building. Not only are we ‘Freshies’, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors, we are Tennessee High School. Of course though, I can’t forget the biggest Pro of all: A guaranteed victory on Friday night. While it is arguable that our football players’ heads needn’t get any larger, the sweet sense of victory more then compensates(at least until lunchtime on Monday).

The Bad

By: Max Verhegge Among all of the positive things happening during VT week, there are just a couple of negative aspects to deal with. The two most common problems seen during VT week are violence and vandalism. Every year at the VT game, several students find a way to turn a fun-filled evening into a violent happening. It seems that drama has become one of the main points of attraction at the games. Let’s keep the violence on the field with the players butting heads. The negative problem with VT week is vandalism. Many students here at THS can recall times when our opposing teams have made it a point to vandalize our property, as well as the many times our players have found themselves vandalizing another school. Remember how angry we were when our “spirit rock” was painted with the colors of East High School? I thought so. Everyone needs to keep our school decorated with our colors, not theirs.

y l g


e h


September 2008

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funnies Storm Belcher

Grace Anderson

Sweet Lou

School News

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New and Improved By: Karah Mullins Every year, students receive a tree’s worth of packets and papers about all the so-called changes made to Tennessee High for the year. Some have held up- like the slightly puritanical dress code. Others have faded. Remember exercising for five minutes a

ing the classes, revamping school spirit, and encouraging self-advocacy. What does this mean for THS students? It means that students can expect to see lots of new activities centered around SILT’s fundamental goals. For example, students can anticipate many more competitions between grade levels. In a way, these competitions kill two birds with one stone. The contests allow grades to unite, instilling a sense of class pride. At the same time, the students day in class? Me neither. working together in general helps This year, they’re doing it a to build school spirit. little differently. Real changes Another new activity students are being laid to work, and, can look forward to this time, they’re going to more homerooms. stick The meetings are to SILT (School Improvement promote self-advoLeadership Team) is largely cacy. For instance, responsible for the muchjunior homerooms needed innovation. Over the may discuss how summer and during the last to prepare for school year, SILT assembled the ACT. Senior and worked tirelessly to bring meetings, howtheir ideas to life for the ever, could discuss 2008-2009 school year. college options or Each grade attended a provide scholarship meeting to discuss the new information. SILT plans. In the meeting, the hopes that more speakers introduced their homerooms will goals for the year. A few of encourage students the main goals include: unitto take a more active role in their

September 2008


By: Chelsea Mech The girls’ soccer team definitely has goals. The senior girls had much to say about this season. They all said that they have better freshman athletes than they have in the past. They are more experienced and ready to work ahead. They also said that they have a big offensive boost. Comparing this year to last, they exclaimed they have gained more focus. Even after losing some defensive players, they still believe they can do it. The players stated that Coach Mooney has prepared them more for this season by competing at soccer camp and working-out here in the THS weight room. This has helped them tremendously. They also said that running has helped with their endurance. The teams had tons to say about

their goals. They want more experience for the newcomers and want them to learn as much as they can while they’re here. They also want to be in their conference. To get there they would have to beat two of their biggest

rivals, Science Hill and Dobbyns-Bennett. All of the girls are very excited about starting this season off right. They are very motivated and ready to learn more about the game they love.

Human Interest

September 2008

Page 6

Trendy THS Fall Fashion 2008 By: Robin Bailey Upon entering Tennessee High School, one might wonder if he or she has entered a hallway or the Savannah with all of the trendy animal prints prowling through the school. The truth of the matter is that animal prints are just one of this year’s wild back-to-school fashions. This year’s fashion is about venturing out of most students’ comfort zone of blue jeans and a t-shirt. So, instead of throwing on an old hoodie to

keep warm, try on a cardigan for size. They can keep you just as warm and they come in tons of colors and styles, from solids to zebra print. It seems that plain blue jeans are slowly disappearing from THS’s halls, and being

replaced by the colored skinny jeans. These unique pants range

from black to crazy neon. They are the perfect way to add edge to any wardrobe. Another bonus to the new jeans is that they are an ideal way to show off footwear

level makes them worth every extra cent. Plus, with the new colors available, it is easy to match them with any outfit. Another not so unusual sight is oversized purses. Vera Bradley is an especially pop-

trends such as ballet flats. Flats come in what seems like millions of patterns and colors. They are also cheap, making it easy to buy a pair to match every pair of skinny jeans. Sperry’s are another trendy shoe. Although they are typically more expensive then flats, the comfort

ular brand of the bright paisley patterned bags. They are the perfect way to carry all your accessories throughout the day. Don’t forget your fabulous pair of oversized sunglasses or plastic aviators. There will be another Trendy THS come spring. Until next time stay trendy THS!


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September 2008

from Holly Hobbie and Voltron

(because dolls and action figures know best) Dear Advice Column, You should really help the freshmen. They all pile up in the main staircase as if we haven’t got any other stairs. It’s almost the third week of school and I am still almost late to class because I spend five minutes on the stairs. Just tell them that we haven’t got the time for them to stand in the way and hold up the whole line. Show them other staircases and see if they catch what you are saying. Sincerely, Stairway to Nowhere ·Dear Nowhere, I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all been those freshmen who had no idea where to go. For the first couple of weeks of school, the main staircase is like a security blanket. No matter where you’re headed, those stairs will always spill you out close to your destination. If

Dear Friend, When freshmen enter Tennessee High School, it can be a major step in growing up for them. And when teenagers grow up, they often grow apart and sometimes friendships are

past examples hold true, then little by little everyone will start to discover the other scattered staircases waiting around every corner. So, my advice would be to give the new kids some slack. Just be patient and before you know it, those freshmen will be sophomores writing to the advice column about crowded stairs. -Holly Hobbie

classes together. I am afraid that we are drifting apart because we both are tired after school and we don’t hang out so much. I really do not want to lose this great relationship. What should I do? Sincerely, A Drifting Friend

·Dear Stairway, Don’t worry, they will figure it out eventually. It’s time for you to play the waiting game and let this freshman class figure out the best, most direct route to each of their classes. They are all using the main stairways now, but by Christmas, they will know the entire school like the back of their hands. Trust me, it happens every year; it will get better. Also, don’t forget that there was a time when you didn’t know your way around too well and now it’s that time for these new and young students to learn. -Voltron

·Dear Drifting, Keeping friendships in high school can be tough. You might not see as much of each other in class and you’re too old to tolerate your mom setting up play dates. Just remember that sometimes the hardest relationships to make last turn out to be the most worthwhile. If your goal is to hang on to your friend then it might take a bit of extra effort. Try hanging out on a Saturday when neither of you have been at school all day. Or pop in a movie Have a problem? after class so you can Need advice? just be tired together, but That’s great! when all else fails whip Erm... we mean terrible. out your cell phone and Just drop off your questions give them a call. in the wooden box on Mr. -Holly Hobbie

Dear Advice Column, My best friend and I are really close, but this year we do not have any

lost. As my experience goes, when you lose a friend, you generally find that you have made several new friends who are more like you or share your same interests and beliefs and that you and your old friends just have different hobbies. If your friendship is meant to be, you and your friend will find a way to keep it alive, but sometimes two friends drift apart, and it’s not the end of the world; it’s just the way things go in this crazy world we call high school. -Voltron

Davis’ desk, and we’ll help.

September 2008


Page 8

Smooth Move Spin to the Future By Regan Harris Ever wonder where to get the best fruit smoothie in Bristol? Well, there are a few places where you can get a really good one. Places like Java J’s, Sonic, Marble Slab, and TCBY. They all have really great smoothies. So, what is a smoothie? A smoothie is a blended, chilled, sweet beverage made from fresh fruit. Along with fruit, smoothies may include crushed ice, frozen fruit, or frozen yogurt. They are thick like milkshakes. Although they do not contain ice cream, they can contain milk. Smoothies became available in the U.S. in the late 1960’s when ice cream vendors and health food stores began selling them. By the 1990’s and 2000’s smoothies were available at the main cafes and coffee shops and could be bought in pre-bottled versions at supermarkets. In the early 1900’s, a smoothie had a very different meaning than

it does today. Back then a smoothie, or smoothy, was a smoothtongued person (a person with polished manners). When you think of a smoothie today, most likely you think of the delicious fruit drink you enjoy sipping down. If you ever wondered what the basic recipe for a fruit smoothie is, this is it: 2 cups ice cubes, 1 cup vanilla yogurt, ½-1 cup fruit, ½ cup fruit juice or liquid (optional). Now, where do you get great fruit smoothies here in Bristol, Tennessee? Well, there are a few spots that made my list. To summarize, Java J’s- an amazing smoothie, Sonic- if you like really thick smoothies, Marble Slabthey add ice cream to theirs, and TCBY- they use fruit juice to make their smoothies. Go try one today.

By Chris Robinette This fall season is ripe with CD releases that are sure to please fans of all different genres. September 9th saw quite a few releases, included the Gym Class Heroes, with their second album entitled The Quilt. Also, Jessica Simpson came out with a new album entitled Do You Know, and, for all the sensitive types, Robin Thicke is back with his new CD Something Else. On September 12th and 13th, The Cure and Metallica will come out with their newest CDs. Metallica’s newest album, entitled Death Magnet, is their most recent one since Some Kind of Monster was released in 2004. The Cure’s album has yet to be named, however, so stay on the lookout for that. For all the R&B afficionados, Nelly, Neyo, and the Pussycat Dolls all have new albums coming out on the 16th. Nelly’s album, entitled Brass Knuckles, is his newest since his last release in 2004, which was a double album release. Ne-Yo will be coming out with his third album on the 16th entitled Year of the Gentlemen,

and the Pussycat Dolls will be following suit with Doll Domination, their second album. As well, T-Pain and T.I. will be coming out with their newest CD’s entitled Thr33 Ringz and Paper Trail respectively. And for all the country fans, Faith Hill will be introducing a new album entitled

Joy to the World, which will be a Christmas CD. This is her newest album since she released The Hits, a compilation album of her best hits. In addition, Old Crow Medicine Show will be premiering with a new CD called Tennesse Push, which will be their newest one since Down Home Girl in 2006. With all of these releases and more, it’s bound to be a pretty solid month for all the music lovers out there. I know many Disney fans are so eagerly awaiting the next Hanna Montana CD, but it looks like they’ll have to wait a little longer.

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