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Marone Abraham


Drawling of Ronchamp Architects design asthetically we invison spaces and things to look pleasing. It is in our inherit nature to desire such beauty. You see we Architects are humans, and as humans we want to see and live in beauty.


Gemotric Study usign the ďŹ bonacci sequence But as Architects we cannot forget about how things become real. You see art and science coexist with each other in harmony no one is greater. For if we lose art then beauty would be lost, and if we lose science logic, and reasoning would be gone. We have contuine to rember the fundmentals of which will have devloped.

Habital Vessel The Habital Vessel is a study of how space can be manpulated. Space has always understood as static and unchangable, but what if spaces could expand and subtract . The Habital Vesel Explores these Ideas in the use of Moving Partions and Transforming facaeds. The the design was focus on trying to transform a 15’ By 15’ box into a livable reading home for my client. Here Two Partion move simultaneousl, by a two triangle pieces hidden under the floor planing allowing for a space that can be transformed multidimensionally.


Moving Partitions

Multiplex Kinetics


Double Volume





Exploded Axonometric

Further into the study we see an further in depth look into the the Kentics of the Habital Vessel. If you look at the bottom of the Exploded Axon you see what mechanical parts help create a simutantuoes movement. You can also see with the use of the diagrams to demonstrate program. The page on the right is of Elevations of the projects.






Gate House

The Gate House is a project where I was commisoned to design a entry gate for my client Rowan Atkinson. In this project I need to design a Gaurds realm that contained Entry, and Threshold conditions. I futher want to use this as an opputuntiy to explore the use of a desing that is balaced. To do this I created a symetrical Area but an asymertical plan. Also composing the ideals of Interior vs exterior spaces to differicate the expeicence of the individual. The Gate House was trying to blur the line of the home and the extrior world, becoming one idea. Creating a space of Harmony To Further enrich this ideal the design uses viewports and axises to lead ones eyes from one piont of the domain to the next. essentially connecting spaces that would otherwise be serperate. Knowing it true purpose the realm enforces the usage of a wall to emclose the guards realm.

Floor Plan

Roof Plan


Exterior vs Interior



Gate Entry


Gateway and portal


Site Plan

Ghosted Axonametric


Walkways and Axes

Symmetrical Spaxes


Image of view ports created. Here you see a framed view to the exterior world. Iterating ideals to connect spaces.

Here you see an indented wall which creates a sense of destation for the guard. So as he is inside he eyes lead him into this space, which further helps connected the space in harmony.

In order to connected the site, visual axises need to be created to help give the idea that one can just walk out when in facted the window is in the way.

Lasty in order to indcate an entrance the architecture must lead ones eyes to a located. So as one enconters the gate he will be lead toard this entrance.

Pandolfini Repository

This Repsoitory is a project where we were assigneted to create an addition that would correct the exterior room, as well as create a space that would celebrate the work of Rapheal. Placing the expansion to the right of the site helps to define not only the site but the exterior room. This also allows for a direct axis from the street to the addition indicating the entrance. Additionally it location enables the pandolinfi to be connected to its expansion throught the means of a coverd corridor.

First Floor

Second Floor

Architecture Portfolio /Marone Abraham  
Architecture Portfolio /Marone Abraham