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Rare Illustrated Books of Henri Matisse


Gravures Originales sur le theme de Chant de Minos 1981 2 volumes. 81 full page of original linocuts by Matisse)

Gravures Originales sur le theme de Chant de Minos 1981 Paris: Les HĂŠritiers de l'Artiste, 1981. One of 100 numbered copies. PasiphaĂŠ, Chant de Minos is a contemporary retelling of the classic tale PasiphaĂŤ and the Minoan bull by Henry de Montherlant.

Volume 1, Chant de Minos: with 41 original numbered full-page linocuts. Matisse for this illustrations took as his model ancient Greek background vase painting, in the intention of capturing the spirit of the classic tale

Gravures Originales sur le theme de Chant de Minos 1981 - Volume 1 Chant de Minos Matisse selected the most inspirational phrases from de Montherlant's Pasiphaé poem (1944) and created several variations for each of them.

« Et il faudra mourir sans avoir tué le vent »

Gravures Originales sur le theme de Chant de Minos 1981 Volume 1 Chant de Minos

« Dors, dormeuse aux longs cils »

Gravures Originales sur le theme de Chant de Minos 1981 Volume 1 Chant de Minos

« Mais soudain le soleil, secouant sa crinière »

Gravures Originales sur le theme de Chant de Minos 1981 Volume 2 Pasiphaé

« Elle y pose sa joue… elle l’embrasse»

Gravures Originales sur le theme de Chant de Minos 1981 Volume 2 Pasiphaé

«J'irai à ce que j'ai voulu, sans fierté, comme sans remords»

Jeune fille aux boucles brune. Lithograph signed and numbered 36/100 by Matisse in pencil. l'Art d'Aujourd'hui Paris 1924.

APOLLINAIRE Rouveyre, Andre. Paris: Raisons d'Etre, 1952. One of 330 numbered copies on "velin d'arches a la forme“. 11 original prints, printed by Mourlot.

The covers are pochoires by Matisse.

APOLLINAIRE One etching with aquatint on the left 7 lithographs printed by Mourlot.

PIERRES LEVÉES Paris: Flammarion, 1948 Jules Romains de l’Académie Française. One of 340 copies. Original Lithograph signed by Matisse in pencil.

REPLI Original illustrated Pochoir covers by Matisse

Four Linogravoures in Black and White


12 original lithographs on white and gray paper

Paris Éditions du BÊlier, 1947. Total edition of 370 copies One of 35 DELUXE copies with an extra suite of 12 lithographs.

Sainte Catherine 25 novembre 1946 Palais de Chaillot. Edite par le Journal Ce Soir

One original lithograph signed and numbered by Matisse. Four Lithographs by: Laurencin, BĂŠrard, Matisse and Picasso

14 Lithographs in sanguine 17 linogravoures in black and white

VISAGE Les Éditions du Chêne Paris 1946 Limited numbered edition of 250 copies

DESSINS DE HENRY MATISSE Paris: 1925 Editions des Quatre Chemins One of 100 DELUXE copies with an original etching signed and numbered in pencil.

It also contains 64 lithographic reproductions of Matisse unpublished drawings, from 1898 to 1925.

Le Poème Pulvérisé René Char Paris: Editions Fontaine 1947 One of 50 copies, On Johannot, signed by Char. With a an original linogravoure Signed in pencil by Matisse

LE SIGNE DE VIE One of 300 copies with an original lithograph of Matisse signed in pencil.

On the right two of the six reproductions of Matisse drawings

LE SIGNE DE VIE Tristan Tzara Paris : Bordas 1946 Four of the six reproductions of Matisse drawings

Vie et mort de Richard Winslow

Franz Villier Paris: Éditions du Bèlier 1947 Limited in 40 copies. With an original lithograph signed by Matisse in pencil

UNA FÊTE EN CIMMÉRIE George Duthuit. Paris: Tériade Éditeur, 1963 31 lithographs of Matisse.

UNA FÊTE EN CIMMÉRIE Limited in 130 copies. Matisse’s inspiration for this graphic creation was drawn from photographic documents and Eskimo mask. The illustrations specifically recreate the sense of the fest in the Eskimo culture

ALTERNANCE Paul Eluard and others. Paris, Le Gerbier, 1946. One Etching of Matisse signed and dated in plate. Also contain 15 etchings of Laurencin, Lhote, Villon and others

Mariana Alcoforado (1640-1723) lived in Our Lady of the Conception Convent in Beja.

With 15 full-page and 80 smaller lithographs by Matisse.

Lettres d'une religieuse portugaise Marianna Alcaforado Paris: Teriade, 1946 Matisse leads us along the course of the passionate love affair of the nun from Beja, depicting the imaginary portraits of Mariana with delicate and at the same time tormented contours. This work showcases Matisse's brilliance as a draughtsman

LETTRE PORTUGAISES De luxe edition with an extra Suite of 12 lithographs

Lettres Ă Lou

Apollinaire Guillaume. Geneve Pierre Cailler, 1955. With one original linocut by Matisse.

Charles Baudelaire Poem illustrated by Matisse. Paris: La Bibliothèque Française, 1947.

33 full-page photo-lithographs

Original etching on chine appliqué

29 portraits of women in which Matisse captures expressions and gestures of the passionate and loving feminine nature

Portfolio of eight pochoir prints and two collotypes by Braque, Derain, Dufy, Gris, Leger, Lurcat, Masson, Matisse, Picasso and Rouault. From an edition of 1000

Mallarme, Stephane. Lausanne: Albert Skira, 1932. Illustrated with 29 original etchings by Matisse.

Matisse used his extraordinary ability to master line pure and essential to realizing the 29 drawings from which the etchings derive. Using the economy of the thin, engraved line with no shading in order not to overpower the ethereal quality of MallarmĂŠ poetry

Verve13. Henri Matisse : De La Couleurs Teriade, E. Paris: Editions de la Revue Verve First Edition. 1945 La Chute d'Icare lithography reproduction of gouache cutout

MATISSE Catalogue RaisonnĂŠ des Ouvrages IllustrĂŠs Claude Duthuit Paris 1988 A must have for all Matisse collectors. Reference book of Matisse illustrated work. One of the 125 copies numbered out of commerce with an eau-forte original in Japan Imperial monogrammed in plate.

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Marninart Henri Matisse  
Marninart Henri Matisse  

Rare Illustrated Books of Henri Matisse