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Diamond wires

We produce excellence e. We create and adapt our creations to guarantee you stay ahea ad of your competitors. We are e wherever you need us, right whe en you need us, thanks to ourr direct and indirect sales network covering c more than 60 countries. We are punctual, precise and re eliable. We are the right choic ce, the ideal partner to give added value v to your company. We arre DELLAS.

Dellas: the value of our o products stems from the t values of our people.

Dellas S.p.A. s Via Pernisa, 12 s 37023 Lugo di Grezzana G (Verona) s Italy s Tel. +39 045 8801522 s Fax +39 045 8801302

Marmo Macchine International n. 96  
Marmo Macchine International n. 96  

Gennaio / Marzo 2017