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DangDoot – Highly Extensible WordPress Ecommerce theme Thank you for downloading Dangdoot. Before you install and start using your theme, please read the following instructions and helping guide below:

1-Setting Up Wordpress Go to Settings -> Permalinks on the admin sidebar, and then select the Common Settings you desired, do not use the Default. If your .htaccess file were writable, we could do this automatically, but it isn’t so these are the mod_rewrite rules you should have in your .htaccess file. Click in the field and press CTRL + a to select all.

2-Installing WP Shopping Cart Plugin You can download at

Installing the plugin: a) Place your wp-e-commerce folder into the wp-content/plugins folder of your

wordpress install. b) Go to your Wordpress Admin and activate your plugin.

3-Installing Dangdoot It is highly suggested that you activate Appcloud on a clean Wordpress installation. Though you will experience no big trouble if you activate Appcloud on an existing Wordpress blog, it will be much easier if you set everything up from scratch:

Installing the theme: a) Place your Dangdoot folder for wordpress theme into the wp-content/themes folder

of your wordpress install. b) Go to your Wordpress Admin and activate your theme. c) Place your Dangdoot folder for wp-e-commerce theme into the wpcontent/plugins/wp-e-commerce/themes. d) Go to Products -> Settings on the admin sidebar, select the Presentation tab, and then on Product Page Settings select the Dangdoot theme.

wp-e-commerce plugin

4-Setting Up Dangdoot Category Do not start using your theme before you finish setting up your theme by following this guide. After you activate your theme, you have to create one needed categories: Featured By going to Products -> Categories option on the admin sidebar, then click the ‘+ Add new category to the "Categories" Group’ link. You just need to put the name of our needed categories, you can leave the rest then click “Add Group” button.

5-Featured Products If you want to create a featured product, edit the product you desired to be the featured, and then select the Featured category as part of the product categories. The Featured category name would not appear on the front-end.

6-Product Image If you want to put the big product image, upload your product image using Add New Media module at the Wordpress Admin Side Links, after you have done upload the product image. Edit the product, put below requirement on the “Custom Meta”: Name : product_picture Description: “the full URL of your product image that previously uploaded” Width maximal 390 pixel The product_picture Custom Meta would not appear on the front-end. Add Thumbnail Product You can add the thumbnail at product image Select files and choose the thumbnail that you need it.

7-Create blog pages by default the home already has its own list of blog post, but if you need blog pages (that list all of your blog entries, just like the usual wordpress theme). you can create new page, name it anything but don't forget to choose a custom theme named "Page blog". save it, and you got your blog page. (make sure its a top level pages, so it will come up in menu)

8-Changing Banners icon and texts 1. for header banner you can change at line 171 on header.php 2. to change the link on 3 icons below header (Rss, mail and twitter) it's on the headerephp at line 202 to 204 3. to Change the "Follow us" Socializing icons and link on sidebar, open the sidebar.php and edit the line 77 - 81 4. sidebar banner (4 banner) could be edited on sidebar.php at line 86 -89

5. to edit the lower pages banner, including checkout, and product pages, and other pages using default template, its located on the 69th line of page.php 6. and for "blog page" banner , you'll find at 78th line of page-blog.php 7. If you wan to edit the footer text its on the footer.php ,34th line 8. to edit the footer icon and link its on footer.php line 38,42, and46 9. and last but not least, if you have google analytics code put on the 73th line of footer.php

Enjoy! If you have any questions, feel free to email me at, thank you! And please don’t remove our link at Dangdoot Footer, if you want to remove it, please contact us