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14 ICLA Update: Missiology Forum 2009 News Update: 3rd Claret Unity Cup

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MEN ON FIRE WITH LOVE! “If you are who you are made to be you will set the world ablaze!” The line is not from Claret but from one of the congregation’s patron saints, St. Catherine of Siena. But it might as well be what our Father Founder would say if he were to speak to us today. And as your brother, allow me to use these words to bring home a message. I actually quoted this line during one of my inspired interventions during the General Chapter, which I would like to share with you. My dear brothers, fresh from the spirit-filled event of the XXIV General Chapter, I bring you fire! This is the same fire referred to by Claret in his Definition of a Missionary, which is at the center of the Chapter reflection. This is the flame of Divine Love that defines our identity as Claretian Missionaries. This is the stuff that we are made of as Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. “The fire of grace… over time, gets covered with ashes caused by the coldness of the atmosphere of the world which surrounds us, by our lukewarmness, by laziness in work, the fear of persecutions and the inconsistency of our resolutions; such ashes have the fire of charity covered up as if dead; what is needed is to rake it, fan it, and add fuel to make it return to life and make it flame.” These words of Claret from El Colegial Instruido more than a century reverberate to us his sons today. They are more relevant than ever when many of our brothers are gradually losing their passion for the mission, their response to the vocation, their faithfulness to our profession. This situation of our congregation is what we reflected on during the Chapter and we asked ourselves: “How are we to live our missionary vocation today? How do we feel within each of us this fire of charity that, as if ‘enkindle our hearts,’ urges us on to desire “to set the whole world ablaze with the fire of divine love’? What do we need to feed this fire and to pass it on to the new generations of Claretians? For us the chapter experience was a powerful call to love our Claretian missionary vocation with renewed enthusiasm.” My dear brothers, let us respond to the call of God in our world, Church and the congregation as “men on fire with love” – our identity, our vocation, our being, who we are made to be so we can set the world ablaze.

Fr. Rene Manubag, CMF Provincial Superior


WHAT’S NEW IS OLD BUT BETTER Reflection on the XXIV General Chapter

By Fr. Benedict S. Dilag, CMF


’m blessed to be part of the XXIV General. I’m humbled by the experience to be in communion with 77 other fellow Claretians reflecting and responding on the call of God today in our world, the Church and Congregation. Allow me to share with you my homily during the last mass of the English-speaking group which is a summary of my experience in that Spirit-filled event. “The Chapter has been asking how do we live our missionary vocation today to better serve the Kingdom of God. In asking ourselves about our identity we are not looking for a new definition … today there are many questions and challenges for which we need new answers. The experiences of the Spirit are not received only to be preserved, but to be deepened and developed, with an openness towards an ever new and creative action.” (MFL 28) During the Chapter we were re­ discovering our new name, new family, new lifestyle, new sending, new way… New wine, new skin? Obviously this is the easiest way to relate the Gospel with what we have done in the Chapter. From this understanding, we can easily and eagerly set things anew. But Jesus also said, “No one who has tasted old wine is eager to get new wine, but says: The old is good” (Lk 5:39). This sounds like a contradiction, a complica-

tion even. But this paradox, is what is really new in the Chapter. Not that we are saying something new or going to do something new. As a matter of fact, we are reviving something old… The quotation from Claret in the beginning of Part III of our new document tells us clearly and concisely what we have expressed in 65 paragraphs and 40 pages on how to rekindle the waning fire of God’s love in us and others: “We need to fan the bellows with the fuel of prayer, meditation, spiritual reading, joy, vigilance of spirit, study and a major effort toward the virtues…” Old wine … good wine … the Spirit that can make young men see visions and old men dream dreams (Acts 2:17). I have never drank so much wine in my life as I had in Clarehotel [We were served wine every lunch and dinner]. As they say, when in Rome… And in the Chapter, with the capitular community, my cup runneth over… Even though I was one of the youngest and greenest there, I was intoxicated by the exquisiteness of the vintage of our Claretian Missionary Vocation which I re-experienced and rediscovered in that Spirit-filled event.

A bottle of good old Claret, a new skin full of wine – old yet new – is what I carry with me and share with my brothers. I will take a glassful of Claret daily, regularly, until the fire within is continuously burning and the world around me is set ablazed by God’s love. Am I drunk? The scribes and Pharisees asked Jesus, “Why is it that your disciples eat and drink?” Jesus said to them, “You can’t make the wedding guests fast while the bridegroom is with them…” My dear brothers, Jesus, the groom is with us, his disciples and missionaries, that’s why we keep on drinking the good old and ever new wine Claret fermented and bottled for us. And no, we are not drunks; we are just ourselves – men on fire with God’s love!

NEW GENERAL COUNCIL Superior General: Fr. Josep M. Abella (Spain). Re-elected. Prefect of Formation: Fr. Mathew Vattamattam (India). Re-elected. Prefect of Spirituality: Fr. Gonzalo Fernández (Spain). Re-elected. Prefect of Apostolate: Fr. Agustín Monroy (Colombia). New. Prefect of Economy: Fr. Domingo Grillía (Argentina). Re-elected. Consultor, No Prefecture: Fr. Emmanuel Edeh (Nigeria). New. Consultor, No Prefecture: Fr. Paul Smyth (United Kingdom). New. (Vicar)


SAMCC’s 4th DAOP-PALAD Inter-seminary Encounter

By Sem. Nash Ryan Custodio Arcena

Rector of Claret Seminary.    DAOP-PALAD started with a Eucha­ristic Ce­ lebration with Fr. Restituto Audal, Jr., CMF, the Director of Claret Retreat House and the Local Superior of the Claret Seminary as the main celebrant. After the mass, a Cheering competition followed which adorned the Claret School grounds in Blue, Red, Green and Yellow representing the team colors. It was filled with yells and laughter as each team shouted their hearts out. Each team soared high as they moved and shook their bodies; even the Professors and Priests participated in the competition. After the cheering competition, the

seminarians of Alagad ni Maria took over and sponsored some parlor games. At 12 noon, all participants gathered in the gymnasium for the “special” lunch, where the Professors were the ones who served the students. When all were full, they relaxed for a while before starting the ball games: basketball, volleyball, and badminton. There was adrenalin rushing as the games were held and all were really doing their best in order to clinch the top and to be declared as the champion. After the games were finished, Kevin Mark Rendor, the College Student Council chairman, announced the winners and all were indeed joyful as their team names were called and received the awards. Overall champion for this year’s DAOP-PALAD was the Blue Team. All were indeed thankful to this year’s sponsors, most especially to the Dean, Dr. Beulah D. Nuval, for sponsoring three trophies and to the Professors and Formators who also shared prizes and cash.


fter intense philosophical discussions and some lengthy psychological interpretations, the St. Anthony Mary Claret College (SAMCC) held the 4th DAOP-PALAD Inter-seminary Encounter, an annual sports gathering of the Administrators, Professors, Formators and Students, at Claret School of Quezon City last August 23, 2009. DAOP-PALAD was institutionalized last 2006 in line with the Feast of the Claretian Martyrs of Barbastro, by Fr. Victor F. Sadaya, CMF, College President and

Administrators and faculty of Claret School with the seminarians.

provincial bulletin • 3rd quarter 2009


CLARET SEMINARY and Claret Foundation Day brought the Clare­tian family together, including priests, seminarians from Saint Anthony Mary Claret College Seminary (SAMCCS), the pre-postulants, postulants, theologians and sisters from the Religious of Mary Immaculate Claretian Missionary Sisters.

Foundation Day Celebrated

By Pre-Postulant Sandy Bahia

“And so, I vow to God, chastity, poverty, and obedience…”


arking the 160th Foundation Day of Claret Congregation, at least nine brothers made their renewal of temporal religious profession at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish in Quezon City last July 16, 2009. Committed in the community of apostolate life of this congregation of


Missionaries, Sons of the Immaculate Heart of the Blessed Virgin Mary are Claretian Scholastics Arvin Bellen, Efren Decrito, Paul Van Luyen, James Maung Maung Tan, Charles Jocris Mortela, Peter Phan Van Dat, Thomas Tran Van Kiem, Joseph Ray Villarin, and John Xue Rui Jun. The renewal of profession was received by the Rev. Fr. Renato Manubag, CMF, the Provincial Superior of Claretian Missionaries, Philippine Province. We’re gathered here The celebration of the profession

provincial bulletin • 3rd quarter 2009

Talk and play The afternoon visit of the college seminarians at Claret School of Quezon City was the highlight of the feast day. One to two seminarians were assigned in a particular classroom for their vocation experience sharing. Sem. Nelson Doctama Jr., a sophomore student who was assigned to Grade Five pupils for story sharing, found it hard when dealing with the kids. “Ang gulo nila…pero nakinig naman sila (they are so rowdy there, but at least they listened),” Sem. Doctama said. On the other hand, Sem. Brian Is­ leta, a freshman who was placed with the 4th year students was in great surprise after experiencing the students’ hospitality. “Mababait sila at magagaling (They are kind and smart),” Sem. Isleta said. At 4:00 pm, Claret college seminarians versus the postulants, theologians and priests amused the audience in a basketball game at Claret School covered court. Though non-stop heavy rain poured throughout the Foundation Day, the ce­ lebration was so much fun.


Claretian Publications Won Catholic Book Award in CMMA


he book written by Ms. Angelica Viloria, “Mom’s a Stewardess (Or Why There Is No Vacation From Your Vocation) won in the Family Life Category. Two books published by Claretian Publications were finalists in two categories in the Cardinal Sin Catholic Book Awards: Gregory Palamas’ Theo-Anthropology and Mysticism According to the Philokalia by Fr. Samuel Canilang, CMF (Theology) and Basic Ecclesial Classroom: A Challenge for Catholic Schools by Fr. Jimmy Dominguez Tablan (Pastoral). The 31st Catholic Mass Media Awards was held last October 14, at 5 p.m. at the San Carlos Seminary Auditorium on EDSA, Guadalupe, Makati City with this year’s theme: “Promoting a Culture of

Respect, Dialogue and Friendship in the Digital Generation,” based on the message of Pope Benedict XVI for World Communications Day on May 24. ARCHBISHOP Edward Joseph Adams, papal nuncio to the Philippines, was the guest of honor and speaker. Fr. Benedict S. Dilag, CMF, Executive Director of Claretian Publications and the present Chairman of the Asian Catholic Communicators, Inc, was one of the presentors of awards that night. The CMMA, an annual project of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Manila, honors the most outstanding valuesbased mass media workers and projects produced over the past year.

Fr. Elias Ayuban, CMF, Ms. Angelica Viloria, Bp. Francisco Claver, DD, SJ, and Fr. Benedict Dilag, CMF.

Claretian Publications received citation for loyalty at the 30th MIBF


laretian Publications was given a citation for loyalty at the 30th Manila International Book Fair (MIBF) held at the SMX Convention Center (Mall of Asia) from September 16-20, 2009. It is to be noted that Claretian Publications has participated in twenty out of the thirty years that this annual premiere book event in the country has been in held. For this year, the MIBF served as a venue to launch the Bible

Diary, Pandesal and Daily Gospel for 2010. The highlight of the CCFI’s participation in the book fair, however, was the Asian Catholic Communicators, Inc. (ACCI)’s launching of the Popular Edition of the Christian Community Bible by Fr. Alfredo Vargas, CMF, a Scripture professor at the Institute for Consecrated Life in Asia (ICLA), on September 18, 2009. Also launched in the same event by ACCI was the Study Edition of Caritas in Veritate.

Fr. Alfredo Vargas, CMF, explains the “The Popular Edition of the CCB”.

provincial bulletin • 3rd quarter 2009





community life


Fr. Efren Limpo Lo, CMF

“Christian existence cannot be realized without or outside a community.”

– Schnakenberg


ommunity life means to belong. In the heart of every man’s life is the inherent yearning to belong, to be in communion with others. Young people of today yearn for experience of communion. This explains the great emergence of fraternities, sororities, gangs, and clubs among many. Through the passing of seasons, and the changing circumstances of our formative journey, often we find ourselves among those who do not only desire for communion but also struggle to achieve it, taste it and live in it. In the seminary, we often painfully stumble on the difficulty of relating and being one with persons whom we did not even choose. We are made to believe that they are gifts, not least, blessings from God, but our collective experience tells us that sometimes, they are our curse. The idiosyncrasies of our brothers are at times way “beyond us”, beyond our comprehension, and if you may, beyond love. We find it hard to accept some persons who do not suit our sensibilities, neither share our lofty aspirations nor sing the sweet and bitter songs


of our life. They are persons with whom we have difficulty feeling that warmth which emanates from real fraternal love, real friendship, and real brotherhood. We make an effort to extend ourselves, our capacity to love and our patience, but to no avail. Still, conflicts are inevitable and our own human frailties embitter our living together. They cause us pain more than joy, nightmare more than pleasant dreams. Embraces become cold, apathetic and eerie, what used to be pretty and colorful becomes dreadful and gray. We find no soothing melody amid a stark broken orchestra. Our community has become an inescapable Hades in our pursuit towards that sunny and pearly Olympian dwelling. How we struggle to walk humbly with brothers who have hurt us is an enduring herculean challenge. Along the journey, we try varied means to live in a peaceful, joyful, worth-celebrating relationship with them because we believe that it is God who gave them to us. While communion is a gift, it is also a task. It is a responsibility which we must assume with utmost care coupled with God’s abiding provincial bulletin • 3rd quarter 2009

grace. Our personal efforts and God’s mercy are two indispensable elements that will help us hurdle our difficulties of relating, of living with others, especially because each one is unique, with his own taste and temperament. True enough, while we marvel at the beauty of our inimitable human singularity, we should also be in awe at our differences. We have to believe that we can paint rainbows regardless of our particular color. Looking at the disciples of Jesus, we will, beyond a shadow of a doubt, notice that they are distinct from each other. The heterogeneity of the twelve was intentionally done by Jesus in order to signify his desire of bringing people with no distinction. Thus, we who follow Jesus “in community” must live and act as signs of perpetuity of our Lord’s purpose to the world, notwithstanding our differences. Often our weakness marks our difference, our distinctiveness. However, precisely through our weakness, God reveals his message of love and communion. Our coming together, our communion therefore carries with it a fundamental function, that is, to serve as a witness of God’s intimate desire of friendship and love for people. It is by your love that all will know that you are my disciples if you have love for one another (Jn. 13:35). Community life then, is an essential Continuation on page 8




hese are the eleven young priest participants of the Quinquennium held in Guimaras Island, Frs. Amador Tumabaga, CMF, Resty Audal, CMF, Mauricio Ulep, CMF, Dennis Tamayo, CMF, Eduardo Ricaborda, CMF, Anthony Carreon, CMF, Benedict Dilag, CMF, Ralden Mercadejas, CMF, Gilbert Queñano, CMF, Antonino Eucapor, CMF, Efren Limpo, CMF. The encounter was facilitated by Frs. Victor Sadaya, CMF and Benedict Dilag, CMF. The latter gave a


talk about “Living Our Strengths,” while Fr. Victor moderated the said gathering and the role of the quinquenio group in the upcoming Provincial Chapter. It was a moment laden with fraternal sharing about the situation of each young priest in their respective ministries. The journey towards that place proved to be so memorable and fun-filled for the participants. The first mass was presided by Fr. Ralden Mercadejas, CMF, the next day by Fr. Efren Limpo, CMF; and on the

rd rd provincial bulletin • 3•rd 2009 provincial bulletin 3 quarter quarter 2009

third day, by Fr. Victor Sadaya, CMF, who capped the encounter with gratitude and fervent hope for all of us. After the gathering, the priests visited the Trappists Monastery and had a short encounter with one of the extern monk. They also passed through the RMI Claretian Missionary Sisters’ house in Guimaras, where they had lunch while the family of Fr. Benedict Dilag, CMF welcomed the priests to their home for the night in Iloilo Province.



The Claretian

Middle Group Encounter


he Claretian Middle Group Encounter was held on September 21-24, 2009 in Guimaras Island. The first two days were devoted to a seminar workshop with the theme “An Attempt at Individuation Through Integration: Two Phases of Lifecycle” by Carl Jung. The seminar was facililated by Pura Ordona. The facilitator led the participants to getting

FROM COMMUNITY LIFE… from on page 6

part of the “formation” of those who want to follow Jesus by bringing into fulfillment the mission through witness of communion. A concrete way to do this is manifested in our daily Eucharistic meal. Each coming to the table of the Lord is an experience of communion. By the simple act of sitting around Jesus’ table, we express our desire for each other, for mutual nourishment. In the Eucharist, (the holy banquet table) we receive sustenance


in touch with their gifts and shadows and how they (gifts and shadows) can be oriented to good purpose. The seminar was very fruitful as it provided the participants ample time for sharing of personal experiences. The remaining two days were spent for further bonding and camaraderie in Isla Miguel.

for our fraternal life. The Eucharist draws us together to community where we encounter each other with our needs for forgiveness, understanding, affirmation, acceptance, love, and friendship. We can make our community life truly “Eucharistic” if we make alive the intimacy that dwell between Jesus and the community of disciples through our fervent disposition to come together, to love and to accept one another. We must show such disposition by experiencing the gift of one another, listening to his many stories, reflections, day’s events, realizations, frusprovincial bulletin • 3rd quarter 2009

trations, desolations and how these speak to us in our faith life. There, our heart vibrates with life, enflamed by the fire of Christ’s love. We are filled with so much love that we are summoned to share it. Jesus has to leave the table and so are we. We who receive and experience the gift of fraternal communion are sent by Jesus to the whole world. Our mission is to draw people back to the Father’s table, the great Eucharistic table. The challenge of community life is to risk together; disarming our individuals hearts and widening it to welcome the world.



Apostolate E

Grades 1 to 3 students during their exposure.

very summer, Bajau children who attend school from Grade 1 to College have their educational trip in Zamboanga City. For this year, we conducted a mini-Bajau Peace Camp at the Claret School of Zamboanga City. With their growing number, we decided to have two batches: that of the Grades 1-3 pupils and the Grade 4 to College students. This activity provided them the opportunity to appreciate the value of peace in their lives. It also aims to make them more aware of themselves and provide them more time to share and get to know each other. The school year 2009-2010 formally started last June 13, 2009. We have enrolled 390 Bajau students from six Bajau communities (five from the town of Maluso and one from Latawan). There is an increase of 30 students for this school year. We also considered helping non-Bajaus in Pangasaan area due to the clamour of the people for the education of their children. The Day Care Center in Pangasaan was closed for some years due to lack of support from the local government. We were able to register 47 non-Bajau pre-schoolers, who are mostly Tausugs. We are now facilitating the school needs of 437 children. Among the adult Bajaus, we registered 216 for adult formal education program.

Grade 4 to college students.

provincial bulletin • 3rd quarter 2009


Table 1: Bajau Enrollees for SY 2009-2010 Level of Education

Maluso Area

Pangasinan Area TOTAL

Pre-school 1



Pre-school 2












High School College GRAND TOTAL:




Last July 30, 2009, the 13th year Foundation Anniversary of the Claret Samal Foundation, Inc. (CSFI) was meaningfully celebrated with a Scripture sharing of the CSFI staff. We feel blessed with the continued protection and guidance of the Lord as we accompany our Bajau brethren God has been so good. Amidst the reality of violence and “unpeace” in Basilan, He allowed us to establish buildings for the formation and well-being of the Bajaus. The Bajau Wellness Sanctuary (BWS) and the Water Tank were finally finished on August 31, 2009. The BWS is the second building we completed for this year. Last January 26, 2009 the construction of Bajau Formation Center (BFC) which was started sometime in May 2008 was accomplished; however, we waited for the second building to be finished for us to conveniently use the entire compound. We call this place Bajau Formation and Wellness Sanctuary. It will be a symbolic place of refuge among the Bajaus in Maluso – a place to form their values in life, enrich their knowledge and skills or talents, a place of health care using traditional and alternative medications for sick Bajaus who will be readied to be referred to hospitals, if needed, for proper medications. It will also be a place to conduct the feeding of those Bajau children who are going to school. Likewise, Pre-school II classes will be held here as well as the on-going formation of the Bajaus to become Health Assistants. Training-Workshops to enhance their livelihood will be made available here, too, as well as meetings, counseling sessions for their various needs and classes to make them appreciate better their identity, culture and spirituality. We would like to extend our sincerest thanks to Conferenza Episcopale Italiani for the construction of the BFC, Manos Uni-


das for the BWS and Proclade-Madrid for the Water Tank. The Bajaus will conduct their thanksgiving ritual on September 18, 2009 to commence our formal use of the place. It will be done before their general assembly on the said date. The blessing is scheduled during the second day of the Bajau Ongka-Ongka or Bajau Festival which will be on November 20-22, 2009.We intend to transfer the entire operation of CSFI to this place by the last quarter of 2009. We are also looking forward to the forthcoming educational trip of the Bajaus who are involved in the enhancement of the Bajau mat weaving and handicraft industry. This trip called LAKBAY ARAL: Unang hakbang sa pagpapakilala ng HINA­ NGAN BAJAU sa lipunan is in collaboration with Claret School of Quezon City and Peace and Equity Foundation. It will orient and expose committed Bajaus to the mainstream market of their product and at the same time find potential buyers, retailers or sellers while they are trained to improve the quality of the craft of their products and create more saleable items in the market. This Lakbay Aral is to be done in Metro Manila on October 14-22, 2009. Indeed, we anticipate a brighter future for our Bajau brethren as they strive to improve their way of earning a living and become better persons everyday of their lives.

provincial bulletin • 3rd quarter 2009


Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish - Maluso Parish Assembly

Participants of the IHMP-Maluso Parish assembly.


parish assembly was held last August 2, 2009 at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish-Maluso in preparation for the Pastoral Assembly of the Prelature of Isabela,

which is organized every six years. The event was the culmination of the series of evaluations, consultations and planning held in the previous months. Forty participants attended the gathering: lay leaders of the Basic Ecclesial Communities, the Kaabags, members of the Parish Pastoral Council, all leaders of different parish organizations, the Parish Youth Council, sisters of the Daughters of Charity, Fr. Dennis G. Tamayo, CMF, and Sr. Ruth Diaz, SFIC, Pastoral Coordinator of the Prelature of Isa­ bela. The hallmark of the assembly is the revision of the parish’s Vision-Mission and the planning for the next three years (20092012).The revised Vision-Mission of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, Maluso, Basilan is as follows: “As sons and daughters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, we envision a Christcentered community of believers and a Church of the Poor journeying in peace, harmony and love with fellow Christians, Muslims and Samal Bajaus for integral human development in a well cared environment. We commit ourselves to nurture our Marian devotion and to work for holistic evangelization, dialogue of cultures, and justice, peace and care for environment.” There were also discussions and plans in preparation for the 50th anniversary of the parish in 2012.

Launching of the National Catechetical Month


ll volunteer catechists of the parish were gathered last Sept 5 & 6 in celebration of the National Catechetical Month. Forty-five lay and student catechists renewed their commitment through the series of talk, sharing and workshop. The launching culminated in a Eucharistic celebration and the blessing of the catechists.

provincial bulletin • 3rd quarter 2009


Parish Fiesta


he parish celebrated last August 22 the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, which follows the old date instituted by Pope Pius XII in 1944 before it was moved by Pope Paul VI in 1969. Despite the rumors and

Youth Vigil in Honor of Mary


side from the Triduum mass in preparation for the birthday of our Blessed Mother, the youth, together with Sr. Lily Ventura, DC, organized a vigil in honor of the Virgin Mary last Sept 7, 2009. Around 200 youth and parishioners joined the vigil. A creative scriptural rosary and dance presentations thrilled the youth while the sharing of Bro. Jojo, Bro. Sandy and other youth on their Marian devotion enriched the participants.


provincial bulletin • 3rd quarter 2009

threats of violent attack, all the parish activities for the fiesta celebration were carried out with the support of the lay leaders, the Marine Battalion Landing Team 1, PNP, CAFGU and the rest of the volunteers.


Claret School of Quezon City

Relief Operations of survival and how they held fast to their faith in God. CSQC Relief Operations is ongoing. If there’s one very special moment that we MUST thank God for, it is the LOVE and COMPASSION that each member of this Claretian School Community has shown. Truly, this Claretian School Community is urged by the love of Christ to be involved to do whatever is urgent, timely and effective! Kudos to the Claretians!


ast September 27, 2009, some members of the F.E.E.D. with some Claretian Educator Volunteers met with Fr. Eduardo C. Apungan, CMF, to discuss the tragic situation brought about by typhoon “Ondoy”. The primary goal of the operation was to lend a helping hand to the employees of Claret School who were victims of the typhoon. Secondary goal was to share whatever goods they might be able to gather from the donations. Telephone brigades were in operation calling for volunteers and donors. Our Spiritual Director, Fr. Christopher B. Ligason, CMF, was manning the central office of the Relief Operations Center. Generosity flowed in from September 27 to date. Most of the donors and volunteers were the families of our students, the alumni, our students themselves, students

from U.P., youth group in the parish, and most especially our personnel. We were able to help clean knee- deep mud that reached not only the homes of our employees but also that of our students who called and informed us of their plight. We visited a considerable number of homes of our students, listening to their stories

provincial bulletin • 3rd quarter 2009


10:00 Break 10:30 Cultural Dance (ICLA Students) 10:45 “Entering a New Culture: An Indian Experience” – Fr. Richard Monteiro (Diocese of Varanasi, India) 11:15 “Entering a New Culture: An Indonesian Experience” – Sr. Lina Sriwahyuni, SSpS 11:30 Open Forum “Master of Ceremonies” Bro. Christopher Gorit, FMS (Philippines)

“Entering a New Culture of Experiences”



n n

An Indian Experience An Indonesian Experience A Philippine Experience A Myanmar Experience

╬ PROGRAM OF ACTIVITIES ╬ FRIDAY 8:30 Enthronement of the Bible (ICLA Students) 8:45 Welcome/Overview of the 5th Missiology Forum – Fr. Jose Maria Ruiz Marquez, CMF 9:30 “Crossing Borders toward Interbeing and Interculturality” – Fr. Edgar Javier, SVD


SATURDAY 8:30 Opening Prayer 8:45 “Entering a New Culture: A Myanmar Experience” – Fr. Zang Yaw Hpung (Diocese of Myit Kyi nan, Myanmar) 9:15 “Entering A New Culture: A Philippine Experience” – Fr. Ramon Ofredo (Archdiocese of Cebu, Philippines) 9:45 Break 10:15 Cultural Dance 10:30 Concluding Remarks – Fr. Oscar Ante, OFM 11:15 Eucharistic Celebration – Fr. Edgar Javier, SVD (presider) – Fr. Oscar Ante, OFW (homilist) “Master of Ceremonies” Sr. Mary Minoti D’Costa (Bangladesh)




Unity Cup


fter a year of hiatus, the much-awaited 3rd Claret Unity Cup began last September 15, 2009 at the Claret Gym, Claret School of Quezon City. This year, there were 12 participating teams: Claret School of Quezon City, which is


divided into three teams ASSA (Non-Teaching Staff), Grade School and High School; Claret Urban Poor Apostolate (CUPA); Claretian Publications; Claret Seminary, which includes the teams from Claret Theologate and staff of St. Anthony Mary

provincial bulletin • 3rd quarter 2009

Claret College; Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish-QC; Kapatirang Claretiano, Inc (KCI) or the Association of Former Claretian Priests and Seminarians; Claret School Alumni Association; Parents and Teachers Association of Claret School of Quezon City (PTA); and lastly, the Claret Action Force or members of security personnel of Claret School. The 12 participating teams paraded in their colorful uniforms from the main entrance of Claret School to the Gym. During the program, an interpretative dance for the doxology was rendered by the seminarians of St. Anthony Mary Claret College. This was followed by the Welcome Remarks by Fr. Eduardo Apungan, Jr., CMF, Director of Claret School of Quezon City. To inspire all the athletes, Fr. Victor Sadaya, CMF, Prefect of Spirituality and the initiator

of this Unity Cup, delivered a very inspiring message. He emphasized the importance of having an event, where all staff and personnel of the different Claretian institutions in Metro Manila could come together – to share and be acquainted with one another. Then all the team captains were invited on stage for the Claret Oath of Sportsmanship led by Sch. Joseph Villarin, CMF. To light the 3rd Unity Cup torch, the muses of the 12 participating teams relayed the torch from one team to another, as the Hymn of St. Anthony Claret was sung by the athletes. There was a fireworks display after the program, immediately followed by basketball and volleyball games. The 3rd Claret Unity Cup was hosted by Ramona Victoria from Claret School Grade School Team and Robert Laurio from Claretian Publications.

The Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish team.

The Claret School of Quezon City High School team.

The Claret Urban Poor Apostolate team.

Fr. Desiderio Martin, CMF, Fr. Victor Sadaya, CMF, and Fr. Eduardo Apungan, CMF on stage.

The Claretian Publications team. Seminarians and Staff of SAMCC.

Muses of the participating teams.

provincial bulletin • 3rd quarter 2009

15 The non-teaching staff of Claret School of Quezon City team.


Congratulations on your celebration!



OCTOBER 7 Edgar Zamudio 8 Rowan Luza 19 Samuel Canilang 24 25 Anthony Carreon


Benedict Dilag Antonino Eucapor

NOVEMBER 7 Gerard Kumar 16 Angelito Ancla 20 Bernardo Blanco 21 Arnel Alcober Elmer Cantular 29 Nicer Natulla 30 Carlos de Rivas DECEMBER 1 Leo Dalmao 2 Renato Manubag 3 Eduardo Ricaborda 8 15 Jose Maria Marquez Tran Anh Vu 22 Hailu Li 24 Christopher Ligason 25 Noel Daduya 29 Angel Calvo 31 Maximino Rodriguez

Important Dates to Remember:

September 29 – December 4, 2009

Election Period for Delegates to the XII Provincial Chapter October 16, 2009

First Ballot

November 13, 2009

Second Ballot (if needed) December 4, 2009

Third Ballot (if needed) Restituto Audal Anthony Carreon Eduardo Ricaborda Gilbert Queñano Efren Limpo Lo Ralden Mercadejas Amador Tumbaga

November 2 – 7, 2009

Provincial Retreat November 9 – 10, 2009

Pre-Capitular Assembly February 10 – 14, 2010

XII Provincial Chapter


Provincial Bulletin 3rd Quarter 2009

Fr. Benedict Dilag, CMF Editor-in-Chief Robert Laurio Editorial Coordinator Ma. Myreen Gayos Creative Artist Provincial website: Philippine Provincial Bulletin is a quarterly publication of the Claretian Missionaries in the Philippines. Published by Claretian Publications, a division of Claretian Communications Foundation, Inc., U.P. P.O. Box 4, Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines. Tel.: (02) 921-3984 • Fax: (02) 921-6205 Email: • Website:

† Rev. Fr. Domingo Moraleda y Molero, CMF 1st Death Anniversary November 1, 2009 8:30 AM Mass, ICLA

Claretian Missionaries Provincial Bulletin 3rd Quarter 2009  

Claretian Missionaries Provincial Bulletin 3rd Quarter 2009

Claretian Missionaries Provincial Bulletin 3rd Quarter 2009  

Claretian Missionaries Provincial Bulletin 3rd Quarter 2009