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News Updates: – Novitiate: 1st Evangelical Profession – Seminarians reach-out heart-to-heart talk at POC – SAMCC receives more book-gifts

6 Postulancy: The Lord’s Good Tidings

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CSFI Updates: – Fourth National Assembly for the Pastoral Care of Nomads and Bajaus in the Philippines

14 IHMP - Quezon City: – Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish @ 40

15 Claretian Publications: – Staff Development and Outing 16 Living Your Strengths Book Launching @ ABAP 17 Claret Urban Poor Apostolate (CUPA)

18 Claret School of Zamboanga City (CSZC) – Journeying towards 2015 20 Celebrations Provincial House Address: 2 Mayumi Street, U.P. Village, Diliman, 1101 Quezon City U.P. P.O. Box 4, Diliman, Quezon City Tels.: House: (02) 921-6530, 435-1210 Fax: (02) 436-0986

he working document for the XXIV General Chapter is entitled CALLED TO EVANGELIZE: Living our Missionary Vocation Today. The working document is divided into three parts: The first part, entitled Where are we?, gives a brief analysis of the situation of our world, the context of the Church in general and the Congregation in particular. The analysis highlights some of the challenges encountered by Claretian Missionaries today. The second part, entitled Men on Fire with God’s Love, offers the definition of the Claretian Missionary as the source of inspiration to deepen our understanding of our Claretian Identity. This reflects our spiritual and charismatic roots as followers of Christ. And the last part is the parameter which the Congregation will have to face in preparation for the future. Several questions are highlighted to help the chapter members to reflect and discern the proper response in terms of facing squarely the problems related to spirituality, community life, vocations and formation, apostolate, and the issue of organization and finances. This working document was a synthesis of the questionnaire sent by the General Government to all the provinces and delegations. In our contribution to the development of the theme, our province affirms that Mission is the focal point of our being and identity. We are missionaries and we exist precisely to evangelize. Our motto: “The Love of Christ impels us on.” is the raison de etre, the constitutive dimension of our identity as Claretians. This misíon, however, will not bear fruit unless we nurture a deep and regular personal and communitarian prayer, reading the Word of God and listening to His will, regularly communicating with His love in the Eucharist, and expressing our devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary. The task ahead is enormous and gigantic but the question remains the same: Are we faithful to the demands of our missionary life, of living up to the Gospel values, of the call for mission where our hearts are burning with God’s love? Are we the true Sons of the Immaculate Heart of Mary? These questions demand from us a deeper response which calls for constant renewal and conversion. May God bless us always and accompany us in our missionary journey so that we will become always the faithful servants of the Word. In Christ, Fr. Rene Manubag, CMF Provincial Superior

provincial bulletin • 2nd quarter 2009

Fr. Gonzalez uplifts student-spirit on school year’s opening By: Fr. Amador Tumbaga, CMF


hat made this school year’s opening different from the previous others is that it was just “special”.

Fr. Santiago Gonzalez, CMF, Provincial Econome, addressed his welcoming speech to philosophy students from the different congregations such as the Claretians, Congregation of the Passion, Alagad ni Maria, Servants of Charity, Sons of Charity, Eucharistic Healers of Mary and Xaverian Missionaries last June 3, 2009 at the Saint Anthony Mary Claret College Seminary (SAMCCS) Stephen Sala Chapel prior to the opening day program of the academic year 2009-2010. “You are special students… similar to the life Jesus’ disciples lived,” Fr. Gonzalez said in his speech. This year’s total number of enrollees at SAMCCS reached 129.

Seventy-seven (77) are Claretians, 21 from the Congregation of the Passion, 18 from the Alagad ni Maria Seminary, 7 from the Servants of Charity, 4 from the Sons of Charity, and one each from Xaverian Missionaries and Eucharistic Healers of Mary. Several celebrants were also recognized during the program including priests that come from the above-mentioned congregations, fa­ culty, staff, and professors. In the middle of the program, a freshman seminarian, Patrick Dustin Pahuyo, delivered his response speech wherein he emphasized the expectations of the freshmen batch from their formators, professors, and peers.

“May they (formators and professors) mold us (freshmen seminarians) to become people who are willing to serve the Lord Almighty and our brothers and sisters in need,” Pahuyu said in his speech. Before the Opening Exercises took place, the SAMCCS celebrated its annual Holy Spirit mass presided by Fr. Amador C. Tumbaga, CMF.

Announcements: Provincial Retreat: November 2 to 7, 2009

Vietnam: Superior: Fr. Angelito Ancla, CMF

Provincial Assembly: Pre-Capitular Assembly November 9 to 10, 2009

IHMP: Asst. Parish Priest: Fr. Pedro Cleofe, CMF

XII Provincial Chapter February 11 to 25, 2010

ICLA: Superior: Fr. Samuel Canilang, CMF CSQC: Board of Trustees: Fr. Christopher Ligason, CMF

provincial bulletin • 2nd quarter 2009


SAMCCS welcomes

20 New Claretian Seminarians! J

esus’ message keeps echoing to some – “Come, follow me.” 20 new faces from across the country arrived at the beginning of the Summer Program at the St. Anthony Mary Claret College Seminary (SAMCC) in Quezon City last May 1, 2009. Assisting the newcomers were the 25 incoming sophomores together with the Vocation Director, Fr. Anthony Carreon, CMF, and Formators, Fr. Victor F. Sadaya, CMF, Fr. Amador C. Tumbaga, CMF, Sch. Arvin Bellen, CMF, and Sch. Joseph Villarin, CMF. Below is a list of our new Claretian Seminarians for SY 2009-2010. 1. David Mark Andion - Surigao City 2. Jervin Bernard Antonio - Ifugao 3. Reymel John Araquil - Cotabato 4. Khin Mark Cagas - Agusan del Sur 5. Brian Isleta - Davao City 6. James Jalon - Bukidnon 7. Jonirei Layug - Bulacan 8. Jerby Lumingkit - Cagayan de Oro City 9. Ferdie Jones Madiano - Ifugao 10. Bernabe Morales - Agusan del Sur

11. Geozeel Dexter Nova - Zamboanga City 12. Patrick Dustin Pahuyo - Bukidnon 13. Wigbert Papa - Southern Leyte 14. Ven John Porras - Agusan del Sur 15. Jerome Reambonaza - Basilan 16. Jimboy Supas - Agusan del Norte 17. Evann Eric Tan - Bukidnon 18. Job Nolan Velarde - Quezon 19. Mc Kenzie Villaceran - Surigao del Sur 20. Ricardo Villones, Jr. - Misamis Occidental

Claretian Seminarians from Myanmar


our aspirants from Myanmar were admitted at Sem. Christopher Paul MinLwin Oo (26), Sem. the St. Anthony Mary Claret College Seminary Jutinus Minminhtet (23), Sem. Francisco Saw Jimmy (SAMCCS) last April 1, 2009. Htwe (23) and Sem. Edward Naing Lin Htun (22) will take up AB Philosophy for approximately four years – the foundation towards priesthood-missionary life. The four seminarians from Myan­mar also participated in the Summer Program held last May, where all of them attended the academic requirements and extra-curricular activities and gatherings in the seminary, together with the incoming freshmen and sophomore students. Sem. Christopher Paul MinLwin, Sem. Jutinus Minminhtet, Fr. Anthony Carreon, CMF (center), Sem. Francisco Saw Jimmy Htwe, and Sem. Edward Naing Lin Htun.

provincial bulletin • 2nd quarter 2009


summer program


summer rip By: Sem. Sandy Bahia, Jr.


aint Anthony Mary Claret College Seminary’s Orthopedic Center (POC) in Banawe, Manila, and at (SAMCCS) Summer Program ‘09 included the Alagad ni Maria Seminary where they had their different outings on the three Saturdays of May (9, 16, community swimming. 23), bringing the freshmen and sophomore seminarians The outings were organized by Fr. Anthony Carreon, to Enchanted Kingdom in Sta. Rosa, Laguna; the CMF, Vocation Director, to develop and improve the Quezon City Memorial Circle, where the seminarians seminarians’ sense of belongingness and camaraderie had their community jogging; at the Philippine as a community.

provincial bulletin • 2nd quarter 2009


n o v i t i a t e

1 Evangelical Profession st

By: Jay Coching


ay 03, 2009 marks the birth of two new members of the Congregation. Sch. Mike Capistrano, CMF, a Filipino from Bicol and Sch. Peter – Tran Anh Vu, CMF, from Vietnam, were initiated and accepted in the congregation as they made their First Evangelical Profession at the Claret Novitiate House, Milagro, Ormoc City. The profession started at 10:00 am. It was greeted with a thick fog, embracing the newly professed with Milagro’s romantic cold weather. Bro Peter in his thanksgiving message said that the place has truly lived up to its name as being miraculous (Milagro) as he points to the celestial ornaments of the place as his guiding instruments. The sun and the stars were the people of Milagro. The formator, the brothers, the mis­-

SAMCCS receives more book-gifts

Seminarians reach-out heart-to-heart talk at POC


he freshmen and sophomore seminarians visited the Philippine Orthopedics Center (POC) last May 23, 2009 as part of their Summer Program Exposure. Fr. Arnold Abelardo, CMF, POC chaplain, facilitated the orientation for the seminarians where they were exposed to the different wards in POC: the children, female, and spinal wards.

Fr. Renato Manubag, CMF, Provincial Superior, receives the novices to the Congregation.

More books to read!


rovincial Econome, Fr. Santiago Gonzalez, CMF, donated at least 89 books to the St. Anthony Mary Claret College Seminary (SAMCCS) last June 4, 2009. The collection includes books on spirituality, philosophical textbooks, and two volumes of encyclopedia, which are very helpful to the studies of the seminarians. Additional sets of books in SAMCCS were also donated recently by Mr. and Mrs. Levan Phap (which include Encyclopedia of the Philippines with 20 volumes; Encyclopedia Britannica with 25 volumes; and Handyman’s Encyclopedia with 21 volumes) from the Institute of Consecrated Life in Asia (ICLA). The seminary also received 50 volumes of Harvard Classics encyclopedia.

provincial bulletin • 2nd quarter 2009

sion area people, his relatives CIMT program. The profeswere the ones who guided sion became a tear jolting him through his vocational occasion as the parents emjourney in Novitiate. His braced the newly-professed family, represented by his after they were dawned with God parent, Mr. Domingo their habits. It did not spare Twin, was in support of his the emotions of the personmissionary charism. The fanel in the seminary and the ther of Bro. Mike Capistrano children’s choir who sereand his sister Cyril were also naded angelically the occain attendance. sion with both Filipino and The profession was Vietnamese religious and presided by the Rev. Fr. Claretian songs. Renato B. Manubag, After the Eucharistic CMF and other Claretian celebration and the rites, Missionaries namely: Fr. the people were treated to Leo Dalmao, CMF, Novice a sumptuous meal prepared Master, Fr. Paul Manila, by the seminary. Bro Nicer CMF, Formator of the Natulla, CMF of the CIMT Nov. Mike Capistrano, CMF, Fr. Leo Dalmao, CMF (center), Theology House Community, and Nov. Peter - Tran Anh Vu, CMF. Ormoc organized a singFr. Angelito Ancla, CMF, along program for the newlyMissionary and Formator in Vietnam, Fr.  Elmer professed at the corridor of the seminary. The different Cantular, CMF, the newly-assigned missionary for sitios in the different apostolate areas also participated the Ormoc mission. Fr. Dennis Molabola, Spiritual in the celebration. Director of the newly-professed, and Fr. Bart Pastor, At the final Eucharistic celebration before the Retreat Master of the brothers before the profession, brothers left the Novitiate house, Fr. Leo Dalmao, CMF, from the Archdiocese of Palo concelebrated in the the novice master, has shared the pains of leaving. But to have felt pain is to know that the brothers have profession. The event was privileged to have seen the faces of invested and got involved with the people of Milagro the people from the different apostolate areas under and to those who were left behind the challenged to be the guidance of the Claret Itinerant Mission Team or involved.


The Lord’s Good Tidings By: Sigfred A. Hermosa


he Lord’s generosity was stretched out to the Claretian Postulancy House. New blessings were brought when six aspirants were commenced to the Postulancy last April 28, 2009. It was really a meaningful experience for Randolf (Catanduanes), Anthony Alip (Catanduanes), Heran (Batangas), Felix (Surigao del Sur), Francis “CJ” Gao (East Asia) and Sigfred (Marinduque) who were initiated to the Claretian Postulancy Formation program. 

provincial bulletin • 2nd quarter 2009

NEWS UPDATES Prior to their initiation, they were brought into serious reflection and discernment during their five-day retreat (from April 22 to 27, 2009) at the Blessed Sacrament Sisters Retreat House in Novaliches, Quezon City. They have now begun a new chapter in their formative life as they embark on this ten-month journey

of self-understanding and radical discipleship. Let us hope and pray that these young men may continue to grow in love as brothers in the community, bound by the missionary vocation they have received and faithfully follow Jesus in the style of the apostles.

Lay Claretian Vocation Collaborators Meet in Quezon City


ive of our Lay Claretian Vocation Collaborators ternoon, they went for an outing in Pansol, Laguna (LCVC) from Luzon gathered last April 24-26, 2009 and came back to Quezon City the following day. at Claret Retreat House, Sanville Subd., Culiat, Quezon All activities were aimed at deepening and strengthCity. Also present in the said gathering were Fr. An- ening the collaboration between the Claretian Misthony Q. Carreon, CMF sionaries and the Lay (Vocation Director) and Claretian Vocation Ms. Rosevele Lopez Colla­borators. Lay (Vocation Secretary). Collaborators who A talk on Clarcame for the said gathering were Myretian Spirituality was given by Fr. Victor F. na Borjal (Camarines Sadaya, CMF (Prefect Norte), Saturnino of Spirituality) in the Carranza (Sorsogon), morning of April 25, Cherryfel Mortela (La 2009. After the talk, Union), Artemio Rathere was a group gudo (Quezon), and sharing facilitated by Honeybeth Zamudio Fr. Anthony. In the af(Albay). Lay Claretians with Fr. Anthony Carreon, CMF (3rd from left), and Ms. Rosevele “Arvi” Lopez, Vocation Secretary (2nd from left).

provincial bulletin • 2nd quarter 2009


CIMT & the Novitiate:

The Youth as the Renewed Church By: Jay Coching


he youth is the power (CIMT), who organized the 3rd house of the church”, these Youth Camp. were the words of Fr Leo Dalmao, April 21,2009 marked the first CMF, Vicar and Novice Master, step in the efforts of the CIMT in his message to the youth of in Ormoc to renew the Church Ormoc. Particularly to the youth of through the youth. The team, the 9 barangays under the care of under the directorship of the young the Claret Itinerant Mission Team visionary Bro. Nicer Natulla, CMF 

provincial bulletin • 2nd quarter 2009

has gathered the youth under the administration of the CIMT along with the Novices to enjoy a five (5)day camp at the Claret Compound. The camp was represented by the following chapels; MilagroClaret, Milagro-St. Joseph, Togonan-Ormoc, Togonan-Kananga,

Ca­bingtan-Riverside, Liberty, Mag­ la­ong, Gaas, Dolores, Luna and Danao-Cambantog. There were 183 youth who participated in the camp from the different youth groups. The camp started last April 21 until April 25, 2009. This year’s theme for the Claretian Youth camp was: “A Hopeful Journey of a Renewed Church.” The theme was drawn so as to align the Claretian Mission in Ormoc with that of the vision of the Diocese of Palo. To achieve the objectives of the theme, several modular classes were facilitated: Basic Ecclesial Community (BEC) and Basic Catechism, the Leadership Class and the Theater Arts Module. The BEC class helps to empower the youth and hopes that the youth will spearhead church activities like the Flores de Mayo in the coming month and to make the youth be aware and be participative in their respective community’s BEC activities. The Leadership Class was given so as to guide the youth’s energy in leading the renewal of the Church. The Theater Arts Class was facilitated by Bro. Martin Ele, which the youth really looks forward to attend, which also aims to foster in the youth creativity of expression especially in the liturgy of the church, as they were required to present liturgical dances and songs during the daily mass. The Camp was also graced by several guest speakers during the evening bonfire discussions. On the first night, the theme was on the vocation of the youth. Mr. Jun Ocampo gave the campers around the warm fire an energetic presentation of marriage as a vocation. Bros Mike Capistrano,

Aldrin Castillones and Martin Ele presented the Claretian and religious life for men. Sr. Christina Elias from the sisters of Mary Auxiliatrics also presented the religious life for women. On the second day of the Bonfire discussion, SPO Mary Burangay of the Milagro 1st Coy Philippine Nation Police, gave the social awareness topic on Drug Addiction. All the bonfire discussions started with a lighting of the bonfire ceremony by sliding a fire ball from the cross near the stage of the camp to the bonfire. The Camp was not just all about classes and discussions. The untiring group of the Claret Youth Ministry (CYM) headed by Jopet Tortuza – President, Ryan Balani – Vice President, Elsi Gorgonio – secretary, Elvira Magno – treasurer, Brenda Taneo – Auditor scheduled fun and games in the afternoon of the Camp. The Sports Committee, headed by Bro Martin Ele

organized Larong Lahi on the first day. The campers were engaged in a Tug of War, Patintero and Sipa Bola games on the first day. Ball games were introduced on the second day; Volleyball, Basketball for men and Badminton were enjoyed by the six teams. There were treasure hunting, Palo Sebo and Arm Wrestling on the third day. After the five-day event, team Tongonan-Kananga and Cabingtan – Riverside bagged the overall champion title where the team scored 125 points in games, discipline and cleanliness in the camp. Camper Angelito Morales from Dolores became the athlete of the camp. The event was such a success that the organizers believe that by sheer human effort it was not possible but with the Spirit it was easy. The campers were so jubilated that they requested that the camp be extended for another week or a month, but it was time to pack and carry all the memories and camaraderie that they have achieved. And next year the CIMT hopes to invite other Claret parishes for the 4th youth camp.

Participants in the Claretian Youth Camp in Milagro, Ormoc City.

provincial bulletin • 2nd quarter 2009


Claret and the Laity R

ome, Italy [July 1, 2009]. St. Anthony Mary Claret, “a great soul, small in body, yet giant in spirit” (Pope Pius XII), whose feast we celebrate every 24th of October, had a singular dream and a single-minded vision of enkindling the whole world with the fire of God’s love. His zeal for the mission was so strong and intense that, never feeling contented with just staying in his hometown parish as a priest, he offered himself to go to the mission. His preaching popular missions in Catalonia and Canary Islands, gravitating large crowds of people to the Church with his fiery sermons, and producing profound conversions among his listeners in the process; his going to different places on foot, bereft of even the bare essentials of life save that of his strong, deep and childlike faith in the Divine Providence, earned for him the title of “Apostolic Missionary” from the Holy See. But Claret was also a realist and a practical man. As human, bound by space, time and the limits of natural laws, he knew very well that even with the best of his intentions and pastoral strategies, he could never reach a quarter of the world to proclaim the gospel. Hence, there emerged one of the most salient and inspiring features of Claret’s missionary vocation: the promotion of 10

agents of evangelization. His deep his time in his religious conviction desire to multiply evangelizers was that lay people must have a signifiwhat compelled him to found the cant place and must play a vital role Claretian Congregation on July 16, in the ministry and apostolate of 1849. It was the same profound yearning to form agents of evangelization that prompted him to co-establish the Religious of Mary Immaculate (better known as the Claretian Sisters) with Mother Antonia Paris on August 25, 1855. It must be said, however, that Claret’s foundations were not just limited to religious groups. He also established the Cordimarian Filiation in 1847 and could be said to have founded the Lay Claretian Movement since such movement historically descended from the Fraternity of the Heart of Mary (1847), the Fraternity of the Christian Doctrine (1849), the Academy of St. Michael (1858), and the Popular and Parochial Libraries (1864), all of which Claret set up. Such foundations are so important to mention here since, being essentially lay movements, they clearly show Claret as a truly ecclesial man more than a century ahead of provincial bulletin • 2nd quarter 2009

the Church. Claret was a man who wanted to incorporate the lay people in the mission of the Church. As he wrote in the statutes of the Popular and Parochial Libraries: “In these last times, it seems that God wants the lay people to play an important role in the salvation of souls.” Even his famous Apostolic Prayer reveals not just a man who passionately longed to know, love, serve and praise God personally, but also a man who deeply desired that others be part of the glorious enterprise of knowing, loving, serving and praising God – until God would become all in all things. For Claret, an extraordinary sign of the fruitfulness of the mission is when people are not only brought to conversion, to a change of life in conformity with God’s will, but also when they are made to share and assume f o r

Fr. Salvador Agualada, CMF, in Rome.

themselves the great missionary task of the Church out of their own deepest religious conversion that is borne out of their profound encounter and experience of God. He hoped that, “what I cannot do personally, I will do through them.” It is when missionaries are able to multiply the agents of evangelization by their preaching of the gospel and their witnessing to a way of life that is truly Christ-centered, that the mission can be said to have achieved an essential degree of human and divine success. True mission must necessarily evoke from the recipients, not just the abiding desire to belong to the Church, but also active participation in the ecclesial life and an ardent, passionate love for the mission that makes them restless until they too desire to become agents of evangelization themselves.    As the Congregation prepares itself for the coming XXIV General Chapter in August this year, with the theme, “Called to Evangelize: Living Our Missionary Vocation Today”, we would be wise to take this opportunity to remind ourselves provincial bulletin • 2nd quarter 2009

once again that an integral part of our call to evangelize is to grow in our conviction (a conviction that translates into concrete actions) in the integral role of the laity in the mission of the Church, helping them truly become agents of evangelization, believing that the Church belongs to them in as much as it belongs to us missionaries. We should remember that since the whole Church is essentially chosen and sent, mission, then, by its very essence, is always a shared mission, which is simply an expression and an embodiment of a participative Church that fully recognizes the vocation and mission of the laity. In modern ecclesiological language, this is what it means when we speak of “total ecclesiology” of which the Church, since Vatican II, has been called to incarnate, an ecclesiology where everyone – from the Pope down to an ordinary Christian on the street – is a subject, and a Church where everyone feels at home, accepted and encouraged to share his/her charisms and gifts for the building up of the Body of Christ. 11


Fourth National Assembly for the Pastoral Care of Nomads and Bajaus in the Philippines By: Robert V. Panaguiton, Ph.D.


mpowering SamalBajau” was at the heart of the Fourth National Assembly for the Pastoral Care of Nomads and Bajaus in the Philippines held last May 8 to 10, 2009 at the Jardin de La Viña Hotel and Restaurant here in Zamboanga City. 75% of the assembly was Samal-Bajau leaders of different organizations promoting pastoral care for the nomads and Bajaus in the Philippines. The resource speaker was himself a Samal social worker and community organizer now working in Notre Dame of Jolo College. In general, the aim of the assembly was to allow the Samal-Bajau leaders to reflect on their cultural patterns and reinvent their roles in promoting peace and development in the communities they are part of. Much of the reflective voices and initiatives sprang from the Samal-Bajaus themselves being the majority in the assembly. With the identified roles expected to be implemented by each group belonging to a particular area and the one-year plan of the Care of Nomads and Bajaus in the Philippines (CNBP) as a whole group, the Samal-Bajaus acknowledged their ownership over what has transpired and agreed upon in the assembly. This fourth assembly was partici­pated in by the following organizations working with the Samal-Bajaus: Apostolic Vicariate of Jolo, Notre Dame of Siasi, Notre 12

Dame of Jolo College, Our Lady of Holy Rosary Parish Bajau Ministry in Bongao, Nagdilaab Foundation, Inc.-Isabela City, Claret Samal Foundation, Inc.-Maluso in Basilan, National Samal-Badjao Movement, Jabu-Jabu, Inc., and Zamboanga

provincial bulletin • 2nd quarter 2009

City Samal-Bajau Tribal Council with the special collaboration of Ateneo de Zamboanga University in terms of documentation. It was graced also by the presence of Bro. Karl Gaspar, CSsR and Mr. Hermenegildo Malcampo.

The assembly symbolically started with invocations led by an ustadz and then a nun. The entire gathering was animated by the actual Samal-Bajau performances as well as inspiring messages from the resource speaker, Mr. Jangson K. Maulurana; the president of the Coordinating Body of this Assembly, Bishop Angelito R. Lampon, OMI, DD; and its Secretary, Fr. Dennis G. Tamayo, CMF. The substantial reflections about the SamalBajau cultural patterns, their roles in community peace and development, and the candid sharing of ideas and feelings among the participants, as well as an assessment of the CNBP vision-mission and one-year plan kept the gathering interesting and worthwhile. Moreover, the informal conversations and camaraderie among the participants during the breaks engendered some friendships and for others – reunion. Indeed, the assembly achieved a sense of cultural reflection and deepening of the commitment to care for the Nomads and Bajaus in the Philippines. The Assembly’s Coordinating Body is represented by the ever committed Bishop Lampon in the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP). The preparatory meetings and this Fourth Assembly were hosted by the Claret Samal Foundation, Inc. (CSFI) with the support of the Conferenza Episcopale Italiana. CSFI, headed by Fr. Dennis G. Tamayo, CMF, is com­mitted to help the Samal-Bajaus foster their identity and live a peaceful community where there is quality of life rooted on their own indigenous culture

Participants in the 4th National Assembly for the Pastoral Care of Nomads and Bajaus in the Philippines. Fr. Dennis Tamayo, CMF, (seated 2nd row, 2nd to the left.)

provincial bulletin • 2nd quarter 2009



Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish

@ 40 By: Ma. Rosario K. Garcia


ORTY years is a milestone, even in our age when longer life spans are becoming the rule rather than the exception. Biblically, it means “many days” as in the story of Noah and the Great Flood. It means more than a generation, as in the 40 years of wandering of the Jews in the desert. It also means enough time to prepare for a ministry of preaching, healing, teaching and service as in the life of Jesus. For the Claretian-run Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish in Quezon City, it signifies forty years of journeying: growing from a small community in the late sixties/early seventies, to a sprawling parish composed of nearly 8090 thousand people despite the birthing of new parishes along the path.

To commemorate as well as start a year-long remembrance of its forty years, the parish, both Claretian missionaries currently assigned here, and active laypeople came up with a host of activities, especially during the fiesta month of May, 2009 with the theme “Inang Hinirang, Mahal na Patnubay.” Among these were:

• The launching of the fiesta • The visit of healing priest Fr. Fernando Suarez • Mass baptism • Mass confirmation • Cultural Night • The Fiesta Procession and Mass

Launching of fiesta.

Fiesta procession at May 31, 2009. Claretian freshman seminarians during mass Confirmation.

Cast of performers during Cultural Night last May 30, 2009. Fr. Suarez at healing service last May 5, 2009.


provincial bulletin • 2nd quarter 2009 Mass baptism.

Logo of 40th Fiesta celebration.

Fiesta Mass with Bishop Ongtioco.


Claretian Publications:

Staff Development and Outing


he Claretian Publications Family had its three-day Staff Development and Company Outing last May 15 to 17, 2009 in Sitio Lucia, located in Sta. Maria, Bulacan, a Garden Resort populated with life size sculptures of dinosaurs, six swimming pools, and complete multi-media facilities. The theme for the event was, “The Dynamic CCFI Team: Facing Challenges, Embracing Change”. It was facilitated by Ms. Pura Ordoña, CCFI External Consultant, and assisted by Ms. Charo Garcia. On the first day the facilitators See Staff Development and Outing, PAGE 18

Ms. Pura Ordoña, Facilitator, Fr. Alfred Vargas, CMF, Fr. Benedict Dilag, CMF, Director, and Ms. Charo Garcia, Facilitator.

provincial bulletin • 2nd quarter 2009


Living Your Strengths Book Launching @ ABAP C

Albelda children with Fr. Benedict Dilag, CMF.

laretian Communications Foundation, Inc. (CCFI) and Claret Hope Center Foundation, Inc. sponsored the book launching of Living Your Strengths (LYS) last June 23, 2009 during the 13th Philippine Academic Book Fair at the Mega Trade 1, SM Megamall. LYS is the faith-related spin-off of the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and Business Week International bestseller, Strengths-Finder. CCFI recently acquired the rights to the Philippine Edition of LYS and is now offering it at an affordable price. Rev. Fr. Benedict S. Dilag, CMF, Executive Director of CCFI, introduced the book as a “process that helps us discover our God-given talents and strengths, enabling us to see more clearly how we have been

Fr. Benedict Dilag, CMF, welcoming the participants.


uniquely created by God.” The book comes with a unique online assessment tool that allows the reader to find out their Top Five Signature Themes, i.e., their Top Five strengths. Rev. Fr. Victor F. Sadaya, CMF, delivered the Opening Remarks. The children of the Albelda Day Care Center were on hand to generously share their talents in dance and acting through their interpretation of the songs “The Prayer” and “Only Hope”. Living Your Strengths is available at the CCFI Bookstore and at the Claret Hope Center at Aurora Milestone Tower, 1045 Aurora Blvd., Loyola Heights, Quezon City (beside LRT II Katipunan Station, across PSBA).

Staff of the Claretian Publications.

provincial bulletin • 2nd quarter 2009

Fr. Victor Sadaya, CMF, with Albelda children.

CUPA Updates

Claret Urban Poor Apostolate (CUPA) F

or the first half of 2009, Claret Urban Poor Apostolate (CUPA) came up with several activities through its programs and services. These are all part of its objective to help uplift human dignity for the marginalized sector of Philippine society. The Albelda Day Care Center, a community-based pre-school service for urban poor children, con­ducted a Spelling Quiz Bee contest last February. The competition was intended to provide a venue for the day care pupils to develop their intellectual ability through academic and spelling exercises. Also on that same month, an Educational Tour was held in La Mesa Eco Park, in Quezon City. The trip was sponsored by the Campus Ministry Office (CMO) and Grade School Department of Claret School of Quezon City. The center’s academic year 2008-09 concluded with the staging of the Albelda Graduation Ceremony at the Claret School Gym. A total of 150 students received their diplomas from CUPA and Albelda Director Fr. Eduardo C. Apu­ ngan, CMF, who congratulated the graduates, their parents and the day care teachers for a job well done. For the Youth, the S C MM CUPA Partn e r s h i p Program continues to

provide educational assistance in the form of books, supplies, school fees and payments for forty-nine elementary and high school students enrolled in 12 public schools. Also, thirty-seven area/community coordinators of the Community Immersion for Students (CIS) project held an Assessment/Planning Workshop to come up with a design to improve the implementation of community exposure of students from Claret School, De La Salle University, Holy Family and Miriam College. The Teresa House in Pechayan community, Barangay Old Capitol Site is now the center for different activities of the St. Therese for the Elderly Program (STEP). The rice distribution is now being conducted in the house every month. Prayer meetings are also being held every Friday for the staff and volunteers of the program. A soup kitchen for elder beneficiaries follows after the prayer. The project now has a total of 107 elderly beneficiaries. The first half of this year is a busy period for the Alternative Training Program. Aside from the training sessions, networking/partnership and other collaborative efforts were also made with urban poor groups and advocates. This is in anticipation of an impending demolition threat by the city government in East Triangle areas, particularly Botanical, Forestry, BIR Road, and NIA Road communities. These areas are being eyed as business district centers and sites of development projects such as malls, a sports

provincial bulletin • 2nd quarter 2009

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Mrs. Aileen A. Enriquez, the new High School Science Department Head, gladly expressed, “The school must become the leading school in environmental education.” She was very optimistic and determined while giving more details about it. Another forceful idea came out that, “The school must also focus on the communication skills of the students and faculty and staff,” earnestly acknowledged by Mrs. Melinda M. Masamayor, Grade School Department Head. Apparently, the initial journey of the CSZC’s middle admin in the expedition has just started. Thus, during the pre-opening activities in May, Fr. James solicited the help of the entire members of the school community. As usual, everybody in the institution

was keen to make out what would ensue in this school year. Once again, the CSZC’s fervent faculty and compassionate staff convened to straighten things out. One of the many aspirations is to create a “Big Hairy Audacious Goal” (BHAG) for 2015. For the people who were involved in the formulation of the said objective, they really described it as a mind-boggling activity. Hence, the ideas of the different minds were fused into one when the school director and the other administrators settled on this unwavering goal, which states that, “By 2015, Claret School of Zamboanga City, a PAASCU accredited DLP-UbD Basic Education School, is the premier institution in Zamboanga Peninsula for communication arts and environmental education.” It is an astounding target. It is a striving one, however, the workforce positively contracted with. This is a very challenging goal for me as the head of the English Department. I don’t have a perfect

gift of the gab, but with the support of the administration and my very dynamic members, our department could throw caution to the winds just to realize this goal. As Abraham Lincoln said, “I am a slow walker, but I never walk backwards.” It obviously implies perseverance. Beyond doubt, the school director is focused sharply in making the institution a paramount special than any other school in the Zamboanga peninsula. He used to say, “As the director of the school, I want to establish an edge- an edge that will create impact and difference to all the other schools.” By any measure, we are one in beating the chances. This challenging voyage, Biyaheng Beynte Kinse, is just initially gearing up towards achieving a certain ambition, which will be valuable to all. And this still makes us admit that, despite our excellent performance and many successes in the last few years, there are still flaws and more room for improvement, and that therefore the journey is still moving.

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lectured on the General Frame Work of Dynamic Teamship and the Importance of Team Cohesiveness, Self-Manage­ment and Inter­action among employees. On the second day, the facilitators lectured on the importance of the “Rituals of Seeing the Big Picture.” Highlighted were the challenges of being engaged vs. being complacent and being empowered vs. being threatened. The facilitators prepared games and group activities to help participants have a meaningful understanding and profound appreciation of the lectures. Fr. Benedict S. Dilag, CMF, Director of CCFI, presented a Mile­stones and Game Plan in accordance with the theme and made important announcements about the movements of employees in some departments. The staff development was concluded with a Mass, cele­ brated by Fr. Alfredo Vargas, CMF, a Peruvian Clare­ tian and professor in ICLA.

complex and an information technology hub. With these situations, leaders of these communities, through the local federation Pederasyon ng mga Samahan ng mga Maralita (PASAMA), are working with other urban poor groups and concerned agencies for possible dialogues with regards to their demands for housing rights and security of tenure.


Fr. Eduardo Apungan, CMF, Director of CUPA.

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towards 2015 By: Ms. Daisy C. Bejerano


laret School of Zamboanga City: NOW ELIGIBLE for PAASCU Formal Survey!” The Philippine Accrediting Association of Schools, Colleges and Universities (PAASCU) has given its seal of approval to apply for formal survey one year after receipt of the report. This eligibility implies that CSZC has qualified after the consultation and preliminary visits to both elementary and high school. Subsequently, the formal visit will be sometime September 2010 for the next phase of the accreditation process. Therefore, the CSZC administration and academic community will soon positively lock horns with each other in different plenary sessions in preparation for the visit in reviewing, revising, and formalizing all academic and administrative processes and procedures as significant proofs of CSZC’s forward progress over the years in developing and responding to the increasing number of excellent Claretian graduates. As the newly promoted English Department Head, I believe that “The highest result of education is tolerance,” as Helen Keller, once said. Despite the fact that we have a long way to go in our quest to create a truly excellent, just, humane and tolerant society, we remain optimistic. Though in the face of my friends, family and God, I am already married to my profession, I remain insanely obsessed just to make a splash not to make a per-

sonal rat race but to be an icon in inspiring others to move, to run and climb the highest mountain. Now I can say, we continue to journey to the fore. In fact, the Middle Administration of CSZC had set off its formulation of the grand vision in the pursuit of improvements in instruction, student services, facilities, and the wholeness

of the institution. Its craving for excellence has been pumping all its educators’ brains to dig the best approaches and lines of attack just to meet a certain goal, a very striving goal. Hence, our school director, Fr. C. James dL. Castro, CMF, initiated an adventurous educational trip to Dakak with a sole purpose in mindenvision Claret School by 2015. provincial bulletin • 2nd quarter 2009

In the morning of April 24, 2009, the director and the middle admin all stepped in to the paradise-like resort called Dakak. There, all our dreams focused to perfect tête-à-tête about each of our goals for the school in the next five years. All of us became so motivated, very optimistic and greedy of prestige. In the course of our discussion, brilliant ideas popped-out. Mr. Leopoldo A. Rojas, the High School Assistant Principal, shared his vision viva vocẻ for the year 2015. He dynamically said, “CSZC will be a PAASCU accredited school managed by young, competent, committed, and value-oriented personnel, and will become the premier school in Western Mindanao”. He also vi-

sualized, “The Claretian teachers will be trainers of Understanding by Design or UbD.” UbD is a new methodology of teaching which is similar to our method that will be required by the Department of Education by next year. As the discussion ran soundly See Journeying towards 2015, PAGE 18



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provincial bulletin • 2nd quarter 2009

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Claretian Missionaries Provincial Bulletin 2nd Quarter 2009  

Claretian Missionaries Provincial Bulletin 2nd Quarter 2009

Claretian Missionaries Provincial Bulletin 2nd Quarter 2009  

Claretian Missionaries Provincial Bulletin 2nd Quarter 2009