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“…the Messiah had to suffer and on the third day rise from the dead. Then repentance and forgiveness in his name would be proclaimed to all the nations…”


(Luke 24: 46-47)

2 The 1st ASCLA East Encounter

19 Ordination to the Holy Order of the Priesthood

Easter is the time of the year when we mark the rebirth of Jesus and renew our Christian faith—the time of Jesus’ rebirth because we celebrate his resurrection from death, after his sorrowful passion and death on the cross, and we renew our faith because we once again embark on another year of selfless following of Christ, our Savior. We missionaries center our lives in this most blessed time of the year, where we also renew our commitment as faithful followers of the Risen Christ. The celebration of Easter is also an invitation for us to overcome our own sinfulness and to continue our pursuit of true happiness as we journey to live a holy Christian life. For us Claretians in the Philippines Province, the celebration of Easter marks so many beautiful and challenging beginnings. We witnessed the ordination to the priesthood of our two brothers, Frs. Julius Boado, CMF and Elmer Cantular, CMF, last March 19, 2009, Feast of St. Joseph, Husband of Mary. As they offer themselves to the service of God and his people, it is our ardent prayer that they continue to be faithful to their vocation and mission. This year we are blessed as we are about to begin a new Claretian mission in Melbourne, Australia. This is indeed the realization of the plans made and incorporated in the Plan of Action during the 2006 Provincial Chapter. Let us pray that this new mission will be as fruitful and successful like our other missions, which continue to bring God’s word and serve the needs of the people, the poor in particular. We are also grateful to announce the success of the recently concluded 1st ASCLA East (Asian Claretians-East) Encounter, a new organism which comprises the Province of the Philippines with its mission territories of Vietnam, Myanmar and Australia, the Independent Delegation of Indonesia – East Timor and the Independent Delegation of East Asia which includes Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China and Macau. The Statutes of ASCLA East were reviewed and approved by the General Government during the council session of March 13, 2009. I pray that the spirit of Easter will continue to give us hope and inspire us to faithfully commit ourselves to our mission. Let us encourage one another and continue to pray for the success of all our endeavors. Let the Risen Christ be our light and guide.

20 Celebrations

Happy Easter to all !

3 List of New Assignments 2009 4 Prefect of Economy: – Approval of the Province’s Budget – Mission Procure in 2008 5

News Updates: – Claretian Itinerant Mission Team – For the First Time: An Easter Journey of the Claretian Missionaries in Mindanao – Five New Novices – IHMP - Quezon City – SAMCC Graduation – Stewardship Seminar Retreat: Strengths and Engagement

1 0 Vietnam: – Orphanage 1 1 Claret Samal-Bajau: – Hope amidst Violence and Hostilities 1 3 Prefect of Spirituality: – Enhancing Community Life 15 IHMP - Maluso:

– IHMP - Maluso Basilan: Dedicated its Church

1 6 Claret School of Tumahubong: – CST 32nd Commencement Exercise 1 7 Claret School of Zamboanga City: – Claret Stages Baryo Kalbo: 2070

Provincial House Address: 2 Mayumi Street, U.P. Village, Diliman, 1101 Quezon City U.P. P.O. Box 4, Diliman, Quezon City Tels.: House: (02) 921-6530, 435-1210 Fax: (02) 436-0986

In Christ,

Fr. Rene Manubag, CMF Provincial Superior provincial bulletin • 1st quarter 2009

CMF Bulletin2009 1stQ (Original)1 1

4/24/09 10:30:18 AM

The 1st ASCLA East Encounter T

he first ASCLA East (Asian Claretians - East) encounter was held at the Claret Novitiate House in Milagro, Ormoc City from March 2 to 4, 2009. It was attended by Fr. Renato Manubag, CMF (Provincial Superior, Philippine Province), Fr. George Sabu, CMF (Major Superior, Independent Delegation of Indonesia-East Timor) and Fr. Marcelino Fonts, CMF (Major Superior, Independent Delegation of East Asia). Also in attendance were Fr. Juan Manuel Suñaz, CMF (Mission Superior of Vietnam) and Fr. Santiago G. Gonzalez, CMF (Provincial Econome, Philippine Province) who were invited as special delegates.

First on the agenda of the encounter was to approve the Statutes of ASCLA East, a new organism which comprises the Province of the Philippines with its mission territories of Vietnam, Myanmar and Australia, the Independent Delegation of Indonesia – East Timor and the Independent Delegation of East Asia which includes Japan, Taiwan, Korea, China and Macau. During the meeting, the delegates shared about their respective organisms – the problems, difficulties and challenges that they are facing. On the last day of the meeting, the delegates spent time to find the ways and means of confronting and solving some of the points discussed.

The delegates likewise came up with concrete proposals and suggestions for more cohesion and coordination especially in the areas of formation, economy and the sharing of resources for foreign missions in Asia. The meeting ended with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist on the occasion of the acceptance of the new novices (batch 2009-2010). The next ASCLA East meeting will take place on June 2 to 4, 2009 in Macau in preparation for the XXIV General Chapter in August. In a related development, the Statutes of ASCLA East were reviewed and approved by the General Government during the council session of March 13, 2009.

Fr. George Sabu, CMF, Fr. Renato Manubag, CMF, Fr. Santiago Gonzalez, CMF, Fr. Marcellino Fonts, CMF, and Fr. Manuel Suñaz, CMF.

CMF Bulletin2009 1stQ (Original)2 2

provincial bulletin • 1st quarter 2009

4/24/09 10:30:30 AM

LIST OF NEW ASSIGNMENTS 2009 Approved by Claretian Provincial Council – April 13, 2009 Effective May 1, 2009 to Provincial Chapter 2010 (New Assignments in Bold Print, Existing Assignments in Parenthesis)

1. CSQC Director and Spiritual Director – Fr. Eduardo Apungan – School Director – (Fr. Santiago Gonzalez – Spiritual Director and Head of Administrative Commission that will approve budget, financial disbursement and site development) – (Fr. Christopher Ligason – Spiritual  Director, Member Administrative Commission and On-Study) 2.

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA (Pioneer Community) – Fr. Manuel Suñaz – Parish Priest and Superior – Fr. Felimon Libot – School Director and Vicar – Fr. Cornelio Solis – Econome – Fr. Cris Dodok – Assistant

3. DARWIN, AUSTRALIA COMMUNITY – (Fr. Luis Rey Fernandez – Parish Priest and Superior) – Fr. Rowan Luza – Assistant Parish Priest and Econome 4.

VIETNAM COMMUNITY – Fr. Pedro Cleofe – Superior – (Fr. Angelito Ancla – Vicar) – (Fr. Gerald Kumar – Econome)

5. TUMAHUBONG RESIDENCE – (Fr. Gilbert Quenano – Par���������� ish Priest) – Fr. Julius Boado – School Director and Econome of Tumahubong 6. MALUSO RESIDENCE – Fr. Dennis Tamayo – CSBF Director and Superior of Basilan Community – ����������������������� Fr. Antonino Eucapor – Parish Priest and Econome of Basilan Community 7. ORMOC COMMUNITY – Fr. Ronaldo Banaria – Vocation Ministry and Superior – ������������������ (Fr. Leo Dalmao – Novice Master and Vicar) – (Bro. Nicer Natulla – CIMT Program Director and Econome) – Fr. Elmer Cantular – CIMT Program Co-Director 8. COLLEGE/RETREAT HOUSE COMMUNITY – Fr. Restituto Audal – Director of Retreat House, Formator of Pre-Postulant Foreigners and Superior – (Fr. Victor Sadaya – Rector, Formator of 3rd Year and 4th Year Students and Vicar) – (Fr. Amador Tumbaga – Formator of 1st Year and 2nd Year Students and Econome of Retreat House and College)

9. CCI COMMUNITY – Fr. Elias Ayuban – ICLA Professor, CHCFI Director and Superior – Fr. Eduardo Apungan – CSQC Director and Vicar – (Fr. Benedict Dilag – CCFI &CHF Director and Econome) 10. IHMP QUEZON CITY – (Fr. Desiderio Martin – Parish Priest and Superior) – (Fr. Santiago Gonzalez – CSQC Spiritual Director and Econome) – (Fr. Christopher Ligason – CSQC Spiritual Director) – (Fr. Renato Manubag – Provincial Superior) – (Fr. Ricardo Salomon – Vocation Ministry) – Rev. Ryan Cordova – Diaconate Experience and OnStudy 11.

THEOLOGY HOUSE – (Fr. Bernardo Blanco – Superior) – (Fr. Paul Manila – Rector and Vicar) – Fr. Jonathan Bitoy – ICLA Professor and Econome

12. ICLA COMMUNITY – (Fr. Arnold Abelardo – Student Affairs Director and Superior) – (Fr. Piotr Krakowczyk – Foreign Agency Affairs Director and Vicar) – (Fr. Jose Ma Ruiz Marquez – Econome) – (Fr. Samuel Canilang – ICLA Director) – Fr. Alfredo Vargas – ICLA Professor 13.

ZAMBOANGA COMMUNITY – (Fr. Max Rodriguez – Parish Priest and Superior) – (Fr. Angel Calvo – Programs Director and Vicar) – (Fr. Ralden Mercadejas – School Administrator and Econome) – (Fr. James Castro – School Director) – (Fr. Anthony Carreon – Vocation Ministry Director)

14. TUNGAWAN COMMUNITY – (Fr. Carlos de Rivas – Programs Director and Superior) – (Fr. Angel Angeles – Parish Priest and Vicar) – (Fr. Mauricio Ulep – Assistant and Econome)

provincial bulletin • 1st quarter 2009

CMF Bulletin2009 1stQ (Original)3 3

4/24/09 10:30:31 AM


Approval of the Province’s Budget


he Econome General, Fr. Domingo Angel Grillía in a letter, dated March 30, 2009 informed that the Budget for 2009 was approved in the General Council Meeting of March 10, 2009. “We are pleased to verify, year after year, the consolidation of the economy of the Province with positive results.” Likewise it has also approved the requested amount for the Mission of Vietnam. “The General Government thanks the efforts, solidarity and increase of the Province in the sharing of goods with the Congregation.” The Province has prioritized aid to the Claret Itinerant Mission Team that is do-

ing a wonderful apostolic work among the underpriviledged in different Barangays of Milagro, Simangan, Danao, Gaas, Liberty, Cabintan; Pastoral worker and Catechist in Maluso; the fencing of the Novitiate House in Ormoc; the repair of the roof and water system of the San Antonio Maria Claret College.

Fr. Domingo Angel Grillía, CMF (1st from right) with members of the General Council.

Mission Procure in



he Provincial Mission Procure was able, during the past year, to get the approval of several socio-economic projects for integral evangelization in different apostolic places of the Province: the formation program for teachers, students and out of school youth of Claret School of Tumahubong, Isabela, Basilan; its implementation has taken place last March 25 with its first batch of graduates; the Badjao-Samal formation program in Maluso is already on its third year of operation; the “Cooperative Risen Lord,” Tungawan, Zamboanga City continues to improve and extend its services to the people with the help of grants; a Scholarship grant for Fr. James Kanan­ thanan, CMF of Bangalore Province, Kerala, India; several grants to improve several places of worship, like the San Vicente Ferrer Parish in Tumahubong, and 

CMF Bulletin2009 1stQ (Original)4 4

Photos before and after the construction of Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish - Maluso.

provincial bulletin • 1st quarter 2009

4/24/09 2:41:47 PM

the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish Church, Maluso, Basilan, both completed. Ormoc has a continuing socioeconomic program for rural people. Other grants have allowed to equip with means of transportation several evangelization posts and missions (Tumahubong, San Antonio Maria Claret Parish, Immaculate Heart of Parish, Quezon City). For 2009 we plan to renovate several institutions whose structures have deteriorated and need repair like the Claret Formation Center, (Theology House); expansion of the Library of San Antonio Maria Claret College; means of transportation for the Postulancy and Tumahubong Community. We are planning also to endow our Vietnam Mission with a formation house, since now we are renting three different houses. Unable to enumerate here all the socioeconomic projects carried out by the Claretians in different places, we wish to thank them and pray that they be successful in their endeavours to improve the quality of life of the


San Vicente Ferrer Parish – Tumahubong.


Claretian Itinerant Mission Team 1st Quarter Activities

Jan. 21–Feb. 1: A two-day Basic Orientation Seminar Feb. 21–22: A two-day Basic Orientation Seminar for for BEC in Brgy. Cabingtan, Ormoc City. BEC in Brgy. Milagro, Ormoc City. Feb. 2–6, 2009: Two of the CIMT members, Mrs. Maria Morales and Efren Hermones, attended the (ASIPA) “Asian Integrated Pastoral Approach,” a Diocesan BEC Team Trainors Training Seminar.

March 1: Meeting with leaders of nearby sitios. It was agreed that the feast day of St. Anthony Claret, which is on October 24, will be celebrated in three other sitios and it was also agreed that the name of sitio OCREP will be changed to Sitio San Antonio Maria Claret.

Feb. 5, 2009: Meeting with Fr. Mariano Fabian, Parish Priest of San Lorenzo Parish, together with a lay collaborator, Mrs. Linda Roura, and Claretian March 7–8: A two-day Basic Orientation Seminar for fathers Rowan Luza, CMF and Bro. Nicer Natulla, BEC (Part 2) in Brgy. Dolores, Ormoc City. CMF. Fr. Mariano Fabian turned over three barangays to the care of the Claretian missionaries in March 4 and 9: Pre-Jordan Seminar held in Claret Ormoc City. These are barangays Cabaon-an, TonFormation Center in preparation for the upcoming gonan Ormoc, and Tongonan Kananga. Mass Wedding on April 4, 2009. Feb. 16–17: Planning and Evaluation of CIMT pro- March 11 and 12: Pre-Jordan Seminar held in Brgy. gram held in Tacloban City. The agenda include Liberty in preparation for the upcoming Mass evaluation of the 2008 program and planning for Wedding on April 4, 2009. 2009, revision of the vision/mission of CIMT, and making the vision/mission of BEC/GSK – Claret. March 12 and 19: Baptism in preparation for the upcoming Mass Wedding on April 4, 2009. Fr. RowFeb. 18, 2009: Ms. Brenda S. Taneo was appointed an Luza will be the officiating priest. new secretary of CIMT and Mr. Elias Mistola was accepted as new CIMT Volunteer. March 15, 2009: BEC Fiesta in San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish, Simangan, Ormoc City.

provincial bulletin • 1st quarter 2009

CMF Bulletin2009 1stQ (Original)5 5

4/24/09 10:30:35 AM


For the First Time

An Easter Journey of the Claretian Missionaries in Mindanao


t was a dream come true for the Claretian communities in Mindanao to gather together out of their mission area and find time to celebrate their communion with one another in the midst of varied and often time-pressing ministries. The said gathering which was initiated by the Zamboanga City community and joined by the Basilan and Tungawan communities brought forth the essence of being together especially celebrating Easter in fraternal sharing and communion. Apparently, it seemed not so feasible to bring together the different Claretian communities in the South in a gathering especially outside Zamboanga City, but the Spirit moved them to cross whatever possible hindrance. Only a few members were not present in the gathering for some inevitable demands of the ministries. Still, it was undeniably a wonderful Easter journey among ten Claretian missionaries which started on Easter Monday. In a spirit of fraternal life, Frs. Max, James, Angel A., Anthony, Mau, Pipo, Kinz, and Julius, Rev. Dovs, and Bro. Efren traversed the long trip to Camiguin. A Long Journey For those coming from Tumahubong, it must have been one of their longest travels since the destination of the gathering is the beautiful island of Camiguin. Those coming from Basilan stopped by Zamboan

CMF Bulletin2009 1stQ (Original)6 6

ga, thereafter the Basilan and Zamboanga communities proceeded to Tungawan. From Tungawan, they all journeyed together for almost ten hours until they reached Cagayan de Oro City. The following day, they took a land trip once again until the port area of Balingoan going to Camiguin Island. Land and sea they traveled. Stories of hopes and fears they shared. It was a long journey that kept each one back to the splendor of fraternal life in the Claretian missionary vocation. The excitement and joy of each other’s presence made the travel easy and memorable.

In Fraternal Sharing One of the questions asked before the journey was: how shall we go about with the expenses? Such question was responded by the random generosity of each community who contributed not so much based on equal sharing but on warm-hearted sharing. Like the first Christian communities, the Claretian communities in the South found a way of contributing their resources so that each may feel loved and cared for. It was a wonder that even in the poverty of some houses, they tried to share out of what they have. This indeed was a witness to the life of genuine fraternal sharing.

Claretian Missionaries in Southern Philippines.

provincial bulletin • 1st quarter 2009

4/24/09 10:30:36 AM

Centered in the Eucharist The beauty of Camiguin island did not alter the fundamental center of the missionaries’ lives—the Eucharist. Everyday, they found a moment to gather around the table of the Lord to listen to Him and break the bread of the Eucharist. These moments established the real bond of communion and vocation which they shared. Sharing the Resurrection Experiences One of the highlights of the journey was the sharing of faith experience right after the beautiful sunset on that Easter Wednesday. The sharing was started by those missionaries who are about to move out of Mindanao to be in Manila once again. In their reflections, they mentioned their own joy in sharing the missionary life in the South. There was not a mention of any regret in their sharing but rather a fulfillment of life shared in mission. From each one’s faith sharing, it was a joy to hear that the gathering in Camiguin is a resurrection experience. As Fr. Max said, it was like a travel to Emmaus wherein the disciples themselves encountered the Lord in their journey. Listening to the stories of each one how they have encountered the Risen Lord in their own personal and missionary lives made the great story of Christ’s Resurrection more vivid and concrete. Above all, as the Resurrection ushered in hope, the missionaries also shared their own hopes and dreams especially for the Claretian life and mission. Like St. Augustine, the entire group acclaimed in the end: “we are a resurrection people and our song is ‘Alleluia’!”

beauty made the missionaries contemplate creation—the mountains, the white island, the springs and pools, the water falls, and the remnants of antiquities and many others. It is in beholding the beauty of Camiguin that they saw again the finger of God at work in the world. Such moments of seeing beauty all around and being soaked in the relaxing waters whether in the pool or in the sea gave a respite to the missionaries who have shared much of their life and time in the mission especially for those coming from the tormented area of Basilan.

be a reminder that the Risen Lord will continue to journey with them in their mission. The memory of the Easter journey which they took in Camiguin will keep their vigor as they remember with fondness that they have brothers in the Congregation sharing with them and strengthening them in their missionary endeavors. Life back in mission will make a difference after some days of being revitalized with the fraternal sharing centered in the Risen Lord. The smiles and laughter that reverberated in the missionaries’ hearts throughout the journey will keep the missionaries ever young in Back to ‘Jerusalem’ spirit. After the long journey, the mis- It may be the first time that the sionaries have to go back to their Claretian missionaries in Mindanao As They Behold the Beauty mission posts. But the journey back found a moment of being together of Creation especially marked by their stop- in a place outside their mission ter Going around the Island of over at the Shrine of the Divine ritories, but definitely it will never Camiguin with all its resplendent Mercy in El Salvador will always be the last time. provincial bulletin • 1st quarter 2009

CMF Bulletin2009 1stQ (Original)7 7

4/24/09 10:30:39 AM


Five New Novices By: Jay Coching


n the cool morning of March 5, 2009 five postulants were accepted to the novitiate. Father Renato Manubag, CMF, Superior of the Philippine Province, celebrated the Eucharist and performed the rite of acceptance for the five new novices. In his homily he said that he does not expect the novices to be holy in one year but that the seeds of Missionary Life maybe planted in them. The simple rite of acceptance was held at the Claret Novitiate in Ormoc City, at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Chapel that provided a vast scenic view of the Ormoc plains. This ushers the new novices’ year of testing their vocation, laying the groundwork for the virtues, and living the true spirit of the life and mission of the congregation. Along with Fr. Renato Manubag, CMF, Fathers Santiago Gonzalez, CMF, Prefect of Econome, Leo Dalmao, CMF; Novice Master, Educ Apungan, CMF; Prefect of Apostolate were also present at the acceptance rite and mass. The newly-accepted novices were also honored with the presence of the East ASCLA Superiors, Fathers Sabu George, CMF (Indonesia-East Timor Delegation), Manuel Suñaz, CMF (Vietnam Mission), Marcellino Fonts, CMF (East Asian Delegation). The

CMF Bulletin2009 1stQ (Original)8 8

senior novices, who have helped in the orientation of the new novices in the dynamics of the house, Bros Mike Capistrano and Peter Tran Anh Vu were also in attendance. The new novices will be initiated on the missionary charism of the congregation and will be tasked to visit different chapels under the Claretian Itinerant Mission under the care of Bro. Nicer. The novices will receive classes and formative encounters under the tutelage of the Novice Master, Fr. Leo Dalmao, CMF. It will also be a spiritual year in fervent encounters with the Lord. Initially the new novices along with the senior novices attended a two-week prayer course given by the Superior of the East Asia Delegation, Fr. Marcellino Fonts, CMF. It was a fitting course to begin a year of prayer and awareness of the life in the novitiate. The new novices for 2009 are: Aldrin Castillones – La Union Jay Coching – Davao Martin Ernest Ele – Quezon City, Metro Manila Sunny Varquez – Cebu Francis Gerzuete Virtudazo – Quezon City, Metro Manila

provincial bulletin • 1st quarter 2009

4/24/09 10:30:41 AM


IHMP – Quezon City T

he Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish of Quezon City has just finished its planning session based on the five-point priority agenda of the Diocese of Cubao to which it belongs. Prior to this, through three weekends in February, officers and members of the various organizations, movements and ministries of the parish underwent a seminar-workshop on the background, terminology and discussion of the five points. Then each entity made its own organizational plan which in turn was submitted to the major ministry that is in charge of it, before being consolidated into parish-wide pasto-

By: Charo Garcia

ral plan. The major ministries are: program for Integral EvanLiturgical Affairs, Formation, Catgelization for the lay, and echetical, Social Services, Family the clergy with the collabo& Life, Youth, Public Affairs, Voration of the religious; cation and Finance. The areas also 2) with a self-sufficient catechetihave their consolidated plan. cal program in the light of its autonomy from the Archdiocese The Diocese of Cubao of Manila; 3) that utilizes media (e.g. Internet, 5 Point Priority Agenda TV, Radio, Print) for evangeli By the end of 2011, the Diocese zation; of Cubao will be a local church: 4) that has a sustainable resource 1) where parishes are alive and mobilization guided by the spirstrengthened through the BEC ituality of stewardship; by: 5) where its organizational struca) synergizing the implementature and policies are clarified tion of Diocesan Programs and updated in the light of some b) a comprehensive formation emerging ministries.

SAMCC Graduation


he academic school year of the St. Anthony Mary Claret College formally ended with the graduation of nineteen seniors after the successful defense of their theses in early February. Vincent Alexander Salmin, a Claretian aspirant-seminarian topped the class, graduating as magna cum laude with a weighted average of 1.27, at solemn ceremonies held at the college chapel on March 20, 2009, Friday. Fr. Samuel L. Canilang, CMF, Director of ICLA was the main celebrant of the graduation Mass as well as the main speaker. Fr. Amador C. Tumbaga, CMF, college formator, inducted the new graduates as alumni of the institution. A simple merienda was served right after Mass. However, what completed the day was the sumptuous lunch prepared by the Claretian seminariangraduates as well as the hilarious and happy program they prepared where they all acknowledged the presence of their respective parents and siblings, and thanked them as well as their formators, the mother of the college, Dean Beulah Nuval, their professors and the two “dakilang Ates” – Amy and Pet.

The new graduates with Fr. Victor Sadaya, CMF.

Fr. Samuel Canilang, CMF, main celebrant, with Frs. Restituto Audal, CMF and Victor Sadaya, CMF.

provincial bulletin • 1st quarter 2009

CMF Bulletin2009 1stQ (Original)9 9

4/24/09 10:30:46 AM


S tewa r d s h i p S emina r Ret r eat :

Strengths and Engagement

Fr. Benedict Dilag, CMF with the clergy of the Diocese of Balanga.


r. Benedict S. Dilag, CMF, Director of Clare­ tian Publications, facilitated the Annual Clergy seminar-retreat of the priests of the Diocese of Balanga, Bataan from February 16 to 20, 2009 at the Carmelite Missionaries Center of Spirituality, Tagaytay City. He was invited by the Most Rev. Socrates Villegas, DD, Bishop

Fr. Benedict Dilag, CMF with Bp. Socrates Villegas, DD.

of Balanga. The theme focuses on STEWARDSHIP: STRENGTHS AND ENGAGEMENT. The priests were made to take the Strengths Finder Test, which is a good tool for cultivating the stewardship of talent and discover one’s God-given talents. Fr. Benedict was assisted in this seminar-retreat by Claretian Publication staff.


Orphanage By: Fr. Angelito S. Ancla, CMF

they experience from the people in the orphanage. There are around 30 children (one to 16 years old) living in a small house. Fr. Lito acted as the translator (VietnameseEnglish) for the Filipino visitors during the out-reach.


o Chi Minh City – Claretian missionaries bridge Filipinos and nationalities from different countries who want to serve and help poor people living in Vietnam. Last February 15, 2009, Fr. Angelito S. Ancla, CMF coordinated the Out-reach Program of the Couples for Christ in Vietnam. They visited an orphanage in 359/51F Le Van Sy Street, P. 12, Ho Chi Minh City. Gia Dinh Tinh Thuong Te-Phan (St. Stephen’s Family of Love) Orphanage is run by a lay brother, Bro. Hoang Van Binh. He takes take care of the orphans, mostly with physical and mental disabilities. Those who are a little bit better help those who could not attend to their personal needs. The smiles of the children show how much love 10

CMF Bulletin2009 1stQ (Original)10 10

Fr. Angelito Ancla, CMF (center wearing white shirt) with members of the Couples for Christ and Bro. Hoang Van Binh (standing holding a child).

provincial bulletin • 1st quarter 2009

4/24/09 10:30:49 AM


Hope amidst Violence and Hostilities

By: Fr. Dennis Tamayo, CMF


he Claret Samal Foundation, Inc. (CSFI) hopes for the best amidst the violence and hostilities that are happening in Basilan and in Mindanao in general. Kidnapping, killing of innocent civilians, illegal logging, family feuds or “rido” are some of these manifestations of the culture of violence in Basilan. Nevertheless, we still continue our service to our poor and less fortunate brethren – like the Bajaus – with the help of God and with the sustained support of generous people and institutions. As we accompany our Bajau brethren, we are also constantly being enriched by our experience with them, both in Pangasaan and in Maluso areas. Here are some of the highlights of our activities for the last quarter of 2008 and the first quarter of 2009 as we try to bring hope among the Bajaus: 1. Bajau Ongka-Ongka or Bajau Festival Celebration. An annual activity that promotes the Bajau Culture, Identity and Spirituality was successfully conducted amidst threats of attack from lawless elements in Maluso last November 14-16, 2008. 2. Construction of 2 New Buildings. Bajaus are led to dream big for their self-determination and integration in the mainstream society. With the help of generous people, we were able to finish the construction of the Bajau Formation Center last

January. This is where the preschoolers II classes will be conducted, as well as the trainings on livelihood. The construction of the Bajau Wellness Sanctuary was started last February 20, 2009. This will serve as a ven- 3.

Parents and students perform during the Bajau Festival.

provincial bulletin • 1st quarter 2009

CMF Bulletin2009 1stQ (Original)11 11

ue for the following activities: a)  feeding of Bajau kids who attend school, b) training for Bajau community health aides, c) daily clinic, and d) counselling sessions. General Assembly of Panga­


4/24/09 10:30:53 AM

Facade of the newly-constructed Bajau Formation Center.

saan Area. Pangasaan area has been abandoned for some time due to family feuds and threats from lawless elements – both the Abu Sayyaf Group and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). But most of the Bajaus have decided to go back and stay because of the education and the good opportunities for livelihood here. Last February 12, 2009 a general assembly was held to assist and set the direction of the community. 4. Preparatory Meeting on the

Assembly for the Pastoral to clarify the Role of the Bajaus Care of Bajaus. Last March in community development and 3, 2009 the core-group of the peace building. Coordinating Body for this 5. Graduation of Bajau Preassembly headed by Bishop schoolers. The Bajau Pre-school Angelito Lampon, OMI, DD met 1 kids in Maluso had their th to prepare for the 4 National Recognition Day last March 14, Assembly for the Pastoral Care 2009. There were 64 kids who of Bajaus in the Philippines, finished the pre-school 1 for which will be held on May 8this school year 2008-2009. The 10, 2009 in Zamboanga City. following day, March 15, 2009, The purpose of this assembly was the Graduation Exercises would be: to finish the 3 -Year of the Pre-school 2 kids. There Plan for the Pastoral Care of were 40 graduates for this school Bajaus in the Philippines and year.

Teachers and students during the Graduation of Bajau Pre-schoolers.


CMF Bulletin2009 1stQ (Original)12 12

provincial bulletin • 1st quarter 2009

4/24/09 10:30:58 AM


Enhancing Community Life Fr. Victor F. Sadaya, CMF Prefect of Spirituality


ur call is basically a call to community. In fact, that is what we understand in the life of the Lord Jesus. In the Gospels, we see Jesus calling people to the fellowship he shared with the Father. He called the outcasts, the sinners and the marginalized in society. He called 12 men to be his companions to form a community of disciples. Jesus’ call to community has a four-fold movement. He entered our world in the Incarnation; gave himself away completely to the point of dying for us; became our very food and nourishment in the Eucharist; became the source of our hope in the resurrection; and remained our lifegiving Word We learn from Jesus some practical ways of living in community which he himself lived with his disciples; these can be found in the Gospels: being humble and simple (Mt.18:4; Ph.2:7-8), welcoming the little ones like Jesus (Mt.18:10), having fellowship of equals before God (Mt.23:8-9), being servant of all (Mk.9:3335), giving one’s life (Mt.18:8-10), spirit of sacrifice (Mk.10:42-45), concern for the brothers and sisters, fraternal correction (Mt.18:15-18), forgive wrong without limit (Mt.18:21ff), building community with emphasis on praying together (Mt.18:19-20), rest and fellowship (Mk.6:31), sent to proclaim the Good News (Mk.6:7) The Christological basis of community life is a powerful source of inspiration for community living yet by no means can it do away with some of the practical realities that can cause conflict among members of the community. We recognize that human limitations and the tendency to self-centered concerns often prevent us from living up to our goal and aspirations as a community.

faces in its attempt to live out the implications of the call to community. The community has to deal with its vision and structures which all members have to share. The community will have to put a balance between life ad intra and life ad extra (introversion and extraversion) as well as the balance between the needs of the community as a whole and the needs of each community member. Any imbalance can adversely affect life in the community. The community has to deal with personality differences. The variety of personality types constitutes a wealth of talent and energy for the achievement of its vision. Such, however, also has its drawbacks and liabilities especially when conflicts of personalities arise. Other areas of concerns that a community faces has to do with the questions of intimacy, indifference, lack of awareness and loneliness. When these concerns are not properly handled, community life can become destructive and will lose its relevance to exist. Moreover, there are certain attitudes and behaviors that can also be regarded as blocks to the harmonious atmosphere and relationship in the community. These must not be tolerated as they can destroy the community. These attitudes and behaviors include criticism, hostility, disrespect, suspicion, fighting, insincerity, aggressiveness in one’s position, abuse of authority, indifference, dishonesty and the culture of “chismis”. Community is where charity is first proclaimed. The mission begins in community. In fact, the effectiveness of mission depends on the quality of life in common. St. Augustine once said “All people are to love all since you cannot be useful and available to all the time, it is strongly advised that you concentrate There are some common difficulties that a community on those who are close to you by reason of time, place provincial bulletin • 1st quarter 2009

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or any other circumstance.” What he meant was that we should begin charity at home, that is, we should express our fraternal love in our community. After all, how can we love other people in mission when we cannot even love the people in our community? There are five crucial moments that can make community fully alive, moments in which love is expressed. These crucial moments are non-negotiable.

“Community life should be a continual stimulus toward perfection of charity. One means whereby the community can foster its vitality and its spiritual and apostolic growth is the community meeting and the revision of life (Dir. 139) 3. Prayer. “The most intimate moment of community life is when community comes together to pray.” Our Constitutions states: “Fra­ternal life is best symbolized and brought to perfection in the Eucharist, which is the sign of unity and the bond of love. Our fraternity is also nourished by prayer, especially liturgical prayer. (Clare­ tian Constitutions 12)” And the Starting Afresh from Christ Document stresses: “giving a priority to spirituality means starting afresh from the rediscovered centrality of the Eucharistic celebration, a privileged place of encounter with the Lord.” (t #26) – The community should esta­ blish its own inner order, setting up a timetable for community prayer…” (CC 57)

1. Meals. Meals are a sign of union and communion. We see this in the life Jesus with his disciples. The crucial moments of the Lord Jesus with his disciples happened during meals (the last supper and the reception of Jesus at the breaking of the bread). Meals are a primetime for good communication and sharing. Hence, we must make our presence felt in common meals in which we can share and listen to as other members of the community share their experiences. Sharing meals at tables is a great opportunity for fraternal dialogue: Our Claretian Directory states: “The local community’s timetable should be so distributed on the basis of charitable dialogue as to assure that everyone will nor4. Apostolate. mally be able to attend com – The apostolate of a local community acts of prayer, meals munity has a communal dimension. and recreation… (150)” Apostolate must be an expression of the life of the community. Any 2. Meetings. Meetings should provide ave­nues apostolate that is characterized by for everyone to feel included and for individualism destroys the commumembers to feel a common respon- nal dimension of apostolate. sibility for the values being shared – Our Constitutions says: “Colas well as the decisions being made. laboration in the ministry of the Meetings, therefore, should not be Word pertains to the origins of our limited to business matters, but must common life. However, there are provide an atmosphere for dialogue many ways in which we can share where each member can share his in the mission of our community. own thoughts, feelings and reactions Whenever a ministry is entrusted to a member, it should be carried out about the life of the community. 14

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in such a way that we all feel we have a share in it. Conversely, each member should feel that the apostolate he is performing is one he has received from the community.” (CC13) 5. Fun/Recreation. If prayer is the human search for God, humor helps us realize that God is unpredictable as His chosen people. Fun and recreation foster harmony preventing us from being overly serious about ourselves. It is important that we relax together and laugh from time to time, that we enjoy one another’s company. Periods of recreation and relaxation encourage spontaneous personal relationship and help preserve a joyful disposition. Our Constitutions emphasizes: “Besides the time devoted to spiritual pursuits and word, our missionaries should also have some time to themselves and be able to enjoy a suitable period for recreation, silence and rest. (CC 57) The way we give witness in our community life is crucial because of the kind of world we have today. The document Starting Afresh From Christ challenges us: “One of the tasks of religious today is that of spreading the spirituality of communion, first of all in their internal life and then in the church community and even beyond its boundaries, especially in those places where today’s world is torn apart by ethnic hatred or senseless violence. This is the task which requires spiritual person interiorly shaped by God by loving and merciful communion and by mature communities where spirituality of communion is the rule of life.” (#28) Community life is crucial because as mentioned earlier, “The effectiveness of our mission depends on the quality of life we all live in common.”

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Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish-Maluso Basilan

Dedicated its Church By: Fr. Nick Eucapor, CMF


fter more than three years of reconstruction, parishioners of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Maluso gratefully dedicated its church to the Lord through an act of consecration last December 8, 2008. This sacred rite makes the church building wholly and entirely to God. The rite was presided by Most Rev. Martin Jumoad, DD, Prelate Ordinary of the Prelature of Isabela, Basilan. The event was also graced by the presence of Fr. Eduardo Apungan, CMF, Prefect of Apostolate and Representative of the Province, Fr. Felimon Libot, CMF, Local Superior of Basilan community, Mrs. Felly Bonjoc, Parish Pastoral Council President, the Daughters of Charity, Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate

Conception and the Oblates of Notre Dame Sisters. This event hallmarks the journey of the people of Maluso with their Claretian pastors and the many difficulties they encountered in building the Church. It was an opportune time to thank the Lord for all the graces received and the tender compassion for all the trial and errors that were committed. It was also a renewal of commitment. In spite of financial difficulties, peace and order problems, and threats of

violence against our people, the whole assembly renewed their faith and trust in the Lord. In this dedication, we remember the many people who helped in the construction of the building: all our benefactors, our fervent Lay leaders and all devotees of the Immaculate Heart. Through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, may our hearts be like her Immaculate Heart ever open to the Spirit of God making its dwelling among us for as we have dedicated the church building, we also consecrate ourselves to the Lord through the Immaculate Heart for we are the living temples of God. Let us build ourselves into a spiritual house, holy and faithful to the Lord offering ourselves wholly and entirely to God.

Most Rev. Martin Jumoad, DD, Prelate of Isabela, Basilan with Claretian fathers Nick Eucapor, CMF, Parish Priest, Dennis Tamayo, CMF, Director of the Claret Samal-Bajau Foundation, Eduardo Apungan, CMF, Prefect of Apostolate.

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CST 32nd Commencement Exercise C

laret School of Tumahubong had its 32nd Commencement Exercises and the 1st Recognition Day of Claret Computer Learning Center last March 23, 2009 with a theme: Claretian Education: My Great Contribution for Peace and Development. The occasion was attended by Claretian missionaries of the Basilan mission together with Fr. Renato Manubag, CMF, Provin-

cial Superior, as Guest of Honor and Speaker. Rev. Ryan Cordova, CMF presented the graduating honor students and the candidates for graduation. The Commencement Exercises was indeed an occasion of thanksgiving to faculty, parents and students despite the unstable peace situation in Tumahubong, due to conflicts between the government troops and the Abu Sayaff bandits.

Fr.Renato Manubag, CMF, Fr. Dennis Tamayo, CMF and Rev. Ryan Cordova, CMF with faculty members.

Rev. Ryan Cordova, CMF, Director of CST with faculty and graduating students.


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Claret Stages Baryo Kalbo: 2070 By: Fr. Nick Eucapor, CMF


amboanga City) – Claret School of Zamboanga City has done it again. A new musical play has just been shown again that would tickle the minds of the viewing public on the issue of global warming. Baryo Kalbo: 2070, a new musical, is a vision of the future that depicts the aftermath of the devastation brought about by the global warming phenomenon due to severe human neglect and destruction of the environment. The musical play is based on a document published in a magazine “Cronica DeLos Tiempos” in April 2002 entitled “Letter Written in 2070.” This is where a multimedia in the internet is based. A woman from the future wrote a letter for us, who lives in the present time that describes the tragic era of the future due to the lack of water supply if conservation and preservation of the planet’s natural resources is continuously ignored. The said letter describes that in the year 2070 water will become a million times more precious than gold and people will suffer from extreme thirst. Lack of water will make people experience mutation. Physical and mental abnormalities will occur. The story evolves around a struggling Ulana (Hazel Joy Bundahon) who pretends to be a goddess (Dyosa Vidagua) that Myutas (mutated human beings) give tribute to and adore her. Water is being offered to her as a passport to stay inside a ventilated area that provides a small community of myutas oxygen to breath. Life outside the capsule has been difficult. Some of the scenes in the new musical play Baryo Kalbo: 2070, which opened last February 27, 2009 at the Claret School of Zamboanga City. This new musical is a vision of the future that depicts the aftermath of the devastation brought about by the global warming phenomenon due to severe human neglect and destruction of the environment. (Photo courtesy of Fr. James DL Castro, CMF)

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Later on, the truth behind Dyosa Vidagua was revealed. One of the angry elders shot and wounded her out of righteousness. Without the Vidagua disorder in the community began. Myutas, together with the seven elders realized the need for a “Dyosa” to bring back peace and unity to their place. This is the story of survival—of regret, that something could have been done in the past to save the only home that man can’t live without—our Planet Earth. Featuring the El Teatro Jovenez de Claret Zamboanga class 20082009, the play is directed by Rene V. Carbayas, who also co-wrote it with student Marie Abhegaile Sevilla; the music is by Reynold Custodio. The cast include Dorothy Catherine 18

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Rabino (Inang Alay), Joseph Vincent Suarez with understudy James Patrick Sarigumba (Agos), Trisha Macariola with understudy Krizha Kaye Jacaria (Tandang Sibol), John Carlo Belamide (Tandang Araw), Juseph Elas (Tandang Hawi), Jennifer Inovia (Tandang Seku), Mary Joy Ocio (Tandang Kuchin also understudy for Ulana), Nurjannah Hassan (Tandang Ulap), April Dream Bontia (Tandang Ihip), and the myutas: Baby Jane Calisang, Oliver Garcia, Arthur Garcia, Ayrtonn Chiong, Daryl Jimeno, Armil Clyde Ongchua, Glydel Capongo, Zarah Rosos, Patricia Faith Dela Cruz, James Patrick Sarigumba, Czarina Charice Cabato, and John Ligutom. Since 2004, the Claret School

of Zamboanga City under the directorship of Fr. Christian James DL Castro, CMF mounts original musical plays annually with Joseph, the Dreamer as its first full-length musical play in 2004. Following it are Gentle Wind, the Basilan Siege (2005); Fort Pillar (2006); esKWELA, Kadramahan sa Loob ng Kampus (2007); and Kapatiran, esKWELA dos (2008). Baryo Kalbo: 2070 is Claret School’s offering in the observance of February as National Arts Month (Philippine Arts Festival). It was staged last February 27, 28, March 6, and 7, 2009 at the Claret School gymnasium. Proceeds of the play will go to the Fr. Rhoel Gallardo, CMF Scholarship Foundation, Inc.

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Ordination to the Holy Order of the Priesthod By: Rev. Fr. Julius I. Boado, CMF


ast March 19, 2009 Feast of St. Joseph, two brave young Claretians were ordained to the Holy Order of the Priesthood at the Immaculate Heart of Mary Parish, U.P. Village, Diliman, Quezon City. They were Rev. Fr. Julius I. Boado, CMF of Baguio City and Rev. Fr. Elmer T. Cantular, CMF of Iligan City. The ordaining prelate was Most

Reverend Jose Palma, Archbishop of Palo, Leyte. The ordination started at nine o’clock in the morning and reception followed at the Gym of Claret School of Quezon City. Fr. Renato Manubag, CMF, the Provincial Superior of the Claretian Philippine Province and his council presented the two priests to the Church for their service. The ordination

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was attended by Claretian priests, brothers and seminarians, religious from different congregations, and the families, relatives and friends of the newly-ordained priests. Rev. Fr. Julius will be assigned in Tumahubong, Basilan, Prelature of Isabela and Rev. Fr. Elmer will be assigned in Ormoc, Leyte, Archdiocese of Palo.


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